.Camera, .coffee, .com; Google Domains is now open for business

Pick a name, any name! Google is now in the domain name business and it makes me wonder. . .

Google domainsBut before I tell you what I’m wondering, let’s examine the facts.

Google began selling domain names last June but it was by invite only. Apparently, the beta test went well because as of today, they’ve opened the doors to anyone in the US.

Google’s line is that getting online is easy. They’re pushing “fair, transparent pricing” for all domains and help setting up a website to go with your domain through Blogger, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix. (Sounds like a law firm in a Three Stooges short.)

Google will also happily help you transfer all of your domains away from your current registrar.

The hardest thing about buying a domain is coming up with a name that isn’t already owned by someone else. Google says they’ve improved the search and suggestion list but I have my doubts. I searched for MovieMemorabilia.com and Google suggested I try moviememorabilia.limo and pornomemorabilia.com. More than half of the 100 suggested domains were adult themed. Maybe I need to rethink my business plan.

If you’re brave, you might think about moving into one of those trendy, targeted top level domains such as .camera, .coffee, .repairs or my favorite .ninja.

www.MovieMemorablia.ninja . . . I like it.

There are more than 60 domain extensions now and you’ll find the full list here.

If you stick with a basic .com, Google will hook you up for $ 12 a year. That’s nice but it doesn’t beat those $ 1.99 GoDaddy coupon codes.

Premium domains like .limo will cost you $ 50 a year.

Now, here’s what I’m wondering. . . domains and Google go together like chocolate and peanut butter so I get it. But is it possible that Google’s search engine will treat Google domains differently than non-Google domains? I’m sure that’s not ethical. . . actually, I’m not sure. Is there a rule that says Google has to rank all domains fairly?

If people even think that buying their domain name from Google will give them a search engine edge, business will be booming.

You think about that while I think about what I could do with a .ninja domain.

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