New Image, Video and Web Tools: Adobe Spark Helps You Create Stunning Visual Content

You know how critically important visual content is to your social media marketing plans. What if there was a place on the web, with seamless mobile integration, where you could create stunning visual content? Adobe Spark’s new “three-in-one desktop dashboard,” and three companion mobile apps, allow you to turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, animated videos, and web stories! Did I mention? All apps are FREE!!

I’ve been a raving fan of Adobe’s fantastic POST app for creating gorgeous visual content since the app launched earlier this year (and I got to beta test it last year). It is by far the most robust, stable, dynamic, creative image editing app. Now, you can use the app on both mobile (iOS) and desktop! Wow!

adobe spark new design tools

Every image I create gets saved, no matter where I am in the process. I can easily pick up where I left off and finish. Or come back to edit a new version. I have not seen any other mobile image editing app as stable as Post. It has never ever once crashed on me, which is more than I can say for other image editing apps! And, you know what it’s like when you start to create a masterpiece, then get distracted, right? Ha! #squirrel! Seriously, this one feature alone makes Post a keeper.

Create stunning, professional images in minutes 

Now known as ADOBE SPARK POST, the app is available on iOS and now on desktop as part of the Spark suite. Another fabulous feature is the ability to quickly resize your images for each social channel. These features are all FREE! This is the desktop version below… but you can just as easily do the resizing on iPhone or iPad. Again, LOVE that!

wonderful day adobe post resize

Add animation

Spark Post now also has an awesome animation feature, which I rather love!! For the 1200 x 628px Facebook thumbnail link preview, I created this using the Spark Post mobile app. And, when you add animation, you have the option to save as a Video, Live Photo (now supported on Facebook, btw), or a still Image (which I used for the default share on Facebook image). Again, more free features – yay!

adobe spark download preview

Easily create awesome, simple VIDEOS – great for Facebook and Instagram

Adobe also has a fabulous video creation app, previously called Adobe Voice. Now known as ADOBE SPARK VIDEO. It’s a super easy platform to use: upload your own images, or choose from royalty free library. Add music (yours or Adobe’s selection). Even add your own voice narration. And voila, a simple video — perfect for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And especially perfect for turning into Facebook and Instagram video ads!

Here’s a fun video I created using ADOBE SPARK VIDEO (previously Adobe Voice):

And, just for fun, here’s another example – created by one of my Inner Circle members, Lori Lee Barr. What a fun and engaging way to tell a story. :)

Create visually stunning web PAGES

Plus, you may have previously been familiar with Adobe’s web page creation tool called Slate. Now known as ADOBE SPARK PAGE. Wow, this is yet another fantastic Adobe tool — with instant responsive design, and super simple editing tool not unlike Medium or Facebook Notes.

adobe spark page visual content

Guess what? The SPARK PAGE tool also comes with an embed code option. :) Here is the clickable example page I made in the screenshot above – Spark Page is much easier to use than WordPress or even Medium! Click below to see in all its glory – opens in a new window.
Visual Content ROCKS!

NEW Adobe Spark one-stop dashboard

Adobe just launched a ONE-STOP dashboard on desktop called Adobe Spark that combines all three products and allows you to create stunning images, fabulous videos, and gorgeous visual pages. ALL three apps are also available on iOS — make gorgeous content on your iPhone or iPad and access/edit on desktop. Or vice versa. Love that. After all, nobody ever uses just desktop or just mobile these days, right? We want BOTH. It’s a both/and world, and that’s exactly what ADOBE SPARK now offers. Yay, happy dance!

adobe spark

Adobe Spark: the new suite of Adobe visual tools!

Visual content made easy!

adobe spark visuals

Go take this fabulous suite of visual content apps for a test drive!

Click to access ADOBE SPARK.

Adobe Spark FAQ

Are there plans to make Spark available on Android devices?

For the launch of Adobe Spark, the initial focus is to deliver an integrated web and iOS mobile app experience. The web app in particular was critical to ensure universal access across laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks. Adobe is fully committed to delivering products and meeting customer’s needs over time across major platforms, including Android.

