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Hello, my name is Geoffrey Idun and I am an established designer and art director with two decades experience in building brand identities, content marketing, graphic design and project management.

As a youngster I got into graphic design when I was a hip hop DJ in Yorkshire and I needed posters for our gigs. This led to me studying design at university. Years later I moved to London to expand my career in design.

My work has featured in the Behance Curated Gallery for packaging, on AMS Design Studio’s blog or in Sandu Publishing’s hard back book, Do Not Disturb: Hotel Graphics & Branding.

Now based in King’s Cross, London, I have spent the last six years as a brand manager in the marketing team for a fast-growing professional services company.

As well as working directly with end users, I have worked with agencies and in freelance positions.

Have a look at my portfolio or services to see how I can help you, simply get in touch. Also, please check out the testimonials of my previous clients.

My Process

Here I will reveal how I create your deliverable assets, so you can see how thoroughly I take my work. I will show the bespoke graphic design process that I go through to get to your final design.

The Brief

Nearly all designers agree that the initial accumulation of information from the client is the most important step, either by them providing a written brief themselves, a face to face interview or a questionnaire. This is where I must establish the design brief. Designer, John Homs says “You really need to understand your client very thoroughly before you get started. Design is never just shooting in the dark. It’s just the opposite.

My briefs typically include:

  1. A descriptive title of the project
  2. The key objectives to be gained from the design
  3. The target audience(s)
  4. The scope – all the expected deliverables
  5. All the copy and CTAs to be included in the design
  6. Specific formats and dimensions required
  7. Links to example creatives (optional)

Research & Audit

After moulding the design brief, getting to know my client’s businesses is the next crucial step in making a design successful. Research includes general reading on the industry itself, sometimes on its history, and on its competitors. If budgets allow, external research can be carried out.

If the design is branding related, I will often pair the research phase with an audit of all of the client’s current designs and marketing collateral. This helps me to better understand the journey the brand has been on, and where it is heading.

Planning & Strategy

Strategic planning involves me gathering data and deciding on a path that the project will take to achieve its goals.

A few key I answer in this phase are:

  • Where is the client now?
  • Where does the client want to be?
  • How will I get them there?

This strategic thinking encourages me to look at the design process as a problem-solving mechanism, starting by identifying the problem and working with the client to solve the problem.


Developing the design concept(s) is where my creativity comes into play, this is where the I must create the design by using the design brief and the research conducted. Some designers use a napkin to sketch, some use a sketchbook and some use the computer as paper, this is all a matter of personal choice, however I personally tend to sketch out the basic outlines in my notepad.


This is where the actual design takes place. Some designers position themselves like contractors and take orders according to their clients wishes (ie. Don’t advise their clients of design matters) OR they position themselves like a business and build themselves a long term relationship (ie. Guide clients to a more appropriate solution much alike how a lawyer does). Designers have to choose how they wish to work. Personally, I try to find a happy medium.

Support & Aftercare

I think it’s important that you can come to me for support and maintenance of your website or design collateral. That’s why I offer aftercare, so that you have peace of mind that your site won’t fall behind after all the hard work that goes in to it!

As part of my standard service, I can perform any platform updates, answer any queries, and provide initial hand-over training for free.

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