4 Social Media Marketing Tips for Long Term Success

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Social media marketing is not a short term tactic but then what is a guaranteed, short term quick fix to increase your sales?

So many social media ‘experts’ give the view that all you have to do is to tweet and blog and suddenly you will be a mega brand with more sales than you know what to do with….if only that was true!


Social media marketing is like all other business activities; it needs focus, time and sustained effort.

We live in world that demands success now. We live in a world where businesses and consumers alike want what they want NOW.

BUT here is the thing….to be an overnight business success needs time!

The reason being that business is about human relationships and with all successful relationships people need to get to know each other, trust each other before committing.

As a business you must learn to date your customer before asking them to marry you. (Tweet this)

The problem with social media marketing is that many brands look at what they need to do today to create the sale tomorrow.

Success with social media needs a long term view. (Tweet this)

It needs to

  • Build awareness by being a consistent presence.
  • Create affinity by showing understanding of their potential customer’s needs and desires.
  • Develop trust through valuing the reader, listener or viewer.
  • Give generously. Give reasons not offers. Give information not sales speak. Give personality not spin.

These 4 emotive brand elements take time, as they do in real life. Short cut the process and instead of having a happy marriage over the long term, you may well head to an early, ugly divorce!

For 30 more ways to develop long term business growth – why not take the 30 Day Challenge? (Tweet this)

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