Month: September 2015

A few more of our favourite things

Back again for part two of ‘Our Favourite Things’ from installation, today featuring:

DeepshikaDeepshikha Kalsi, Textile Conservator

Favourite object: Embroidered hunting coat

“It’s sheer magic in thread! It has such a painterly quality, like it’s been painted in detail by a master miniature artist and then embroidered with single thread in the most aesthetic and pleasing colours! The flora and fauna are so alive, the bees! The fireflies! The rabbits! The deer! The lions! The tigers! The ducks! The ripples in the pond! The swaying flowers! The shrubs! Can actually go on and on… it’s actually one of the wonders of the textile world!”

ManuelaManuela Scheurer, Textile Conservator

Favourite object:  Mirrorwork Dress

“I’ve always liked objects with mirrors on them. I don’t know why especially, but I think they’re really pretty. I like this one because they took traditional methods and made something new and modern. I would probably wear this.”


Shiya Zhuo, Textile Conservation Student

Favourite object: Group of indigo-dyed objects

“Indigo – a very reserved colour. The deep blue sets the pieces apart in the simplest manner. Love the minimal composed appearances!”





ScottScott Daniels, Momart Technician

Favourite object: Prosthor Pokshi  by Ajit Das

“It reminds me of Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth, the modernist painters and sculptor. And the texture of the stones – I like how the artist achieved that.”






Stuart Brunton, Momart Technician

Favourite object: People Tree T-Shirt

“I like it because it’s modern but it sits well among all the traditional objects. And I like the random use of precision.”







Sor Lan Tan, Project Manger

Favourite object: Bollywood costume

“The sequins are very elegant – its detailing is beautiful. The whole thing is elegant and beautiful. Alaister [her son, pictured with her] saw this and said he wants to do fashion.”



Stephen Warrington, Technician

Favourite object: Embroidered shawl

“It’s my favourite because of the goats.”






Great Web Resource Deals Worth Checking Out In September

This month we have been keeping an eye on the deals on offer at Mighty Deals once again, and we are bringing you another collection of their best of the month that we think you could find very useful and of course, these deals offer some wonderful savings on premium resources. This month we have discovered some amazing themes and templates, mockups, icons, stock images, backgrounds and much more.

Themes and Templates

Lifetime Access to All WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes

This deal offers a lifetime subscription to TeslaThemes who currently have a collection of 43 premium WordPress themes – a number that is constantly growing.

Pay $ 65, saving $ 134 on the original value of $ 199

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

10 Premium Responsive Bootstrap Templates

These multi-purpose templates are ready to use and contain valid HTML code. All 10 website templates are built on a bootstrap framework as well as a responsive design. Each template gives you a wide variety of pages, including business templates, parallax templates, scroller templates and more.

Pay $ 10, saving $ 29 on the original value of $ 39

10 Premium Responsive Bootstrap Templates


1400+ Creative Silhouette & Decorative Shapes Bundle

This bundle contains more than 300 silhouette shapes and more than 1,000 decorative shapes covering a few themes. All shapes are supplied in .psd, .ai and .eps formats.

Pay $ 21, saving $ 165 on the original value of $ 186

Creative Silhouette & Decorative Shapes Bundle

Mega Bundle of 185 Ultra-Premium Advertising Mockups

In this huge bundle you will have a wide variety of mockup types to show off your work, including newspaper ads, billboard ad mockups, road side ad mockups, magazine ads, T-shirt mockups and more. All in .psd format.

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185 Ultra-Premium Advertising Mockups

190+ Hi-Resolution Logo Templates

193 different logo templates will help you create the perfect logo for yourself or your clients. The pack includes 113 vector templates and 80 bitmap logo templates.

Pay $ 29, saving $ 145 on the original value of $ 174

Logo Templates

500+ Retro/Vintage Design Elements

This bundle includes

  • 20 Ornamental headers and frames
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Retro/Vintage Design Elements

75 Professional Blurred Backgrounds

This breathtaking collection of 75 blurred backgrounds features a trendy palette, awash in a wide array of beautiful colors. Perfect for any size project online or even in print.

