26 Landing Page Designs for Console & Mobile Games

Creating a fully-playable game requires an assortment of skills from development to design and especially marketing. Every great game needs a website to showcase features and promotions, but most importantly to help sell the game to potential players.

In the past we’ve covered landing page design as a sub-genre of general web design. These action-focused layouts should bring attention to the products and what they have to offer. If you’re designing a game website or just want to practice your landing page skills then this gallery is perfect for gathering inspiration.

Cheese Please

cheese please landing page app

Kingdom Hearts

kingdom hearts square enix homepage


babel the king game website

Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing app website


pokemon official website homepage

The Sims

the sims video game website homepage


cross code website homepage game

Stop The Vom

stop the vom iphone game webpage


game minecraft homepage layout

Monument Valley

monument valley game landing page

Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog video game page


toybox game homepage layout

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja website homepage

Super Meat Boy

super meat boy video game homepage

Final Fantasy XIV

final fantasy realm reborn homepage


galaktika iphone game homepage

Crossy Road

crossy road homepage landing design

Grand Theft Auto

grand theft auto homepage layout


zelda video game website

Illusion Labs

illusion labs website homepage

Badland Game

badland game website


vainglory website homepage layout

Dark Souls II

dark souls 2 video game website

Animal Crossing

animal crossing video game website


biome video game homepage

Darkside Detective

darkside detective website homepage

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