Sheer Elegance – Beauty and Opulence in Web Design

There are many markets that aim for elegance in their design, such as high-end fashion houses, perfumeries, interior designers, hotels and resorts and jewelers, to name just a few. Some miss the mark by varying degrees, but others get it totally right and their site presentation simply oozes elegance, beauty and opulence.

These are the sites we have searched for to compile this round up, the ones that have achieved amazing elegance in their design. Often the effect is achieved through the photography and/or typography used, sometimes through the layout or different-from-the-norm design. Sit back and enjoy the high-class beauty of these site designs.

Elegance in Website Design

Leen Heyne

The pastel color scheme and the minimalism of just two diamond rings featured on this landing page give it an amazing elegance and beauty.

Leen Heyne

Nicole Fashion Group

This site uses gold and black typography that perfectly complement the desaturated or black and white imagery used on the slideshow that all add to the elegance of this design.

Nicole Fashion Group

The Refinery

This is the only site dedicated to menswear that made it into this round up. Presented in a very dark color scheme, The Refinery’s tagline is: ‘Dedicated to helping every man become a modern gentleman’ – and this statement is backed up by the elegance of the whole site.

The Refinery

Il Salone Milano

This Italian manufacturer of haircare products uses a slideshow on the landing page with some dreamy images and gold and white typography. A very elegant and beautiful design.

Il Salone Milano

Casta Diva Interiors

This interior design company uses a photograph of a very elegant bedroom design on its landing page. The particle animation adds a further touch of elegance.

Casta Diva Interiors

Rodeo Drive

A very famous Beverly Hills shopping center, this promotional site uses a slideshow of photographs with a transparency over them – it is the transparency that gives this site design it’s elegance and dream-like effect.

Rodeo Drive

Soo Kee Jewellery

This is not the landing page of this site, although the landing page slideshow does include some very elegant imagery. This page of the site is promoting their jewellery collections, and it totally elegant with a card design all presented in a minimal style.

Soo Kee Jewellery

Givency – Dahlia Divin

This site tells a complete story, and uses scrolling on a path and scrolling animations as you scroll up through the pages. The soft, peach background and particle animation, along with the imagery used keep this site elegant from beginning to end.

Givenchy - Dahlia Divin


This is the site of a waxing clinic – not a particularly elegant process, however, the slideshow on their landing page uses some very elegant photography in black and white.


Lin Shiao Tung

This jewelry company uses a dark image of a twig with gold seeping out of it – somehow this effect brings an amazing elegance to the image.

Lin Shiao Tung

Solage Calistoga

This site is promoting the Napa Valley resort of Solage Calistoga. The landing page has a slideshow showing images of things you can do at different points of the day. This night time image of taking a glass of wine really makes you want to indulge in the elegance and opulance they seem to offer.

Solage Calistoga

The Revy

The Revy is a tourist attraction at Australia’s Sydney Harbour. The whole site is presented in a very elegant style, using dreamy images, black and white photographs and an old map.

The Revy

Paul Hewitt – Signature Line

This site is promoting a watch – and the image here shows the side of it – the winder. The gold on black imagery oozes elegance.

Paul Hewitt - Signature Line

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a very high-class Swiss skiing resort, and this site design is obviously aimed at the people who can afford to visit. The use of transparency over the landing page image adds to the elegance of the photograph.

St. Moritz

Guilhermina Shoes

This site uses pastel colors, a pair of legs trying on shoes – all of the same, neutral color. The color scheme and minimalism give this site not only an unusual presentation for a product site, but also an elegant appearance.

Guilhermina Shoes

5 Style

An unusual landing page image for a fashion site, but it certainly adds elegance, which continues throughout the site, with a card-based layout with plenty of whitespace, large black outline icons and an overall minimal feel.

5 Style

Dior Prestige

This site pretty much bleeds elegance – the white rose and gold typography on a black background give kudos to their Prestige beauty range of products – if it needed any more than the name Dior behind it!

Dior Prestige


This company produce mainly modern seating, and all the images have their own elegance – but this blue-toned image is the most elegant of them all.


Imperial Homes

This luxury property developer uses transparencies of different densities over their images which, as we have seen a few times before in this round up, give a real elegant feel to the imagery.

Imperial Homes

Failsworth 1903

This company manufactures hats – as you can see from the site, very high-end hats. Here they use blurring to create an elegant feel to their images.

Failsworth 1903


It is obvious from the featured sites that transparency and blurring go a long way to improving photographs when aiming for elegance, and either rich color schemes or pastel ones can make a great deal of difference.

Do you agree that the featured sites are elegant in their design? Do you like the opulence and elegance presented in this round up, or do you prefer clean or sketchy designs? Is it a matter of modern versus old-fashioned, or is it market or product dependent? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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Beauty in a Simple Form: Website Design Featuring Geometric Typography

Beauty in a simple form: how many times do we stumble upon things that fascinated us by their mind-blowing and awe-inspiring appearance that are actually a skillful combination of regular shapes, straight or oblique lines, circles and zigzags.

All ingenious things are simple. This timeless concept is successfully applied to various spheres including typography. Thus, at first sight the seemingly primitive and sometimes even brutal and rustic geometric typeface can be refined and subtle with a trace of stately elegance. It is able to enrich communication and if necessary cover a whole gamut of emotions. Depending on typographers, who are in charge of creating a proper font, and on website builders, who provide a project with an appropriate environment, the geometric type can either strengthen or on the contrary destroy the whole general feeling.

In order to avoid the second unfortunate outcome, we have prepared a fresh collection, where you can derive some inspiration and explore some of the best examples.

