Month: April 2009

Kanye West And The Wedding Of The Decade At The Four Season’s Hotel, Chicago, IL.

The wedding of my cousin Virgil Abloh to his beautiful wife, Shannon. Great venue, awesome wedding, a truly beautiful service, followed by a night of epic proportions! Kanye West, Amber Rose and a host of other legends were in attendance, check out the gallery... [gallery columns="4" ids="2658,2657,2656,2655,2654,2653,2652,2651,2650,2649,2648,2647,2646,2645,2644,2643,2642,2641,2640,2638,2637,2636"] Kanye West

Stussy Launch Party @ The Hideout Store. London, UK.

Working for both Stussy and the Hideout Store, this event was especially significant and getting the chance to design all the promotional and POS art was a privilege. Great event too!.. Check out the Stussy official website here... [gallery ids="2729,2722,2723,2724,2728,2725,2726,2727,2791"] Stussy