Kingfisher: The Oculus Rift Beer Coaster

India’s biggest beer, Kingfisher, created the “Beer Coaster” on Oculus Rift where they took fans on the ride of their lives to score a free beer for those whose pulses raced the fastest, with the beer emerging automatically from the Good Times Dispenser during the installation. As brands and agencies around the world experiment with […]

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Can This Beer From CP+B Make You Suddenly, Incredibly Creative?

Science recently confirmed what we previously had only suspected—that alcohol, in the right amount, does tend to produce the most creative thinking. Professor Jennifer Wiley and her team at the University of Illinois at Chicago pegged the ideal blood alcohol content for creativity at 0.075 percent. That level is known as the creative peak, and may well be the ideal state for problem solving, inventing and general "out of the box" thinking.

Using that data, Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Copenhagen office has come up with the perfect beer for creatives—an IPA called The Problem Solver.

There's nothing too special about the beer itself. Instead, it's the label that will help you reach the magical 0.075 percent mark—it shows you how of the much of the bottle you need to drink to get there, based on your weight (see below).

It's a fun idea—though absurd to think creatives will stop drinking after half a bottle.

CP+B says The Problem Solver is currently served during after-hours workshops at the agency, at a local Copenhagen beer store and at a new initiative called "The Problem Solvers," in which community and charity groups are invited to the agency to brainstorm ideas over a beer.

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Nocturnal Beer Drinkers Just Hang Around in This Batty Ad From Brazil

When you get to a certain point, usually around your mid-20s, you realize there's not much more to life than drinking delicious beer. Imagine a world where you only wake up when it's time to imbibe a bottle of suds. 

That's the strange reality in this dark, surreal Brazilian ad for Skol by agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, in which sleeping bat-people, hanging upside down all over town, wake up when they hear a Skol Beats beer opening.

I can dig it. Take a look below, and see if you're willing to suspend your disbelief (from the ceiling … without spilling your beer).

Client: Ambev
Product: Skol Beats
Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Spot: "Morcegos" ("Bats")
Creative Executive Directors: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima
Creative Director: Theo Rocha
Creative Staff: Theo Rocha, Thiago Carvalho
Account Supervisors: Marcello Penna, Ricardo Forli, Rafael Cappelli, Marcela Paiva
Planners: José Porto, Guilherme Pasculli, Victor Marx, Felipe Santini
Media: Fabio Freitas, André Cais, Bruno Storace, Vivian Simões, Caroline Pascuinelli
Agency Producers: Victor Alloza, Renato Chabuh, Gisele Campos, Maira Massullo, Rafael Paes
Production Company: Zohar Cinema E Comunicação Ltda
Director: 300 Ml
Executive Producer: Carlos Paiva, Isabelle Tanugi
DOP: Enrique Chediak
Producer: Angelo Gastal
Editor: Rami D’aguiar
Motion: Full Frame
Postproduction: Full Frame
Sound: A9
Client Supervisors: Pedro Earp, Fábio Baracho, Pedro Adamy, Taciana Ávila

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