My Backstory

Since the mid ’90s, I have been involved in marketing in some sense or another. Back then it as the promotion of the music events I had co-founded and was also featuring at as a resident DJ.

It wasn’t until 2001 when I decided to use my Mac for more than just music, when I took over the design role music events company he was running at the time. Eventually I specialised in branding & identity, content marketing and the psychology behind it, and it wasn’t long until I became one of the most sought after designers in my field.

Since then I have been headhunted to work on projects with the likes of M&C Saatchi, Liverpool Victoria and Heineken. I have also worked with a wide range of clients, from SMEs, right up to multinational brands and charities, including extensive projects with Coca-Cola, OxFam, and Morrisons.