Coloring That Never Gets Old – Black and White for Optimal Contrast

While Material Design with its vibrant and rich color schemes slowly but surely is conquering the World, the time-proven black-and-white palette that can rightly be called a traditional one does not want to relinquish its control and cede its dominance, though it certainly has conceded initiative to Google’s design language.

One of the greatest advantages of this classic coloring lies in its ability to create a startling contrast between the background and foreground that is so vital for good readability and optimal user experience. Although it may seem a bit outdated and insipid, when it comes to displaying content, it is second to none.

Moreover, you are not limited to employing just a solid black or white canvas and copy set inverse. You are welcome to conduct experiments yet still following the doctrine. For example, it is very common to use an image or video background that is intentionally darkened and light main content that naturally stands out from the crowd.

Today we are going to consider 20 grand website designs that prove that the time-honored coloring is never getting old.

Black and White in Web Design

Coats Special

Although the primary color scheme includes three tones, black and white rule the roost here, affecting the majority of the design. Together they catch the mood of the brand and hit the targeted audience with a majestic appeal.

Coats Special

Catacombs of Naples and Rione Sanita

The website demonstrates a traditional use of the coloring: black is used for the background and white is for displaying content. This harmonious pair is enriched with two splashes of bright colors (red and green) that in such a monochromatic environment easily place emphasis on CTAs.

Catacombs of Naples and Rione Sanita


Marmoelite goes for an interfusion of the classic color scheme and a contemporary multi-layering layout resulting in a pretty nifty and visually-appealing interface. There is so much fresh air and readability is so high that it is really comfortable to browse through the data.


Aaron Marquez

Unlike the above listed examples, Aaron Marquez opts for an inverse solution by using a light background and dark text. Here white is dominant, and it makes the design feel more clean, neat, pure, efficient and professional.

Aaron Marquez


The website has managed to achieve a balance between the content-intensive layout and aesthetics. Although there are so many details on the landing page, thanks to the black and white coloring everything seems to be well-organized and properly structured.


New Style Digital

The website gives off an authority and professionalism; and the black and white coloring plays a vital part in establishing such an atmosphere. It goes perfectly well with the classy hero section, strengthening the overall impression.

New Style Digital


Elastique utilizes various shades of gray in tandem with black and white that nicely interact with each other. Expectedly, with such a subdued and neutral coloring, everything should look slightly dull. Nevertheless, the layout with a twist saves the day and adds piquancy to experience.



This is not exactly the classic combination, since there is no pure black, however the video background is darkened, the title is set in white and contrast is achieved, so that it can be easily attributed to this direction.


Zoltar Speaks

The website looks mysterious and alluring, igniting interest at once. What is hidden in the shadows? Here classic the color combo is an integral part of the atmosphere that matches the spirit of the project and catches its mood.

Zoltar Speaks

Charlie Burger

The website employs a dark background, white text and dark khaki for highlighting important details and establishing focus. The backdrop is dynamic and visually appealing, yet the sharp contrast gives the content top priority.

Charlie Burger

Palazzina Creativa

The agency keeps things admirably simple. The layout is basic; the graphics are plain; and the coloring is modest and casual. The website has a businesslike appeal and exudes an image of professionalism.

Palazzina Creativa

Biatec Watch

This is an excellent example of how the brand and design interact with each other producing a harmonious environment and at the same time looking pretty nifty. Here the modernity meets the traditional nature resulting in an outstanding outcome.

Biatec Watch


The design conveys the luxury inherent to the brand. Here the elegance and sophistication are done with perfection thanks to the prevailing black color and skillfully used dark shades. White is used to throw the spotlight on the important things and lift the veil from the products.



Mossio almost achieves equilibrium between the dark and light, though the latter is certainly in the lead. It is tailored to the uniqueness of the content and skillfully reveals the agency’s sphere of expertise.


Particle Love

This is a grandiose experiment that demonstrates the possibilities of modern technologies. Edan Kwan has used a particle animation, so it is not surprising that he has chosen black and white as core colors: they do not distract attention from the action, the content is plain and scannable, and highlights the brilliance of the animation.

Particle Love

Zofia Chylak

Fashion-related websites quite often settle upon the classic coloring, since it naturally produces an impression of luxury, sophistication, and elegance. Zofia Chylak’s official website is a representative example of that. The interface reflects the brand, looks stylish and produces a powerful impression.

