Our Top Live Videos From #CSMNY Featuring Twitter and Microsoft

We’ve been reporting Live from the massive Incite Corporate Social Media Summit in New York this week and things have really been heating up. With massive names as Microsoft and Wells Fargo attending, we decided to live-stream key moments on Periscope and Facebook Live. To help with your inevitable FOMO, we’re sharing our top moments from the event in case you missed it.

Our Top Live Videos From #CSMNY Featuring Twitter and Microsoft

Jon Federico Of Microsoft On Big Data’s Role In Social Marketing

With so much to work with, one has to wonder how a data giant like Microsoft approaches social marketing. Luckily Renegade CEO Drew Neisser had plenty of time to pick the brain of one of Microsoft’s Social Intelligence professionals.

Jon starts off discussing how to interpret massive datasets within the world of social. We found it interesting how inclusive the role of rich data is within Microsoft’s services. Using things like Telemetry data from a Fitbit can have wide reaching implications when applied to a global scale. Just imagine how much a company like Nike could learn about user habits when such data is applied to social trends.

Jon then goes on to discuss the importance of asking the right questions when working with clients using big data. 

Jeff Lesser Of Twitter On New Video Updates & Best Practices For Brands On Twitter

Jeff had a major update during the event when he announced Twitter video expanding to the new maximum of 140 seconds. He also points out  the worst mistake brands are making on Twitter as failing to respond at all. We couldn’t agree more, Twitter is meant to be the face of the company afterall. Imagine if a customer came to your office and you just stared at them in silence…creepy. Watch below to see Twitter’s recommendations on getting your brand to stand out on Twitter.

Nathan Bricklin Of Wells Fargo On Snapchat And Employee Relations

Nathan and Drew discuss tools Wells Fargo uses for building their employee’s sense of community. Using events like Hackathons apparently seems to do the trick. We enjoyed his views on Slack and Snapchat and how, at the end of the day, maybe we just need a simple way to communicate efficiently.

We hope you’re enjoying our live coverage of the event. Feel free to leave a comment below on  your favorite moments so far. 

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