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Professional Blurred Backgrounds

195 Breathtaking Watercolor & Vintage Floral Elements

These elements are divided into 6 sets:

  • Woodlands Watercolor Megapack (png format)
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  • Vintage Black & White Florals (ai, eps and png formats)

Pay $ 27, saving $ 40 on the original value of $ 67

Watercolor & Vintage Floral Elements

10 Professional Cartoon Characters in 400+ Poses

Looking for a new mascot? Or maybe you want a few characters to interact throughout your website or project. With this massive collection of cartoon character illustrations, you’ll get 10 different characters to play around with including: Elegant Businessman, Businesswoman, Ninja, Superhero, Smart Girl, Nutty Professor, and more.

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Professional Cartoon Characters

500+ Professional Wireframing Elements

29 different app screen categories including: system screens, login, sign up, chat, calendar, tweets, product details, setting, dashboard and more. All elements are scalable vectors in ai format.

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Professional Wireframing Elements


Monoflat Icons: 297 High Quality Color Icons

Red, blue and gray are the dominant colors in this huge set of icons that are supplied in ai, eps, png and svg formats.

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Monoflat Icons

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High Quality Vector Icons

Stock Images

350+ Super Hi-Res Urban, Nature and Landscape Photos

All of these images are supplied at a massive resolution of 5616 x 3744px at 300dpi, and include beaches, mountains, landscapes, sunsets, vintage cars, flowers and many more.

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Urban, Nature and Landscape Photos

200 Premium Stock Images with Room for Text

This Copy Space Image collection includes 200 premium stock images that all have perfect room to lay your text right in. These hi-res images cover loads of motivational themes through a wide variety of subject matters.

Pay $ 18, saving $ 81 on the original value of $ 99

Premium Stock Images with Room for Text


This month has been heavy on graphics – they have proven to be the best deals of the month in general, but that is not always the case, so if it’s not graphics you’re looking for, be sure to look out for our next edition that may include more of the resources that you do need.

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The Netflix and Chill Button

Here it is! The Netflix and Chill button. At the 2015 World Maker Fair, Netflix unveiled its prototype and DIY maker instructions for a physical button called “The Switch”. The Switch dims the lights, puts your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” on, can order you takeout automatically, and gets Netflix ready! It’s pretty much a real […]

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These are a few of our favourite things…

After years of planning, months of preparing, and weeks of installing, the last Fabric of India case has officially been closed . Two-hundred-odd objects were successfully installed over 14 straight days, by a team of dozens of people. Exhibition coordinators, contractors, technicians, textile conservators, designers, and curators all worked tirelessly to ensure everything came together in time. And now,  after two weeks of frenzy, the exhibition is ready and waiting for next weekend’s first visitors.

Having spent so much time with the exhibition’s objects, it was really only natural for us all to start picking favourites; objects we found excuses to visit again and again (is that another smudge on its glass?), and took extra delight in seeing mounted and lit in all their glory.

All this week, in recognition of the people who worked so hard to make The Fabric of India so beautiful, we’d like to share a few of our favourite things with you. Who knows, maybe one of them will end up being your favourite too?


Elizabeth-Anne Haldane,  Senior Textile Conservator

Favourite object: Embroidered child’s dress

“I have lots of favourite objects but I’ve chosen this little green dress with red embroidery because I love the vibrant colour combination, and if it was in my size I’d want to wear it!”




GittaGitta Gschwendtner, Exhibition Designer

Favourite object: Bundle of madder roots

“I love the ordered chaos of the twigs, and the fact that something so brown and ordinary-looking can produce such vivid colour.”


RachelRachel Lee, Assistant Conservator

Favourite object: Elephant patola

“It’s been a labour of love – a really challenging treatment. About 300 hours of conservation treatment has gone into conserving it, and many of those hours were spent underneath the table checking the alignment of the support fabric and that the stitching was on grain. But to see it now displayed, it feels like it was a life-saving treatment because it never could have gone on display without it. So seeing the elephants in their full glory makes it all worthwhile.”


