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InsightBee was a London-based pay-as-you-go data analytics provider. Founded in 2012, the company grew to over 50 employees with a turnover of £4M, but their previous identity wasn’t befitting of their work in the premium segment of the market. The InsightBee team didn’t want to be an average data analytics company with an average appearance. They asked me for something distinctive, simple, stylish, and contemporary.

Keeping in mind that a successful brand can often portray a business in its most simple form, and as InsightBee was unique in the way it operated on a PAYG basis, it was decided that the brand should utilise a modern design style to differentiate it from the more traditionally corporate look of its competitors.

By mimicking the distinctive visual appearance of the honeycomb, the InsightBee logomark hinted at the storage capacity within the product on offer.

For the colour palette, competitors in the data analytics industry predominantly use dark blues, greens and greys in their identities, with white background colours. Incorporating the bright yellow often associated with bees helped to set the brand apart, while a black accent added memorability and a contrasting background.

Geoffrey is creative, and came up with some really nice ideas for our marketing campaign. He was able to come up with excellent creatives that helped us stand out in the market. Equally important, he is great to work with – soft spoke, patient to hear ideas with an ability to convey his thoughts effectively.

Manoj Madhusudanan, Former Managing Director, InsightBee