507 – Best tips for the overworked and overwhelmed

We all feel at different times that sense of not knowing what to do and where our energy has gone. But what do we do when we feel this Overworked and Overwhelmed?

Anna Farmery talks to executive coach and leadership educator – Scott Eblin about simple practical tips and immediately applicable routines that can help you be at your best achieving your goals at work and at home. Here is a link to his new book Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative offers tips. You can also watch an introductory video on the book’s site.

Listener of the week is Marsha Freiberg – chosen from anyone who shared this post or left a review on iTunes.

We discuss

  • How to balance working hard as an entrepreneur without stretching it too far that we burn out.
  • Defining the nature of what is making you feel overwhelmed.engaging brand podcast
  • How to create good habits that don’t get boring!
  • What does it actually mean to be mindful?
  • How intention is more important than action.
  • The Life GPS model for achieving your goals and removing that feeling of overworked.
  • How to act so there is a better chance that the result is the one that we want ?
  • What is spirituality – how do you find a spiritual path without being religious?
  • How do we add intention to creating the right community in our life?
  • How to decide when you are performing at your best? Is enjoying something the same as being good at it?
  • How to create inspiring routines rather than routine that eventually becomes boring.

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