10 Festive Christmas Card Designs

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

It’s hard not to hum Christmas songs even though there are four weeks until the merry day finally arrives. With Christmas being just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start prepping those Xmas cards you usually rush into signing just the day before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Card Designs

This colorful collection of Christmas card designs can help you switch into a festive mood and inspire you to create your own special cards and invitations. Here are 10 of the most unique and beautiful card designs that are sure to bring joy to whomever you decide to send them.

#1: Fleurs de Noel Christmas Invitation + Menu Design

Fleurs de Noel

Check it out: Paperless Post

This gorgeous illustrated Christmas invitation by Paperless Post has the perfect balance between color and white space. The hand-drawn Christmas wreath beautifully compliments the cursive and sans serif types that are elegantly arranged in the center of the card. Since this invitation design comes with a neat menu on the back, it’s a perfect choice for a Christmas dinner invitation.

#2: Red Line Vintage Christmas Card

Xmas card

Check it out: Minted

Created by: Eric Beckett

Red and white are two of the main colors in the Christmas color palette. Eric Beckett’s beautiful line illustrations are beautifully entangled with the text. The main headline is framed by a circular shape with arched text. The ornamented corners of the main frame give an elegant finish to the design.

#3: Christmas Card Design With a Photo Background

Green Xmas Card

Check it out: A Pair Of Pears

Created by: Jake & Jamie Bartlett

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate your family photo into a Christmas invitation, Jake and Jamie Bartlett’s Christmas card design has a great solution for you. The design of main Christmas card features a hand-illustrated text surrounded by swirls and doodles that give off a playful look. The illustrations are placed on a darker background that features a mesmerizing close-up of a pine tree. The family photo is placed on the back of the two-fold card.

#4: Christmas Rose Holiday Card

Handdrawn rose Xmas card

Check it out: Paper Raven Co.

Created by: Erin McManness

Erin’s dazzling Christmas card creatively combines rose buds, mistletoe, and pine tree branches into a unique design. The hard-drawn bright red flowers give the design a touch of European beauty, making this card both intriguing and undeniably cute.

#5: Black Christmas Card With Gold Foil

Square Christmas card

Check it out: Paper Culture

This minimalist gold foil Christmas card has a dramatic look and an unusual shape. The thin lines and elegant sans serif type make it a great choice for formal events. Although this card design is targeted at businesses, at can be a great pick for personal occasions, as well.

#6: Merry Christmas Handdrawn Card

Xmas Card design

Check it out: Illustration.

Created by: Margaret Bergart

If you’re looking for a Christmas card design with a splash of color and a playful style this merry Christmas card by Margaret Bergart might be an ideal option. The design mixes various shades of green and red along with minimalist line art pinecone illustrations.

#7: “Warm & Fuzzy Holiday Wishes” Christmas Card

Christmas card design

Check it out: Lily and Val

Created by: Valerie McKeehan

Lily and Val’s chalkboard Christmas card design is both sweet and incredibly gorgeous. The chalkboard motive makes this design suitable for teacher greeting cards and family Xmas invitations. The cute gloves illustration in the center perfectly compliments the text.

#8: Abstract Designer Christmas Card

Abstract Xmas Card

Check it out: Behance

Created by: Alex Lorenzo

Most Christmas cards have a classic festive look with hand-drawn elements and calligraphy headings that radiate joy. Although it’s pretty different from the rest, this abstract Christmas card by Alex Lorenzo is special in it’s own way. It has a sophisticated designer look that cleverly mixes texture, realistic illustrations, and type.

#9: Minimalist Christmas Card Design

Christmas card design

Check it out: Cocorrina

Created by: Corina Nika

When you have a keen eye for art and a steady hand, only a few strokes of the brush might be enough to draw a masterpiece. Corina Nika’s Christmas card features a pretty tree with gold dotted elements that represent the Xmas lights.

#10: Illustrated Christmas Card

Christmas Card © American Greetings.

Christmas Card © American Greetings

Check it out: Neiko Art

Designer: Neiko Ng

Finally, we’re going to finish this showcase with a classic Christmas card design. The colorful illustrations and sweet birds that are joyfully chirping in the Christmas Eve create a fuzzy and cheerful feeling.

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