What happens to my existing Post/Slate/Voice projects?

All existing Adobe Post, Page, and Voice projects will continue to be available and will seamlessly sync across the three mobile apps and Adobe Spark web app.

How does the integration with Creative Cloud work?

Adobe Spark makes it easy for users to access their Creative Cloud files and Lightroom photos in the Adobe web and mobile apps. Adobe plans to continue to build more touch points to create a seamless experience across all of Creative Cloud.

Who is Adobe Spark designed for?

Designed for everyday communications, Adobe Spark empowers anyone – from solo entrepreneurs and small businesses, to bloggers and non-profits, to social marketers and knowledge workers, and students and educators – to create stunning, visual content that engages audiences across multiple social platforms and looks great on any device.

What sets Spark apart from offerings like Prezi, Canva and Storehouse?

Spark is the only integrated web and mobile solution to easily create and share impactful visual stories. Adobe is leveraging its same technology that’s available in the professional creative apps like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

DISCLOSURE: Adobe has engaged Mari Smith as brand ambassador. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Adobe Creative Cloud in 7 Tutorials

Much has been said about Adobe Creative Cloud, most of which are unflattering. The sudden shift from the traditional release cycles of the Creative Suite series to a software as a service (SaaS) model, in which users must subscribe to its services online to receive the latest version of the bundled software, has irked the rabid and devoted Adobe followers.

While the purpose of Adobe moving to an SaaS model is to prevent its valuable software from being pirated (Adobe Photoshop stands as the most pirated design tool online), its intention did not translate well to its fan base during its initial release, as it received extremely negative responses. Some may have formed their opinions by believing in the myths that surround the Adobe Creative Cloud. Nonetheless, it doesn’t help their cause when it has experienced technical difficulties in the past, in particular leaving out subscribed graphics professionals due to a power outage on Adobe’s end in May of last year.

Such is a bitter pill to swallow for a company who has built a reputation providing excellent and qualities services to creative professionals. However, the incident is simply part of business for Adobe, who, after launching CC in 2011, has remained unflinching and excited for Creative Cloud moving forward despite public opinion.

This goes to say that you need to accept the reality of Creative Cloud. While there are Adobe alternatives that will provide you similar results without having to subscribe in order to use the software, there are still things, if not all, that the software available in the Adobe Creative Cloud could do better. Therefore, it is just a matter of you deciding for yourself whether you should adapt to the times and use Adobe CC (which is also dependent on your skills).

If you have made up your mind and decide on subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud, then below are tutorials and resource materials that you need to read up to get you started.

Adobe TV

What better way to learn how to use Adobe Creative Cloud than hearing from the horse’s mouth instead? AdobeTV is the official online resource for video content specifically caters to its audience. Regularly updated and offers a chock-full of training videos for all the tools and software available in CC, the site covers the basics of downloading and running the product on your desktop or laptop. This makes AdobeTV is a great starting place for CC beginners and advanced users alike.

Designer’s guide to Adobe Creative Cloud

at Creative Bloq 2015-06-02 00-41-25

This resource page details the differences and improvements made by the tools in the Creative Cloud over its precedent. Each section that elaborates the changes made in the tool leads to anew article to provide readers with comprehensive information to guide them in their purchase process.

Adobe Creative Cloud Guide

at DigitalArts


The site features different tutorials to visitors for every tool available at CC. It also provides news and reviews the features added or modified to the latest update of each tool. To access its premium tutorial and resource files, you may need to sign up for an account and login in order to download the files.

How to Get Started With Adobe Photoshop CC – 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do

by Terry White

Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t reserved for professional designers only. Even if you haven’t designed anything using a graphics editing tool from your computer before but have an intense interests towards graphic design using Photoshop, this lengthy but informative video tutorial by Adobe certified expert Terry White should cover things for you.

