Are you Going to the Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit 2015 in Los Angeles?

If you’ve already made plans for 10th and 11th September 2015, find a creative excuse to get out of what is on your calendar — even if it means you must buy your mother-in-law flowers. Those two days can change your life and she’ll forgive you big time after your trip to Los Angeles, California to attend the 2015 Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit pushes your future into professional overdrive.

Why You Should Attend The Digital Design and Web Innovation Summit

Attend the Digital Design and Web Innovation Summit and you’ll be in the presence of high-powered speakers from companies with impressive pedigrees: Orbitz, VISA, QVC, Spotify, American Express, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, eBay, AT&T and more. So many high-profile brands are sending representatives to the Summit to share their ideas, insights and secrets, there’s not enough room to list all of them here.

Why Attend

If you’re smart and savvy, you want to know specifically what you can expect if you decide to invest time and money in a summit that brings together leading c-suite and senior level executives, web developers, technology innovators and solution providers. Succinctly, you can expect to learn how to spot emerging trends, maximize innovative ideas and evaluate new and relevant technologies so every digital design web experience you undertake in the future results in building your professional reputation and ultimately maximizing your earning potential.

Where to Stay

Organizers of this powerful conclave have chosen a venue that’s big enough to host what’s expected to be a sell-out event: The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, located 404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90071. Sign up to participate and you’ll be guaranteed accommodation that is nothing short of a business traveler’s dream. Every workshop, social gathering, class, meet-up and panel discussion is to be held under the same roof, so there’s no need to waste time traveling from venue to venue. Plan to soak up new ideas presented within the hotel complex and return to your room as often as you like to change clothes or pick up materials and you’ll return to the activities on your personalized schedule in minutes.


A Reasonable Price

Worried that your budget can’t sustain a big hit? You may wish to sit down because you’re going to like what you read next: A graduated schedule of rates for attendees fits every wallet – from all-day, one-day access to the entire event in person that’s priced at just 795 USD per in-person ticket to an OnDemand pass that allows you to participate from home and skip the airline fee at just 600 USD.

Even if you’re living the new business start-up life and rarely open your wallet for non-necessities, you won’t have to raid your retirement fund to take advantage of a range of one- and two-day rates that include early bird registration fees that save a bundle, as long as you book before 17th July.

Are you Going to the Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit?

Will paying a modest fee and taking a couple of days off to be educated by the best international minds on the planet pay off? The answer is yes. But, don’t take our word for it. Read the unsolicited story about an attendee who almost missed the experience of a lifetime when she debated whether or not to attend last year’s event:

My small business was growing at a steady pace and I paid my bills, but I had reached a point where my energy was dissipating and my enthusiasm was flagging because the break-through I needed just wasn’t happening. A friend told me about a 2014 Innovation Enterprise event and frankly, she wouldn’t let me take a pass. I attended and it was the most serendipitous experience I can recall when thinking back over my career. I arrived feeling anxious. I left feeling empowered and emboldened. Miss an annual Innovation Enterprise event like the upcoming Summit? Not if it took the last dollar in my business account to pay the fee. That’s how much my business has benefited, and these days, it can only be described as thriving!

Want to come back from the Summit renewed, refreshed and recommitted to your business? You can do just that after experiencing these benefits:

  • You will learn about the ins and outs of design principles of at least a dozen industry case studies each day so you are able to see how movers and shakers prioritize their projects and move simple ideas into complex, clever, hit-generating design,
  • You will have networking opportunities that allow you to mine the brains of people who aren’t shy about sharing their opinions, projections and ideas. This means interacting with people you may only have read about in high-profile business publications — people you admire and respect,
  • You will explore the summit’s key takeaways and themes from your own business perspective to gain insights into seamless mobile design and improved personalized user experiences,
  • You will learn how to differentiate responsive from native design, understand the importance of agile design principles and come away with a better grip on the topics of prototype interaction and customer journey mapping,
  • Best of all, you will be energized, empowered and clear-minded about how your current projects can be revised to keep up with the perpetual windstorm of change that impacts digital design and the ever-changing web. In other words, expect your thinking to be altered so you see everything in a new light.

You can hear more about the event from attendees and speakers at the previous Digital Design & Web Summits in San Francisco 2014.

Register for the Summit Now!

When September rolls around and the kids go back to school, won’t you follow suit? It’s as easy as visiting the official site to register and with lots of airline deals to Los Angeles to be found through aggregators, you’ll have to work hard to come up with a compelling reason not to attend. Do it for yourself. Do it for your business. Do it for your future!

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