Mobile App Design Inspiration: 8 Best Resources

UX Archive

Building a seamless user experience is what mobile app developers and designers should learn. UX Archive features beautiful iPhone apps user flows that you can emulate. Browsing these flows will give you ideas and inspire you to build a UX that is just as good, if not better.

6e7d5fac148a8a38288534af9f8c68f4Before comparing any user flow, start by trying them out! Once you have been through them on the actual apps, use UX Archive to compare them! It will help you visualize all the flows and steps at a time to easily compare them. UX Archive will be a great tool for you and your team to support conversations about design patterns and user flows. UX Archives (Link to actual quote)

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uiGIFs 2015-08-15 00-19-06

Similar to UX Archives, uiGIFs showcase the best user interface across all mobile platforms. The only difference here is that developers can see the UI of the app in GIF form. This is much better than the screen captures featured in other sites.

For those working on iOS apps, documents app screen transitions and dynamic UI elements. Aside from inspiring a new wave of app developers and designers, the site serves as a pattern library that allows people to understand how these sophisticated designs were built.

5RsmR4udAs designers move away from heavy-handed textures and shading to indicate depth and layering towards a new UI/UX design paradigm where motion, camera effects, and physics create 3D space, it’s important to observe and analyze how these impact (and can improve) app experiences. Alli Dryer of (Link to actual quote)

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LaudableApps 2015-08-15 00-46-28

The site serves up inspiring designs from beautiful iOS apps to date. The image capture above says it all. You can download the apps from the site straight to your iOS so you can play around with them.

Mobile Awesomeness

The site is an award-giving body to the best mobile designs and interfaces. The other purpose of Mobile Awesomeness is to build a community of talented developers and designs to share their ideas and interact with like-minded people.

Each featured design is graded according to its rating system that factors in UI/UX, design, and concept. While not an all-encompassing system, it nonetheless provides users with an idea on what the site interprets as a good mobile design.

ad9b2fd545aa2ed3cdfcf2090fbeab57The projects on Mobile Awesomeness (MA) represent some of the best mobile designs, interfaces, and concepts on the market. Our goal is to facilitate a creative exchange where users can find inspiration, promote their work and connect with potential clients. This exchange will drive leads to the best designers and agencies, creating a stronger mobile industry by making it easy to find true experts in the field.Mobile Awesomeness (Link to actual quote)

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Inspired UI 2015-08-15 00-58-28

Another site that whips up beautiful app designs for iOS and Android (finally!). Browse the different categories to see the design for the chosen category. For example, choosing the Article category will bring you to different designs of how the apps deliver content to users.

You can change the site version from iPhone, iPad, and Android for maximum viewing pleasure.

Despite it all, the designs are just screenshots from mobile devices — you may have to download the app from your device to get a better feel of the UI.


The site compiles the best Android wallpapers that reflect the different personalities of users. Browse the site to see which ones are beautiful enough to influence your own designs.

apple-touch-icon-250-precomposedAt MyColorscreen, you can show off your homescreens, share what wallpapers and apps you are using, and get personalized content based on what you’ve shared. This allows MyColorscreen to curate all the content you may find interesting and deliver it to you.MyColorscreen (Link to actual post)

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pttrns 2015-08-15 01-19-02

The site offers design patterns, inspiration, and resources for developers and designers before starting with their mobile app project.

Choose from the different categories on the left sidebar to filter the featured images on the screen with your choice.


The examples above are testaments to the endless horizon of design. As more developers and designers innovate with their mobile apps. these sites will continue to gather submissions to feature beautiful design UI/UX.

This way, app creators can conceptualize the appearance of their apps much better. Also, people who were featured in these sites can use this as an opportunity to get a better job in the future.

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