Richard Ashbridge, Technical Services Team Manager

Favourite object: Tipu’s Tent

“It’s that real team effort and the real expertise of everyone pushing what’s possible to the limit. It’s a real sense of a achievement.”







Roisin Morris, Senior Textile Conservator

Favourite object: Wall hanging

“The shapes are simple, the colours bold and being surrounded by it just makes you smile.”




Rohit Kotecha, Gallery Attendant

Favourite object: Bollywood costume

“I like this type of costume because of the weddings I attend. It reminds me of my son’s wedding.”






MaritMarit van der Gevel, Graphic Designer

Favourite object: Shrine flag

“I like it because it is very expressive and therefore very different from most of the other objects that are more detailed. It’s a very nice contrast to the other objects in the exhibition.”





RossRoss Head, Exhibitions Assistant

Favourite object: Manish Arora ensemble

“I think it’s a masterpiece.”







SophieSophie Manhire, Technician

Favourite object: Poppy floorspread

“It was the first object I installed on my first day as a V&A technician!”



We’ll be revealing more of our favourite things every day until Saturday, when the doors finally swing open and you are free to come and pick your own favourites!




















Boost Your Projects with Premium Hand-Picked Resources

Every month there are plenty of new tools and services introduced but also new WordPress themes, that promise lots of things. Why is that? Because the Web is growing and is getting more and more complex, but also because our time is very limited and we need solutions.

So, we need to choose the perfect tools, services, themes and everything that can help us in our projects. This set of trendy tools will lift the weight from your shoulders and will introduce you to the perfect ones to use.

Hand-Picked Premium Resources

Ultimatum Theme

Ultimatum gives you the chance to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. It has a special layout builder where you can add any plugin in the desired position. In addition, the layout editor saves you the chaotic number of sidebars in widgets screen. Regarding the layout making, its best feature is a list of plenty of available design elements. Their names are very easy and clear and they include custom loops, social icons, sidebars, menus, logos, images, included pages, recent post lists, and even slideshows. Also, when designing a layout, you have the possibility of using multiple pages.

Ultimatum Theme

Furthermore, Ultimatum has various features, including: Front End CSS Editor, with changes displayed immediately, Image Slider Integration, so that you are free to use which sliders you wish in order to display slideshows on your site, Navigation Menus, providing you with seven different menus and, at last but not least, it is Mobile Friendly, meaning that it lets you create your own web apps for your site, in an easy way.


I am sure that all of you web developers and web designers want to make sure that your website works correctly in all the browsers but you can’t really find a good way to do that. You either have to install virtual machines or buy multiple computers and devices. It gets time consuming and expensive quickly. Well here comes Browserling!


Browserling is an awesome online service that provides effortless cross-browser testing with quick access to all the most popular browsers on the most popular operating systems.

This resource lets you interact with browsers live as if they were installed on your computer. You can quickly find and report bugs with Bug Hunter. You can capture, save and edit screenshots of your web pages and you can send and share them in order to keep track of web design issues. And the icing on the cake – you don’t need to install any plugins, as Browserling is powered entirely by HTML5 and JavaScript.


Instapage gives you the ability of creating awesome landing pages in such an easy way that anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can make one using the range of pre-built, customizable templates and the drag & drop editor. It is great for beginners, but aslo for experts, and focuses its attention on small businesses and individuals who are only just setting out into the marketplace.


With Instapage you can move elements, images, text, option boxes, etc. anywhere on the page and all with great ease. Furthemore, you can layer elements so it’s pretty similar to working with Photoshop. In conclusion, if you are bothered by the constraints imposed by WordPress landing pages, give Instapage a try and it will let you freely create your desired design.

Jumpstart Themes

MVP Ready by Jumpstart Themes provides an extensive collection of templates which can be used to help you launch your project faster. It provides three themes: Admin Theme (which contains stats, pie charts and many others), Front-end Theme (on which a new project or service can be displayed ) and Coming Soon Theme (with which you can collect e-mail addresses and inform users during development).

Jumpstart Themes

It also provides unlimited portfolios and blogs and many page combinations. Reduce the time spent on your project by using the basic essentials offered by MVP Ready.

