Automate your specs with SpecFlow and Xamarin.UITest

Assuming my previous article got you conviced into writing your specifications in Gherkin, we can go on to the next step: The automation of these specifications. This article will show you how to automate your acceptence process using those specifications, speeding up your acceptence process as well as as making your regression tests for the UI-layer fully automated.

When it comes to continuous delivery (CD), automation is key. The automation of your specification will help a lot in the long run, speeding up your CD flow drastically.

Automate your specs with SpecFlow and Xamarin.UITest

Because I love C# and mobile, I’ll show you how to automate these tests using SpecFlow (which is Cucumber for .NET) and a little bit of Xamarin.UITest (which makes it able to run on a phone).

This article is the second part about this subject and I’ll post the next updates in the upcoming weeks. If you want to hear me speak about this subject, feel free to join my "Turn specs into high quality apps"-presentation at TechDaysNL 2016.

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