Three Emerging Behaviors That Are Reshaping Branding

Three Emerging Behaviors That Are Reshaping Branding
With technology, in many ways, the power has shifted from brands to buyers–the winds of social media can galvanize the public for or against a brand with astonishing speed, and people now vote with their dollars by supporting companies they believe in.
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Lifestyle Branding: That Isn't Enough, Either
Lifestyle branding is more powerful than functional branding because it appeals to consumers' emotions rather than rational considerations in the decision-making process. But it seems to me that there are different kinds of “lifestyle branding” and …
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Behance’s Packaging Served x Idun Design

Behance chose to showcase Idun Design's, Pavilion Crossing Wines project on and appeared on its front page. Behance developed their network of category-specific 'Served' sites to further showcase the best projects on Behance. Their editorial team features only a small number of projects every day. With many thousands to...