Shrink the Web

Shrink the Web lets you capture screenshots of different websites as well as shrink or crop them. It is easy to use and has really great reviews from other users.

Shrink the Web

You can have your own profile choosing from 4 different types of accounts: free, basic, plus or enterprise and has a lot of exclusive features for its members like URL-to-PDF conversion or custom size captures, it is a very reliable service.


PowerMockup is a toolkit for PowerPoint which adds elements and icons made entirely out of PowerPoint shapes. You can use the elements to create screen prototypes for mobile, web and also for desktop applications right inside your PowerPoint app.


You have a lot of models from which you can choose and it is very easy to use: you just have to drag and drop it on your PowerPoint slide.

Themify Ultra

Themify Ultra is a WordPress theme with a drag & drop builder, which makes it so much easier for users to design any kind of layout with stunning visual effects such as video background, parallax scrolling, Google fonts, animation, and more.

Themify Ultra

It includes over 32 pre-designed Builder layouts that are waiting for you to give them a try!

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes offers its users 43 high quality WordPress unique themes, with the purpose of being used for blogs, businesses, portfolios, eCommerce, creative agencies, design studio etc.

Tesla Themes

Most of them are powered by their own framework, Tesla framework, allowing you to have total control over your layout. Combining these functions, features, and design – their themes are remarkably affordable at just $ 48 per theme or $ 79 all themes and PSD files per year.


Create, which is one of the best-known themes by ThemeTrust, uses a Builder plugin as the main source to build custom page templates and back-end options that will help you customize some areas of your website, designing it with your own preferences.



SnapPages is a website and blog builder which has the motto that “do-it-yourself” isn’t “go-it-alone”. They have been featured in many publications like Mashable, Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch and Fox Business and they have special accounts (pro or dev) but you can also take advantage of a 14 day free trial.


They also have a really good section of frequently asked questions in case you need any help while building your own website.

MH Themes

MH Themes is a provider of high-quality premium magazine themes for WordPress, having over 500,000 downloads among the most popular magazine and news themes for WordPress, which are made especially for modern online magazines, dynamic news websites and professional blogs.

MH Themes


Using these tools you will see a generous improvement in your projects, especially because they are all brand new and have a lot of awesome features.

Do you use premium themes and resources, and if so, do you think they significantly improve workflow and/or save you time? Please share your thoughts with us in the section below.

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Crystal Universe: An Interactive Light Installation

Crystal Universe is an exhibition shown at the Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo, featuring over 60 000 LEDs. The installation artwork allows users to control it by a smartphone, flicking a visualisation from the menu into the 3D world of light. The vision is to evoke four elements: the earth, the air, the fire and […]

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Blue and White: Fashion

Blue and white has become one of the most popular colour combinations in history. This classic colour palette originated in Asian ceramics in the 9th century. These ceramics spread across Europe and influenced 16th century Delftware and the Willow pattern created by British manufacturers in the late 18th century. It was also during the 18th century that printed fabrics such as blue and white Toile de Jouy became popular.

The printing of blue and white fabric in the 18th century lead the way for fashion designers using blue and white as a prominent colour combination for years to come. Inspired by this serene colour combination designers such as Christian Dior and Valentino, as well as high street shops such as Dr Martens, have echoed 9th century Asian blue and white wares over and over again in their designs.

Toile de Jouy shoes by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 1956.

Toile de Jouy shoes by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 1956.

Grace Kelly, 1957.Natalia Vodianova christian dior 2012

Grace Kelly in Blue and White, 1957, inspired Christian Dior’s skirt worn below by Natalia Vodianova, 2013.

valentino 1968

Valentino, Autumn 1968.

Victorias Beckham in Roberto Cavalli 2005

Victoria Beckham wears a Roberto Cavalli dress with printed designs inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain, 2005.


Jean Charles de Castelbajac, Spring/ Summer 2007, inspired by Toile de Jouy fabric.

A model presents a creation by British d

John Galliano for Christian Dior, S/S 2009 Haute Couture collection, Paris, photograph by Francois Guillot.


Lady Gaga wears a blue and white floral printed costume for her 2009 Brit Awards performance.