Zofia Chylak


The homepage of Authenticff breathes fresh air and naturalness that makes the experience highly pleasant and comfortable. Smart usage of minimal elements, three-tone palette and bold typeface place the content in the center stage with ease.



This is another dark website on our list that awakens an insatiable curiosity thanks to skillful play with dark and light hues. Although there is no pure white, since the team uses gray shades for graphics and text, still everything is pretty readable.



The website demonstrates how to get the most out of minimalism and stay creative and exciting. The team leaves things out and keeps only the essentials. For such a concise environment, black and white coloring seems an ideal option.


Hyun’s Portfolio

This online portfolio is a blast from the past. It is increasingly oversimplified: there is no narration, vibrant illustrations, or unusual twists – everything is plain and ordinary, and the coloring is limited yet well-thought-out, like twenty years ago. It gets straight to the point. It is a pleasure to dive into the good old days and experience such interfaces once in a while.

Hyun's Portfolio


A black and white color scheme is quite often used to transform simplicity into elegance or to add a sense of subtle sophistication to the design. This gruesome-twosome provides the interface with classic traits that enhance aesthetics and at the same time improve user experience, making content flow easily digestible.

What colors do you prefer to use in your projects? Energetic bright? Neutral? Modest gloomy? Or time-proven classic ones?

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12 Awesome Black Friday Deals You Must Get

Only here you can find the best offers that come along with Black Friday, since we have searched the whole internet and have gathered a list out of them. Enjoy!

Black Friday Deals

1. Instapage

If you Google the phrase, “landing page software” you’ll come across a few dedicated providers and a bunch of results that offer landing pages as a one-off service. In reality, there’s only one provider that really matters, and that’s Instapage.


Instapage is the industry leader in lead page creation software. Why? Among other reasons, Instapage offers the simplest-to-use design and most powerful integration capabilities going. Start creating from any of one of their over 80 templates. Customize your page any way you like then, add to its impact by embedding a YouTube video, or include an animated element, or add a shopping cart button. The Instapage click-and-edit platform allows even the most novice marketer to create and publish professional pages that will convert new leads and sales.

And, with more than 20 marketing integrations like, WordPress, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Facebook to choose from, publishing and syncing your pages is now easier than ever.

Instapage has three different account levels (Basic, Pro, Premium) with increasing benefit levels. Basic is great for beginners because it offers two A/B split tests to see which page variation is converting best. If you’re serious about design and online marketing, the real magic happens with Pro and Premium accounts. Both plans offer more customization, full HTML editing, client accounts, the option to import your own template, and a professional template review option.

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2. MyDesignDeals

If you’re a designer on the lookout for the best Black Friday deals possible, you don’t want to pass up this bundle from MyDesignDeals.

My Design Deals

It includes 45 of the newest, most popular fonts in existence, complete with bonus files like layer styles, vector shapes, and much more. You’ll also get webfonts, and extended licensing for everything inside, so you can use everything in projects you create for clients, or for resale.

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Once this deal expires, it will be gone forever, so make sure you check it out now before you miss out.

3. Shrink the Web

Shrink the Web lets you capture screenshots of different websites as well as shrink, crop, save or display them using only a simple line of code or a screenshot plugin. It is easy to use and has really great reviews from all users providing you also a great team support that can help you with anything you may need.

Shrink the Web

You can create your own profile choosing from 4 different types of accounts: free, basic, plus or enterprise, the last three accounts providing a lot exclusive features for its members like URL-to-PDF conversion which can quickly transform a web page URL into a PDF file, custom size captures for a 4:3 aspect ratio, wide screen for odd size screenshots, inside page and custom quality that helps you reduce the bandwidth usage. Shrink the Web has the fastest time possible for capture, being a very reliable service and the best thumbnail provider out there.

It’s really the best solution on the market, have you tried it ?

4. Bugherd

Bugherd is an incredibly easy-to use bug tracker tool that is bound by two principles: teamwork and efficient workflow. Part of their features are: pinpoint tool for bugs, automatic screenshots and in-page feedback. You might be also interested in version control synchronizer, visual task board, csv exporting and 3rd party integration. Those that have used it are so excited about it and have almost nothing to complain about!


In just a few minutes you can get your 14 day free trial (no credit card upfront) and after that you have to pay only $ 5 per user, per month.

5. Themify

In the last years, drag & drop page builders have become the most popular solutions when talking about WordPress. This is not a surprise as page builders allow anyone with no technical skills to build stylish and professional looking websites. It helps developers create pages quickly and helps beginners create stylish pages they could not create on their own.

