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The Client

Pavilion Crossing has been family owned and operated since its founding. Their goal is to create some of the best value wines from California’s North Coast, which includes Napa Valley and Sonoma.


Upon partnering with Pavilion Wines, they did not have a strong logo design and their website was outdated and difficult to update. The only professionally designed collateral they really had was the their previous wine label design.


While I presented several different logo options, the family ended up choosing a simple two-font word mark that I had devised. I added in spacing between letters to give it some breathing room and have the ability to easily scale down. I also simplified the colour scheme from a range of greens and reds to black, 2 deep reds and gold.

For their wine label design we focused on creating a classic design to target the high end consumers that purchase their wine at their boutique winery or at Pinot Noir events in California. I chose a textured paper to help give it the feel of fine stationary.

For the website, I provided Pavilion Wines with two different website design options and they chose to have a large image of the Californian valleys as the backdrop.

“We’ve been using Idun Design for well over 4 years now, and can highly recommend Geoff’s work He prepares the entire spectrum of our marketing, from flyers, brochures and labels through to updating our website and provide social media support. Geoff is responsive, easy to work with, always meets his deadlines, attentive to our needs, and above all, a highly talented graphic designer. The branding work that Geoff did for us when we first partnered with him, help us in developing from a startup to where we are today.”

– Scott Healy, Managing Director, Pavilion Wines

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