Guo Pei fall winter 2010-11

Guo Pei, 2010-2011, dress inspired by the blue and white Chinese ceramics.

Rodart Spring summer 2011-2Ready to wear Spring Summer 2011 Rodarte details New York September 2010


Rodarte, Spring/Summer 2011, dress and shoes from the Ready to wear collection.


Gianni pucci photo-mcqueen mosaic shoes

Alexander Mc Queen, 2011, Mosaic dresses and shoes designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc Queen.

Valentino blue and white 2013

Valentino, 2013.


Giambattista Valli, Couture Fall collection, 2013, blue floral jacket dress.

Phillip Lim spring summer 2014 -2

Phillip Lim Spring summer 2014

Phillip Lim, 2014.

Dolce & Gabanna fall 2015

Dolce & Gabbana, 2015.

Dr Martens 2015

Dr Martens Willow Pattern Collection, 2015.

Li Xiaofeng 2006-2008 ming + qing dynasties fragments

Li Xiaofeng, 2006-8, Qing Dynasty fragment dress.

This is the end of the Blue and White: Fashion edition. Please come and see a selection of blue and white ceramics that inspired many of these designers in our Blue and White: British Printed Ceramics display, Gallery 146 on the 6th floor.

Also keep an eye out for more Blue and White art and design on the way soon!


Freebie: Beautiful SEO Icon Set in PSD, SVG and More (36 Icons)

Are you an SEO agency or consultant that is looking for icons to beautify your website? Look no further, today we are glad to release a set of 36 icons that is related to SEO. They are available in 5 formats, AI, EPS, PNG, PSD and SVG. The SEO icon set is released exclusively by DryIcons on Onextrapixel.

About DryIcons

DryIcons creates unique icons and icon sets, vector graphics and web templates and initially gives them away freely, with their Free License. That way DryIcons is giving priority to independent coders/developers, small design firms and organizations. For the rest of the users, who are not able to use the Works with the Free License, DryIcons offers two different, affordable licensing options, the Regular and the Extended License.

Download SEO Icon Set

Feel free to use this icons set for personal or commercial projects but please do not sell, modify, distribute or host them elsewhere whether online or offline.

Freebie: Beautiful SEO Icon Set in PSD, SVG and More (36 Icons)

If you would like to share this freebie, please help us spread the word by linking back to this original release.

We offer our sincere thanks to DryIcons for creating this icon pack and we really appreciate their efforts.

Our freebies are created specially for our readers at Onextrapixel and the design community. If you’d like to release any freebies on Onextrapixel, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Want This Freebie? Enter Your Email and Download Free!

Simply enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.

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Digital Design Weekend 2015

The Digital Programmes’ big annual event as part of LDF is back and after months of planning and a few crazy weeks of preparations, we are looking forward to some exciting events this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Prototyping marathon, Digital Futures UKMX, Centro de Cultura Digital

Prototyping marathon, Digital Futures UKMX, Centro de Cultura Digital

This year’s theme and projects are focussing on citizen design, engagement and participation and it all started in Mexico!

Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to join a team of brilliant people from across the UK and Mexico City. With the support of and in collaboration with the British Council, we started a very exciting journey connecting people across the Atlantic in a series of cultural exchanges, the Digital Futures UKMX, part of our monthly Digital Futures meetup that is an open platform for displaying and discussing work. Digital Futures UKMX took place as part of the Dual Year of UK and Mexico 2015; a year-long celebration of cultural, educational and business exchange between the two nations.

Digital Futures UKMX brought together communities in Mexico City and Dundee to explore, develop and co-design open collaborative tools and projects addressing issues such as the environment, climate, open data, waste, sustainability and more. Participants on both sides of the Atlantic joined with incredible enthusiasm to explore their cities in new ways and show how working collaboratively can influence, improve or change the civic design of our communities, cities, public space, the web and more.

