Logo Development

Successful identity design brings measurable success and gain to your business every time you release a new ad campaign or update your website (amongst many other things).

Everything your company displays, says, does and produces has to reflect the core ideas, values and aims of your business.

Each of these elements must be thoughtfully, creatively and strategically developed to work as a whole.

In order to create the right image for your company your branding needs to be consistent, direct and stimulating for your audience.

Web Development

A good website is one that gets your information across clearly, demands your audience’s attention, and make’s them want to find out more about your brand. To do this your content needs to be delivered in a visually interesting way ad be easily accessible. All sites in this day and age should:

  • have a simple and intuitive navigation system that allows a user to move around quickly and easily with no ‘dead-ends’
  • be mobile optimised and touch enabled for optimal performance on any portable device
  • have an easy to use Content Management System to enable you to edit all areas of the site and keep your content fresh
  • be search-engine friendly with optimised content so that the website ranks well in search results

I design and build user friendly, engaging and high-performance websites that are beautiful inside and out. From the back-end management of content, to the front-end aesthetic – I deliver a sophisticated and innovative user experience throughout.

Label Design

More than 70% of all purchasing decisions are made at the shelf and people purchase products from the brands that appeal most to them, even when that brand is much more expensive. To compete with other successful brands your product needs to carve a place for it’s self and stand out from all the other products on the shelf.

The role of packaging design is to explain the quality of the product inside. It may be a better tasting coffee created in a more ethical way than it’s competitors, or a cleaning product that smells fresher than summer it’s self. Sell the quality and you sell the product.

Building a story into the packaging is very important, as it conveys brand essence. Your story allows your consumers to connect with your product on an emotional level.

Brochure Design

Print design stimulates all of our senses and therefore has dimensions and possibilities that the digital world cannot; textures you can feel, physical spaces you can fill and the smell of fresh ink.

The ‘bond’ your audience has with print can provoke a deeper level of emotional connection with your brand than any other communication platform – and that’s why print design should still be considered one of your most valuable methods of communication.

Using Microsoft Office applications and Adobe InDesign, I provide tight, on-brand templates that can be used throughout your organisation even if the end-user has little experience with the application.

My Skillset

Brand Consultation
Identity Design
Packaging Design
Print Design