Geometric Typography in Web Design

1. Maaemo

The team has put a strong yet subtle accent to the “welcome” section with the help of a delicate ultra-narrow geometric typography. It harmoniously blends with the design and perfectly complements the distinctive natural motives.


2. Tomas Bata University in Zlin

The website conveys sophisticated and high-tech feelings that take the official website of the university to the next level. Here sharp and slightly futuristic typography fits like a glove, giving the whole appearance a powerful creative edge.

Tomas Bata University

3. Parallaxis

The front page is marked by an eye-catching logotype that features a rustic geometric type. The contour style paired with the font perfectly cooperates with a slightly enigmatic dynamic background, both complementing and enhancing the whole design. The color palette also reinforces the theme.


4. Kraftwerk

The massive, bold typography with slopes and lovely paper-style touches immediately strikes the eye. Here, a clean, black monochrome background as well as tiny tagline and primitive graphics easily and unobtrusively direct users’ attention to the nameplate.


5. Nothing But Thieves

Here, the relatively huge typography breathes the beauty of geometric forms, ideally fits into a composition as well as enormously enlivens the aesthetics. It is a subtle addition that brings its note of refinement, giving the website a face-lift.

Nothing But Thieves

6. Jova

A non-standard navigation menu design creates a unique, modest, constructive and professional look that is well-suited for such a project. The properly-balanced, grid-style layout is beautifully bolstered by subtle ultra-narrow typography that brightens up the centerpiece.


7. Le Parc Records

The project conveys a powerful urban vibe, where the typography plays a significant role in the formation of the general feeling.

Although, the better part of the aesthetics depends on a series of spectacular photos, the slightly bizarre but visually-appealing font neatly finishes off the appearance.

Le Parc Records

8. Shaker Brand

For a deeper and more powerful impact, the team goes for fantastic typography that harmoniously combines together geometry and delicacy, adding richness to the project. Everything looks amazing and awe-inspiring, and the typography in tandem with a brilliant color scheme is enough to fill the project with a lovely futuristic charm.

Shaker Brand

9. Kalio Gladiators

Here, the geometric typography is skillfully intertwined with a sleek grunge style. The nameplate accompanied by some pleasant splashes of yellow and retro-style components looks startling, giving the home page an air of brutality and masculinity. The pure monochrome backdrop also maximizes the effect.

Kalio Gladiators

10. Brian Nathan Hartwell

Here the geometric typography is an ideal addition to the minimalistic flat online portfolio. Unlike the majority of such kinds of web projects, this one concentrates on the copy, making the content a centerpiece with the help of carefully selected type.

Brian Nathan Hartwell

11. TEDxTaipei

A riot of colors, sharp flat forms, clean backdrop and bold typography, together form the front page. Rustic letterforms spiced up with some extra features inspire an intriguing general feeling that diversifies the project considerably.


12. Friction

Friction showcases a seamless typography that not only ideally blends with the background, but also adds a touch of chic and daintiness. What is more, this distinctive geometric type is traced throughout the whole front page, subtly prettifying the whole construction.


13. Athena

The sharp, bold typography contrasts favorably with the exclusivity of the image background. The geometric vibe neatly echoes with the logotype, ”ghost” buttons and contour graphics, which altogether help to put online visitors into a proper mood.


14. Grain and Mortar

Grain and Mortar has a modern hipster-inspired appearance that you just can’t miss. Here, a slightly elongated, subtle geometric type gracefully interacts with the vigilantly crafted matching environment consisting of a professional photo, complementary secondary font, matching contour graphics and themed icons.

Grain and Mortar

15. Mene and Money

The website adheres to the principles of minimalism thereby utilizing a standard combo of a tagline and pure, monochrome backdrop. As usual, the unique typeface catches the eye and a classic color scheme ably binds everything together.

Mene and Money

16. TGV Lyria

Much like the previous example, here the geometric type naturally cooperates with a unique, artistic railway-styled typography. Such an artistic blend allows placing particular stress on the copy and at the same time enriches the neatly crafted, fully illustrated design.

TGV Lyria

17. Mashvp

The home page radiates elegance and sophistication, so does the chief typography. It works side by side with a delicate “hamburger” button, soft muted coloring, and exclusive pictures.


18. The Parade

This is another example of a website in our list that features an exquisite, ultra-narrow sleek typography that effectively matches the tone of the design and provides extra flair. It perfectly echoes the theme and conveys lovely feelings.

The Parade

19. Hanro

Here, the smooth geometric font is an excellent match for a project diluted with a powerful urban vibe. Although the teams puts a greater emphasis on the visuals (i.e. images and videos), the font also falls into the spotlight.


20. Calligraphy on Girls

Thanks to a blurred background, the smooth geometric font easily sets off, captures attention and adds a spicy note to the landing page.

Calligraphy on Girls


Geometric type does not always have to be an accompanying component in similar designs. Sometimes it becomes the limelight or primary, decorative driving force that beautifies the appearance of conception as well as breathes new life into it.

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Create More Beauty

Create More Beauty
The Principle of the Search:
More Beauty

[Photo: Dawn A. Clark, AIA Leed AP]

In our life journey,
as creatives — people that create
we listen, absorb, gather,
make meaning.

We work to import and deliver
content in a manner that is compelling to
a selected audience.

We design:

But there is no greater comment,
other than a boost in sales or
enlarged community engagement than:
“this is beautiful work.”

That would be gratifying for what reason?

It’s what we need.

More beauty.

And that is a personal quest.

From 2000.
Create More Beauty
We go back to our roots.
And today,
in acknowledgment
of our holidays —
to each of you,
your journey.
Make more beauty.
Onwards to the new, 2015.

TIM | GIRVIN | San Francisco
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enchantment = audience engagement

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