Creative Cloud Video Courses and Tutorials


If you like your video tutorials to be comprehensive and detailed for your benefit, them the resources found at are for you. The highly trusted site has built its reputation of providing its subscribers with high quality and exceptional content that help them develop their creative and business skills, and the content about CC is just as compelling. Currently, there are four courses available about Creative Cloud with a total of 110 tutorial videos in all of them to satisfy professional designers in different levels.

Photoshop CC Tutorials

at Photoshop Training Channel

This post is a compilation of training videos about the latest features that appear on Photoshop CC (14.0 ) such as the Camera Shake Reduction, Camera Raw Radial Filter, 3D Live Paint, and more. It showcases how these tools within the latest version of Photoshop can affect your creative process.

Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan puts his knowledge as a producer, director, and editor to good use through this site. He regularly publishes technical articles about production and post-production using tools and software found in the Adobe Creative Cloud. He also holds a free webinar to also answer to the needs of directors and producers wanting to improve on their craft. Larry bundles his webinars and training videos and sells them as courses with hours worth of content to further help creatives in this specific field of the arts.

Final thoughts: As much outrage Adobe Creative Cloud received during its launch and the missteps it took along the way, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s here to stay. It’s just a matter of learning how to make Adobe CC work to your advantage or use the alternative tools and software out there that is arguably as good, but probably not as all encompassing as the tools featured in CC. The tutorials featured above should help you decide whether or not you should finally make that first move of becoming a subscriber.

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Adobe Keyboard Mapper Showcases Hundreds of Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Editor’s note: This post was written by John,  a design enthusiast with a passion for blogging, too. He regularly writes on the subject of design on his own blog, along with a number of other popular publications. He is also a design freelancer.

If you’re a photographer, web designer, developer, blogger, magazine designer/editor, or even a print designer, chances are that Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are three applications you couldn’t live without.

I’ve been doing graphic design for a few years now, and there’s no way I could live without these three applications (at least not without Photoshop and Illustrator); I simply couldn’t produce such quality work without them, as they’re just so powerful and feature-packed.

While these three applications are ridiculously powerful, however, I’ve realised over the last few years that power isn’t everything: you’ve also got to know how to harness that power in a way that makes financial sense.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: I do a lot of graphic design work on behalf of clients, and recently, I realised that simple, somewhat mundane tasks were taking up a lot of my time.

I charge most of my clients on an hourly basis, and therefore, time is money, literally.

So, I started investigating ways to cut-down the time I spent on these tasks, without it affecting the quality of my work, and I stumbled across a whole host of keyboard shortcuts that I hadn’t been using.

After integrating these shortcuts into my workflow, I cut my time down (on average) by around 17%.

The problem was that it took me hours of sifting through boring documentation to find the shortcuts that were useful to me.

So, I started looking for a better way and stumbled across this incredible tool from FastPrint.

Introducing: Interactive Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator Shortcuts  

If, like me, you’re interested in increasing your productivity through the use of keyboard shortcuts, the shortcut visualizer for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is the tool you’ve been looking for.

What does the tool do? It maps the hundreds of available keyboard shortcuts for the applications onto a virtual keyboard (displayed on-screen through your web browser of choice).

Why is this useful? Because it means that you don’t have to sift through pages of boring documentation to find useful shortcuts: instead, you can search for them in a visual manner on a virtual keyboard.

Here’s how to get started with the tool:

1: What are you using: Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign?

adobe keyboard mapper

As mentioned, the virtual tool actually maps shortcuts for all three applications, so the first step is to choose the application that you’re actually using.

To do this, navigate to the drop-down menu at the top of the tool and select from Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

You’ll see that the colour scheme will change to reflect your choice (i.e. blue for Photoshop, pink for InDesign, etc.).

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a number of shortcuts corresponding to your chosen application appear on the on-screen keyboard.

2: What are you using: Mac or PC?

adobe keyboard mapper

You’ll notice that if you’re a Mac user, you use the command key rather than the control key in most instances.

On Windows, it’s the other way around.

So, you need to tell the tool which operating system you’re using so that it can make sure to map the shortcuts correctly.

Again, this is done via a selection menu at the top of the browser window.

You’ll notice that the command key disappears if you choose Windows or Linux, but remains if you choose Mac OSX.

