Brand Management & Content Marketing

Your brand is the life & sole of your company. It is down to your branding to ensure clients know what it is your company stands for, your product or service and to set your clients expectations. The role of a brand manager is to make sure that all released materials are compliant with the standards of the brand.

What makes me stand out in this field is my extensive knowledge of inbound & content marketing and exceptional creativity & design. These skills combined with a meticulous approach to studying my company’s specific visions ensures the creation of content that performs excellently on social media which enhances our organisation’s recognition and customer loyalty.


Over the last couple of years, I have helped the companies I work for improve their results from their digital channels. My speciality lies in brand-driven design for B2B SME businesses.

Not only have I helped to develop both brands’ overall digital marketing strategies, but also helped to improve the effectiveness of event marketing, search, social, email and web channels.

I work specifically with these two ambitious growing businesses on transformation programmes to ensure the branding and design is up to the task of meeting those ambitions.