Evalueserve IPR&D

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The Client

Evalueserve is the largest and one of the most-respected players in the IPR&D Services industry.

The Evalueserve IPR&D team is unique in having a large, in-house research development and innovation intelligence team. We are dedicated to improving quality in patent search and analytics while optimizing digital, industrialized intellectual property prosecution services.


The work on creating an Evalueserve sub-brand began in March 2017, collaborating with award-winning brand to sales agency, the Octopus Group, to create a completely new sub-brand for this flourishing division of Evalueserve. Following the sub-branding, whilst working as part of the IPR&D team, we worked on the internal branding and getting employee buy-in. Evalueserve IPR&D is now the largest service provider of quality-focused IPR&D Search, Intelligence and IP prosecution solutions.


The new identity was purposefully built by embracing Evalueserve IPR&D’s commitment to their “Information Adventurers” theme.


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