3: Where are you? US, UK, or a different country?

adobe keyboard mapper

It’s also important to tell the tool which part of the world you’re in, and which language you’re using, as doing so will ensure that the on-screen keyboard is arranged correctly.

Depending on where you are, there may be subtle differences in the arrangement of certain keys, so make sure to select the location that applies to you.

These are a few locations/languages available, which can be selected via the drop-down: there’s English US and UK, along with a few other choices.

Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go.

4: How do I view more shortcuts?

adobe keyboard mapper

While you will see a number of shortcuts displayed on the on-screen keyboard by default, you’ll notice that this is only a handful of the total number of shortcuts available for each application.

To view the others, you’ll need to toggle so-called modifier keys (i.e. Alt, Command/Control, and Shift).

Toggling these keys (in any order, might I add) will change the shortcuts mapped to each key.

E.g. If you toggle the Command key (or Control key on Windows/Linux), you’ll notice that the “Z” key now shows the shortcut “Undo”.

5: How do I search for a particular shortcut?

adobe keyboard mapper

Are you looking for a particular keyboard shortcut?

No worries, as there’s search functionality built right into the application.

You’ll notice that this is located just below the virtual keyboard (scroll down if you can’t see it).

To start searching, just start typing in the search bar and you’ll see a list of suggestions appear within milliseconds.

It certainly saves time perusing those lengthy PDFs, doesn’t it?

6: I’m struggling to read the small text, what do I do?

text size

With such a crazy amount of shortcuts mapped onto a single tool, you’ll notice that a lot of the text is pretty small.

If you’re struggling to read this, there’s a quick and easy solution.

Grab your mouse, and roll your cursor over any of the keys on the virtual keyboard: you’ll see the text duplicated in a large font size just below the keyboard itself.

Don’t forget to download the wallpaper(s)


Not only have FastPrint produced the interactive browser-based tool mentioned above, but they’ve also created a series of desktop wallpapers which showcase some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts for each of the applications.

These are available to download from their website.

You can grab the Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign wallpaper, all of which are available for PC and Mac.

Here’s another useful resource:

28 Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

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28 Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Many designers use Photoshop as a graphics editing tool or as a tool for creating website mockups. However Photoshop is primarily meant for digital photo editing. One such area of work is compositing which takes two(or more) photos and combines them together into one photo.

Compositing is a difficult skill to pickup but very powerful across many careers. It can be used to create banners, logos, book covers, or even print advertisements. The best way to learn compositing is through repetition and consistent practice. If you don’t know where to get started dig through some of these tutorials which cover very thorough methods of compositing.

Fantasy City

fantasy city architecture tut

Realistic Placement

realistic placement of people

Spooky Forest

spooky forest composite photoshop

Fantasy Matte

fantasy matte photoshop composite

Realistic Train Composite

photoshop composite train tracks

Exploding Planet

photoshop exploding planet

Falling Snow

composite real falling snow

Paint Splatter

mold paint splatter on face

Sports Composite

sports portrait composite

Filter Design

filter composite photo

Extended Depth of Field

extend depth of field photoshop

Refine Edge

howto composite refine edge

Focus Stacking

focus stacking photoshop

Heart shaped Smoke

composite smoke ring heart

Portrait Mask

photoshop face mask composite

Distressed Rust

photoshop distressed rust effect

Panoramic Composite

panoramic composite hq photo

Disaster Scene

earth disaster scene photoshop

Disintegration Effect

human disintegration effect photoshop

Fantasy Scene

photo fantasy scene tutorial

Snowy Landscape

snowy composite photo tutorial

Micro Machines

photoshop composite scene machines

Scenic Landscape

scenic landscape composite photoshop

Glassware Composite

composite octoberfest glassware howto

Sinister Haunted House

sinister haunted house composite

Crocodile with a Frog

crocodile combined with frog composite

Replacing Lipstick

composite lipstick in photoshop

Battlefield Scene

photoshop composite battlefield tutorial

Check out these related Photoshop tutorials:

26 Brand New Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

Create a Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop

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