Mexico City, Digital Futures UKMX walking tour starting point. Photo by Martin Skelly

Mexico City, Digital Futures UKMX walking tour starting point. Photo by Martin Skelly

Mexico and Dundee are not two cities that would be people’s natural first choice for a twinning exercise of this kind. However, when framed as an exploration of innovation coming from unexpected places, then inviting people from a huge city like Mexico City, with a population of 22 million, and Dundee, which has less than 150,000, starts to make more sense. To bring people together from these two very different cities was a great chance for thinking about common links and the challenges we face in both a megacity and a small one. What’s interesting is that since we’ve been exploring design across these two cities, we’re uncovering more and more unexpected connections; connections which are helping to form a deeper cultural exchange.

Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Centro de Cultura Digital, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Social Tic,, Small Society Lab Dundee, Uniform and the Interaction Design Studio at Goldsmiths University of London were our great partners in this journey, and I am so glad that they could join us in London for the Digital Design Weekend to share the work we did in Mexico City and Dundee.

This weekend you can meet them at the V&A and hear all about our amazing journey and collaboration. But this is also a great chance to see many other brilliant projects and meet designers, artists, makers and collectives that explore and enable civic engagement.

RUSTY SCHWEICKART Apollo 9 Astronaut Chairman Emeritus B612 Foundation. Disaster Playground, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio. Photo by Nick Ballon

Apollo 9 Astronaut Chairman Emeritus B612 Foundation. Disaster Playground, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio. Photo by Nick Ballon

The weekend kicks off tomorrow, Friday night with a screening of techno-explorer and futurologist Nelly Ben Hayoun’s new film “Disaster Playground” (66min), which will open with a performance by the TradAcademy Sea Shanty Choir.  

Over the weekend we will be showcasing a huge programme of cutting edge, international projects, including: 

Every Mickey, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Every Mickey, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Every Object by Prix Ars Electronica winner Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, a mixed media installation that explores an infinite, digital, 3D V&A collection that may soon exist.

Circular Knitic, an open source replicable circular knitic machine produced with digital fabrication and maker’s tools.

If You Go Away, an interactive, cinematic game from Invisible Flock which will lead you on a story you can direct around the V&A and the surrounding area. 

Marginalia Machine, a drawing robot, Collidoscope, a musical microscope that allows you to zoom into sounds you’ve just recorded, and play and perform your sonic discoveries like an instrument, and Seven Seconds Ago, a live feed portal to wildlife at a watering hole in Africa.

Circular Knitic, Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet

Circular Knitic, Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet

There is also lots for young people and families to enjoy, including Young Rewired State Coding Challenge, a hack for young digital makers in partnership with the Met Office, and Family fun trails by Gamar, a mobile augmented reality app that allows families to follow clues, solve creative challenges and uncover hidden stories in our Paintings and Theatre and Performance Galleries.

And thanks to the valuable support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council we have an amazing publication designed by Uniform; a collection of writings from Digital Futures UKMX and a selection of projects displayed at the Digital Design Weekend this year.

The Digital Design Weekend is taking place at the V&A on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September, from 10.30 to 17.00.

Events are free and drop-in, but places for some are limited, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Most events are suitable for all ages.

For the full Digital Design Weekend programme click here.

Crafting our Digital Futures, part of V&A Digital Design Weekend. Supoorted by Arts and Humanities Research Council. Ed by Irini Papadimitriou, Andrew Prescott and Jon Rogers

Crafting our Digital Futures, part of V&A Digital Design Weekend. Supoorted by Arts and Humanities Research Council. Ed by Irini Papadimitriou, Andrew Prescott and Jon Rogers


Liam Byrne’s Ambrophonic Lyre

Yesterday our music resident Liam Byrne did a demo of the first prototype of his Ambrophonic Lyre in the Museum’s 20th century galleries.

liam demoliam demo talk






Combining elements of three historical instruments (lirone, baryton and viola da gamba), Liam’s ambrophonic lyre was made with 19 strings, two fretboards, components from an electric guitar and some simple robotics.

historic instrumentsprototype






The finished instrument will be built in cooperation with Rudabega studio.

Liam’s idea of building an electro-acoustic instrument for baroque music was born out of his collaborations with contemporary composers and his experience performing old music in non traditional classical music concert settings including electronic and folk music festivals.