Themify Builder is one of the best solutions on the market because it’s user-friendly, it offers a lot of tools for building pages quickly and it has pre-built layouts.

Try it and it will become your daily partner !

6. Opinion Stage

The right service to use when talking about polls seems to be Opinion Stage. Recognized worldwide, free and professional, they are for sure everything you need to get to know your visitor’s opinions.

Opinion Stage


Here’s a great deal for busy web developers and designers! Get 20% off on a fast-loading, cross-browser compatible and fully responsive markup. Do the things you love while an experienced PSD2HTML team does all the tedious coding. And you don’t even need to create a special responsive design version.


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8. Elegant Themes

One of the greatest websites in the field of Theme Graphic Design is ElegantThemes which provides its customers with original Page Templates, Shortcodes and Theme options to give you full control of your web projects. Thus, they introduced a brand new theme, Divi 2.5, the most advanced ever built and, most probably, the only one you’ll need.

Elegant Themes

And considering Black Friday is here, you could make a great deal out of it thanks to their 25% discount!

9. Flyzoo

You now have an amazing customizable chat app for websites named Flyzoo that provides a lot of different chats like private, group or live support as well as a file sharing feature and API integration. You can also use the real-time monitoring in order to find your customers and increase your sales.


Get your free trial account just with a few clicks !

10. Darwin Pricing

In the field of online marketing, a new app has been released by Darwin Pricing, helping you define your sales strategy by adjusting your prices according to your customers’ location. It also comes up with a great feature: artificial intelligence – analysis of economical indicators coupled with the purchasing data gathered on your website, offering you a smart price to start with.

Darwin Pricing

Today it’s just $ 9.95/mo instead of the regular price of $ 480/mo, that’s a huge discount !

11. Iconsflow

IconsFlow is a free icon maker which you should use if you want to spend less time but also to create stunning icon sets and save them in SVG, PNG and ICO formats. They have a lot of designs that you can customize and they also craft new icon sets every week in order to provide you a professional and fresh style for your creative projects.


Get a premium plan for just $ 0,75/month (yearly plan) with this code: BlackFriday2015

12. Mockplus

As a new intuitive prototyping tool, Mockplus is perfect for rapid design. It can meet all the requirements on creating prototyping for apps based on multiple platforms, such as mobile, desktop. It’s a easy & simple yet powerful helper on prototyping, and the free version is available.


Try it and you won’t be sorry !


By using these, we guarantee you will be on your path to success when it comes to your design projects or websites. We are looking forward your feedback and your opinions regarding your favourite tools and services!

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Black Bars: Donate Space On YouTube Videos

You know those annoying black bars that appear when videos recorded vertically are posted on YouTube… Well, why annoying for most of us, a new initiative for NGO’s who need help promoting themselves, called Donate the Bars now allows people to select an NGO while uploading a video, tagging on the NGO’s logo and message […]

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Conquer Conversion Using The Little Black Dress Method

Social brands leave a gap in their marketing

People browse. People read your great content. People even share your content. Great news but it doesn’t pay for the bills does it?

Conversion needs more than great content, it needs the little black dress method.

Well here is a question that you probably never thought you would be asked when it comes to your social media marketing!

Are you being suggestive enough? 

No, now stop that….not in that sense!

The problem business face with their social media marketing is to prevent yourself from being too detailed, too exhaustive…and not suggestive enough.

Social is conversational and great conversations have discussion; great conversations leave space for both parties.

How your social media marketing can be more suggestive

Think about people you love to have a conversation with….what makes the conversation so wonderful?

  • Is it that there is space for both parties to think and speak?
  • Is it that the other parties asks rather than lectures?
  • Is it that it leaves you thinking, feeling different…happier, better, stronger?

Great conversations, great conversational marketing suggests and then leaves a gap for the reader to fill in the final thought themselves. It triggers. It prompts. It discusses. It filters. It stirs. It makes you feel…something.

Brands who suggest leave a gap in their branding message for the reader to fill. (Tweet this)

Brands who suggest reveal enough of their knowledge to leave the reader wanting more….

Social marketing is the little black dress is to your marketing wardrobe. (Tweet this)

It reveals just enough to suggest that it is worth getting to know you better.

If you have shares, if you have browsers and consumers of your content without conversion to customers….then take a  look…

Are you being suggestive enough…are you giving reasons to know more to move past the content to customer conversion?



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