Marketing Technology: This Time It’s Personal

Before I get to the point of my post, bonus points if you knew that the line “this time, it’s personal” was the tagline from the 1980s cinematic tour-de-force Jaws: The Revenge. I for one am ashamed I knew that. 
But be that as it may, I want you to take a minute and indeed go back in time to actually right around the same time this movie came out – about 30 years ago. In the mid-late Eighties we began to see the initial inklings of technology with its bells and yes, whistles. All sorts of technology was coming on the scene at that time. Walkman anyone? How about a VCR? These were high-tech cutting edge technologies for sure. 
As for marketing technologies, well the promise there was personalization. I can recall reading a survey or study as to the effect that personalizing a letter to someone could have on the response rate in a direct mail campaign for example. Lord, am I dating myself. But that was indeed the promise. It was, to use a common word we use today: the deliverable. 
With each passing year the promise of personalization – and I mean true personalization, going way beyond simply saying “Dear Steve,” on a letter or email was being touted by tech vendors far and wide.
We, as marketers were going to get to experience the concept of customer centricity, gaining a 360-degree view, managing the end-to-end customer experience, 1:1 relationships, and using data to truly understand customer needs and desires.
However something happened on the way to personalized marketing nirvana.
But as the saying goes… that was then and this is now.
Good Things Come In Threes
On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas during the Modern Marketing Experience you will have the chance to hear directly from three marketing leaders of three iconic brands how they are using Modern Marketing to make the customer experience more personal while achieving dramatic results, and delivering true value to their bottom lines.
Ryan Deutsch, DVP Digital Marketing of Sears Holdings Corporation, Nick Cerise, CMO of Western Union Business Solutions and Eric Reynolds, SVP & CMO of The Clorox Company will be joined by Kevin Akeroyd, GM & SVP Oracle Marketing Cloud in a must-see keynote aptly titled The Global Corner Store: Customer Experience Comes Full Circle.
If that wasn’t enough of a reason to attend, marketers who come to Modern Marketing Experience will gain the knowledge and experience they need to make a difference in their companies and careers through insights from experts in marketing automation, social marketing, content marketing, and big data.
The event includes three days of immersive sessions covering the strategies and tactics needed to make modern marketing succeed, including how businesses can best manage and activate data at the right time with customers and prospects.
Oh yeah, there’s also Tyra Banks and The Goo Goo Dolls, who will also be there.

And how could I forget the 10th Annual Markie Awards celebrating excellence in modern marketing which will feature a private performance by the award-winning band, Bastille. 

So don't just sit there thinking about what it would be like to attend, actually go register right now — yes there's still time — for Modern Marketing Experience, the event that offers attendees an unprecedented opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain insight from colleagues.

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