10 Essential WordPress Plugins You Need in Your Tool-set

Yes, 2015 is just another year, but it could be the year you finally get around to making that blog or website you’ve been meaning to – for who knows how long. Forget blogging full-time or making a website that would put major companies to shame, even just starting a blog about your cats can be pretty difficult when you first start out.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, since there are dozens of sites available to help make that tough first step as easy as a dip in the kiddy pool. There are a number of plugins that can make your life a little easier such as Google Analytics Dashboard, Backup WordPress, Akismet, and more. Get ready, because here are the top 10 WordPress plugins that you need in your life, starting now.

  1. Backup WordPress

WordPress › BackUpWordPress « WordPress Plugins

You might think once something is on the internet, you’ll either always regret putting it there, or never think twice about losing it. Well, that is a good mentality to have, but it’s a splendid idea to backup important things. If you do happen to be concerned about backing that website or blog up, then Backup WordPress will help solve that problem, since it will back up your entire site, and do so on a schedule fitted to your own.

  1. Akismet


You probably aren’t starting a blog about your cats if you aren’t familiar with how much the internet loves cats. Or maybe you aren’t, and you just really, really love your cats. Either way, nobody likes spam comments or emails (except for the occasional laugh), so use Akismet to filter them out. Akismet serves as a filter that catches comments that could be spam, and then you sift through and allow only the non-spam comments to be posted. Of course, few things work 100 percent of the time, but this does a great job.

  1. Social Networks Auto-Poster

WordPress › NextScripts  Social Networks Auto-Poster « WordPress Plugins

Speaking of the internet and its love for all things feline, you’ll probably want to share all those posts and updates on social media, so the whole world can know. The Social Networks Auto-Poster Plugin can be configured to automatically post to your social networks so that you don’t kill your thumbs with all that tweeting you’ll be doing.

  1. Contact Form 7

WordPress › Contact Form 7 « WordPress Plugins

A simple plugin that will allow you to customize the form and contents of contact forms is Contact Form 7. Not really useful for your cat blog, but it could prove useful for a business.

  1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

WordPress › Yet Another Related Posts Plugin  YARPP  « WordPress Plugins

Exactly like the title, this is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. With such a title, details would be redundant. It’ll display relevant content related to the current post being written.

  1. NextGEN Gallery

Basic Thumbnail Gallery   NextGEN Gallery

One of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time, NextGEN Gallery does a great job of providing a powerful engine to upload and manage those galleries of cat images, or whatever you enjoy.

  1. WordPress SEO


If your site isn’t maximizing SEO, then your site isn’t going to do well. WordPress SEO can help fix that, or try to. Give the plugin a try, and see what all the hype is about.

  1. Google Analytics Dashboard


Google Analytics Dashboard will help you keep track of your traffic, which can help determine just what people are coming to the site for, and what you should focus on if the numbers aren’t to your liking.

  1. Simple Share Buttons Adder


As the name implies, this is a simple plugin that adds share buttons to all of your pages and posts, without hassle. Truly, a Simple Share Buttons Adder.

  1. MailPoet Newsletter

WordPress › MailPoet Newsletters « WordPress Plugins

Newsletter are important parts of any real venture, and MailPoet Newsletter can help you with that. Of course, there are plenty of ways to grow that mailing list, too.

From utilizing SEO to implementing sharing buttons on your page, there’s truly a plugin for everything. Which ones will you choose to maximize your blog or website?

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