Automotive TV Advertisements – The Fast, The Furious, The Comical – Totally Inspired

Car manufacturers have a huge job when it comes to marketing. Choosing a new car is something relatively few people do on a regular basis. For some people a new car is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and after purchasing property, a car is probably the highest-priced item we will buy. So the marketing has to be right – pitched to the right audience and promoting the advantages that audience require.

Beside attractive and interactive automobile websites, here are some car ad videos that are really worth taking a look at, whether you are thinking of buying a new car or not. The video ads combined with a beautiful landing page will prompt you to engage them for a test drive.

Automotive Advertisements

Mini Countryman TV Commercial: Flow

This amazing video is designed to show the versatility of the Mini Countryman model. 60 seconds of action-packed fun!

Honda – The Cog

This sequence is not computer-aided, it is actually happening just as you see it. The parts are all from a Honda Accord, and each part knocks onto another like dominoes. It is a marvel of ingenuity and patience!

Kilan Martin and Alfredo Urbon – Smart Skate fortwo

Watch these two world-class skateboarders on one skateboard as they carry out some totally amazing stunts and finish up next to a Smart car.

Toyo Proxes

This advert for high performance tires shows a very throaty sports car (sorry, I don’t know what the make of the car is) traveling along an open road. Toyo’s slogan is: ‘What ever drives you, we’ve got the tires to make it even better.’

2015 Subaru WRX STI vs The Drones

This Canadian Subaru advert shows the car performing through a mass of drones with accuracy and precision. Definitely aimed at the right audience for this car.

Subaru Dog Tested: What’s the Fuss About?

And this American Subaru advert is aimed at an entirely different audience – here we have a family car being tested by a family of golden retrievers!

Nissan: X-Trail

This Japanese Nissan advertisement is great for the extremely adventurous-minded Japanese people. A little of the fear-factor will surely attract the audience.

Toyota Fortuna Valley of Reflections

This South African advert shows four guys doing… well, guy things! It shows the off road abilities of the car and is aimed directly at younger men in particular.

Volvo Trucks – The Technician

This Swedish advert shows how Volvo trucks have an extra amount of ground clearance. The brave man buried neck-deep in the gravel is Roland Svensson.

Mercedes-Benz TV: Magic Body Control

This advert may seem a bit of a strange way to promote a car, but watch how the chickens bodies are moved but their heads stay absolutely still. It is ingenious, and is promoting their Magic Body Control that they say ensures optimum driving comfort.

Mercedes-Benz: Le Monolith

In this advertisement for the American market, a series of extreme shocks hit the large rock or Monolith, and it eventually reveals a car. Which we are to believe has been ‘shaped’ by the shocks – it carries the tagline ‘shaped by sensation.’

Smart fortwo: Offroad

This advert takes pretty much the opposite stance to just about all other car ads. Here we see what a Smart car can’t do. Then it shows an off road car attempting to park in a small space in the city and a Smart car coming up and whizzing into the space. ‘As good off road as an offroader in the city.’

Peugeot 208 – Wacky Races

This is a really nostalgic journey into the world of the Wacky Races cartoon series. A lot of the characters such as Dick Dastardly are there, and are trying to run the Peugeot driver off the road – but of course, the 208 can handle it!

Hyundai: The Empty Car Convoy

This is an amazing advert that shows the caring driver assist features on the new Hyundai cars. All drivers set the assist, then all but one driver leave the car through the sunroof and jump onto a truck in the next lane. The one driver still in the car has his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. Then the truck leading the cars slows to a stop…. will the cars stop??? Watch the video to find out!

Honda Illusions, An Impossible Made Possible

This UK Honda advertisement is a series of optical illusions that are designed to demonstrate that not everything is what it first seems.


So was your future new car purchase featured in this list? If you are looking for inspired advertising, the automotive industry demand it from their marketing partners in droves – and they get it!

Have you ever bought a car as a result of viewing an advert – and if not yet, are you likely to? Please share your opinions with us in the section below.

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