McDonald’s Snaplications: 10s Job Applications

McDonald’s continues to be a fast-growing business and needs to recruit a lot of young people every year, and with their target young worker becoming harder and harder to engage, McDonald’s tuned Snapchat into their biggest recruitment channel, and made applying for a job a snap! With applicants activating a Snapchat lens from highly targeted […]

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Improve Your Work with These Wonderful Web Applications and Resources

As a web professional, we are always looking to improve our workflow and ease our workload. Just try to remember how many times you wished you’ve had an app to do something for you. Nowadays, wonderful people create web apps that can really help you in anything you do. We have compiled a list of useful web applications and resources to assist in your daily work routine, check them out to find out how each of them can make your work easier.

Wonderful Applications and Resources To Ease Your Workload



Real time collaboration and a well thought out layered template system make Pidoco one of the smartest solutions for creating clickable wireframes in the web browser. A top notch feature is that all elements can be made interactive and will react to mouse clicks, touch gestures, keyboard entries, device motion or even geo information. Animations can include page transitions, time lags and reaction sequences. And the best thing: You’ll need no programming knowledge at all.

Simulation of the prototypes is in the web browser or in real time directly on the mobile device (via their iOS or Android apps). With its sharing and feedback functions this wireframing tool can save you lots of time, as you won’t rework over and over. The comprehensive GUI library and a number of exports also come in very handy.



TeamDesk offers the Starter Edition, Team Edition, and Enterprise Edition plans. All plans already include unlimited applications, records, storage space and customer support. The Starter Edition includes up to 5 users at $ 49 per month for one database. The Team Edition at $ 99 per month includes 10 users for one database and price packs for extra users. The Enterprise Edition at $ 249 per month also includes 10 users but with unlimited databases. Also included are a sub-domain, custom branding, manageable user list, IP address filtering and password policies. It offers a 14-day free trial.



There are some priceless tools we all need when we’re working on a group web project and one of them is definitely Usersnap. It’s the coolest visual bug tracker that will make everyone’s work a lot easier. What Usersnap does is take a screenshot of the browser content and create a bug report in a flash, so that you can easily let your colleagues know about the problem you’ve encountered. Go ahead and invite colleagues to find solutions together and enjoy some other features of Usersnap such as emojis and @mentions included. Usersnap can also be of great help even if you’re already using a project management or bug tracking tool, due to its seamless integration with over twenty tools (Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Teamwork, Trac etc.). By choosing Usersnap, you’ll join thousands of companies that report and solve website issues every day thanks to this great visual bug tracker.



HTML5MAKER works on all platforms – PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android. You can experiment with the tool, but in order to save your efforts, you must sign up for an account. The basic tool is free to use, but to create and store more than one animation, you will need to purchase one of the three available plans: (1) $ 9.99 per month for 5 animations; (2) $ 29.99 per month for up to 40 animations; or (3) $ 49.99 per month for up to 100 animations. All plans also include compatibility with Google Ads, export of the embed code, and access to all the templates and other elements on the site. No watermarks are added to the finished product, even with the free version.



Themify is a user-friendly tool that was designed to help non-coders hit the ground running. Their cleverly built framework allows quick theme customization without writing a single line of code. All you have to do is adjust theme settings and styles via their options panel. Themify’s new Builder Addons are modules that can easily be used with any Themify theme or Builder plugin. You can create unique designs and experiment with text layouts by using Tiles, Pointers, Progress Bar, FitText and Counter. Moreover, you can add your own personal touches by creating contact forms with Contact, adding custom designed action buttons with Button, inserting audio playlist with Audio, and comparing two side by side images with A/B Image. The Advanced Themify framework includes also a drag and drop builder which allows you to build pages with instant live previews.



Design collaboration service, Framebench has released a new Chrome extension that makes it easy to annotate files over Gmail without having to download them to your computer. Mail Markup taps the new Gmail API to add a “Review Attachment” option to files in your Gmail account. You can draw with a pencil, add arrows or shapes and leave numbered comments on the document. Text comments will then be pasted into an email draft with the marked-up image. While the annotation options are fairly lightweight, they should be enough for most basic markup needs. If you and your coworkers email each other’s files for review on a daily basis, Mail Markup could save you a bit of time and trouble.



DealFuel is all about cool tech deals. Yes, they bring exciting deals for web developers and designers that you cannot get elsewhere. But the best part is that they provide a whole bunch of awesome freebies that you can totally exploit without spending a dime. So if you are trying to get your hands on some real good training or ebooks, or some great themes, DealFuel is the place to visit. Ranging from WordPress themes, plugins, graphics, icons, software tools, eCourses, SEO stuff, templates and other amazing stuff, they seem to have them all. So stay tuned to DealFuel for some great free stuff and cool deals.

8. Ghostlab App


Developing a fully functional website is a hard task, because we need to be sure that every visitor will get the same experience for any type of browser. Here Ghostlab App comes into action, as it’s recognized as a top solution for cross-browser testing. It offers synchronized testing for reloads, scrolling, clicks, and with this easy to use app you can test not only a simple page, but the entire user experience.



Bugrocket was created for professionals and teams that need a no nonsense way to track and manage bug reports. The application has received positive attention for the way it focuses on the essentials and pushes away the unnecessary controls and permissions many teams do not need. The current version offers filter options so users can easily browse tickets as well as ticket history that records every action taken on a ticket.



ShopSite will help you build your catalog, promote your products and even process orders securely over the Internet. Plus, ShopSite can be integrated to accept payments online using an Internet merchant account, PayPal or Google Checkout.



Wideo provides its users with a library of elements, objects, and fonts. Users can drag-and-drop elements into place in the Wideo editor then set the sequence of animations within their specific scenes. Each element can be re-used and the timing of the animation of each image can be individually adjusted.


Have you been utilizing any of the above mentioned web applications in your daily work? We would love to hear from you how each of them can be useful to you as well as the good or bad experiences you’ve had. Share them with us in the comments below.

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