Easily Achieve the Smooth Sale

Make Sale photo from ShutterstockCertain practices are essential for building trust and likeability as you develop the sale. Patiently adhering to the correct process will ultimately get you to the end goal you hold dear. Not doing so, or implementing selective pieces of an overall strategy, and out of order, upsets the potential relationship. The poor practice diminishes the trust as well as any chance for securing the sale. The following story exemplifies what NOT to do.

Upon reviewing a questionnaire meant to become familiar with personal history, it was appalling to find the inter-mixing of sales questions with case history questions. And it wasn’t just the fact that sales questions were included. Even more disturbing was the manner in which the questions were presented.

Erroneous assumptions were made including over-inflating expected current expense. This implied justification for purchase, but the fact were far off-base. The finality came when scare tactics were used, such as, “this will occur if you don’t…” The increased anger felt not only blocked the sale, but the thought of poor word of mouth branding could easily have taken place. Adding insult to injury, a blatant ask for the sale was made whereas this entire scenario should simply have been a case study form.

Moral of the Story: The sale proved to be more important to the provider rather than establishing credibility and trust first.

5 steps achieve the Smooth Sale:

1.  Become well acquainted on the first meeting

By asking, “What caught your interest to meet with me today?” you get to the heart of the matter that opens up a meaningful dialogue.  Allowing the prospective client to talk first, you capture ideas of which questions will be most appropriate.

NOTE:  Everyone has a unique DNA, so even if everyone appears to have the same problem, the approach needs to be customized for the individual or company.  This is the number one step to begin building the trust.

2.  Discuss all the associated problems

Without offering your services just yet, and by drilling down on all of the problems first, you build a case for more of the services you have to offer. Without offering your opinion, simply ask “Have you thought about…?”  Get the reaction verbally and visually to have a fruitful discussion.

3.  Ask a few more questions

In your continued dialogue, find the person’s preferences for solutions by sharing the possibilities of what you have to offer that may possibly resolve their problems.

4.  Establish Time and Money Value

The motivating factors are whether you can save enough time and money for the other person or company by providing your services.  When the answer is “yes”, the other party will be far more inclined to purchase from you.

5.  Open the Door!

Rather than “close”, ask, “when would you like to get started?”, or, ”which day would you like me to start?” This puts the ball in the other person’s court, and an answer will be forthcoming.  Sit tight with lip buttoned until you hear the answer.  Most often it will be the right one!

Following the orderly process, as well as building the relationship, trust, and personal brand, will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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