Top Affordable Coding Bootcamps Around The World

Coding bootcamps are one of the best investments you can make in terms of education.

Unleash your inner Donald Knuth with these affordable coding bootcamps.

If you want to follow the footsteps of the founder of algorithmic analysis or you’re just tempted by the salary and lifestyle of an everyday programmer, you’ll need to check out these coding bootcamps. They vary from quick online lessons and self-guided learning sessions to extensive, year-long training courses.

Tuition comes in a wide diversity of length and specialization. They often range from quick online lessons and self-guided learning sessions to extensive, year-long training courses. Most education programs cost a hefty fee of over $ 10,000 USD. While these may offer an immaculate training course that usually guarantees a tasty internship in large SaaS companies, not many programmer enthusiasts can afford that price.

For those of you who are short on money but wish to go beyond the casualty of the free training sessions available at CodeCademy or Coursera, we’ve gathered a neat list of some of the most cost-effective solutions to rocket-launch your career in the IT business industry.


App Academy

There are various options to secure your return of investment. App Academy takes the winner price for one of the most tempting offers out there. This course doesn’t get paid unless you get a job offer afterward.


Location: New York, San Francisco

Price: The payment scheme is simple – once you get an IT job after completing their training, you’ll give 18% off your first-year salary to the academy. You’ll also need to give an initial deposit of $ 5000 which you’ll receive back if you show up and do the work.

Duration: Around 100 hours per week for 12 weeks.

Craftsmanship Academy

Another excellent coding bootcamp with paid apprenticeship and residency. That’s right, you’ll get paid to learn and code in the later stages of your training to be able to pay off the course.


Location: Holly Springs, NC

Price: $ 15,000 deposit / Scholarship

Duration: 1 year ( with holidays ) working 48-80 hours per week.


Here, you can take advantage of a top-notch programming course that won’t cost you an arm and leg. For the incredible price of under $ 50, you’ll get access to a self-paced learning program that will guide you into the mystic realms of Ruby on Rails, PHP and more. This course is excellent for beginners and intermediate students who wish to explore new opportunities in the IT industry.


Location: Online, Remote

Price: $ 25 or $ 49 per month.

Duration: About 8 hours per week for 6 months.


Yet another coding bootcamp that deserves the attention of the frugal IT specialist in you. Udacity offers a remote, online learning opportunity for beginner and intermediate students who wish to get a close encounter with web development, software engineering, and data analysis. The trade-off of this course are the unique “nanodegrees” you’ll be able to acquire throughout your education which are recognized by many industry experts.


Location: Online, Remote

Price: $ 200 per month / Scholarships

Duration: 6-12 months, 10 hours per week.

If you already know your code and you’re confident enough to invest your efforts into developing a real-life project with a team of experts, you’ll love this course. At thoughtbot, you’ll receive free tuition and $ 500/week stipend for your hard work. You’ll even get the chance to become part of the company’s happy team of IT experts and further in your career as a Web or iOS developer or even a designer.

Location: Some cities in the US; London; Stockholm

Price: Free + $ 500 per week stipend

Duration: 3 months; 40 hours per week


Other honorable mentions:

Ada Developers Academy

A friendly women community that’s focused on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript.

Location: Seattle, WA

Duration: 27 weeks training + 5-month internship

Philly Dev Camp

Philadelphia-based summer coding program for college students and high school graduates.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Program Length: 5 weeks


Europe’s leading coding education center for Ruby on Rails and all things programming.

Location: Bucharest, Romania. Paris, France.

Program Length: 6 months

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