The 10 Best Parallax Design Tutorials Ever

Parallax scrolling is nothing new to web design. If anything, this effect must be used more often to create stunning and attractive pages on your website.

Once a hot web design trend, parallax scrolling lost its steam with the growth of mobile use to view websites. Parallax scrolling isn’t mobile-friendly but there are a few who have gotten down parallax design right on devices. If you are still hellbent on using parallax scrolling for your website, then more power to you!

Much has been said about parallax scrolling and how to do it. Instead of browsing on the internet for resources, we have compiled below the best parallax design tutorials and guides that you need to read so you have a great looking site.

How to Create a Scrolling Parallax Website

by 1stWebDesigner

How to Create a Scrolling Parallax Website

A good introductory post about parallax scrolling. Features a short explanation of this design effect, examples of websites with seamless parallax scrolling, and a free downloadable Christmas parallax design concept.

For the design, the tutorial includes HTML elements and CSS style that achieve this effect. You can edit the elements and style as you see fit.

Create a Parallax Scrolling Website Using Stellar.js

by tuts+

Create a Parallax Scrolling Website Using Stellar.js   Tuts  Web Design Tutorial

Stellar.js is a jquery plugin created by Mark Dalgiesh to help designers come up with a parallax scrolling site.

This tutorial will show the elements in your HTML, CSS, and jQuery to execute the scrolling function present in parallax websites. Other plugins used in this tutorial includes Waypoints.js and jQuery Easing.

If you experienced trouble following the tutorial, scroll down the comment section of the post. You may see your questions regarding the tutorial answered by other designers.

Merry Scrolling with skrollr.js

by Pepsized

Merry Scrolling with skrollr.js   PEPSized

Skroller.js is another JavaScript package used in designing parallax websites. If you feel comfortable designing attractive and eye-catching websites using this plugin, then you will need to read this tutorial to learn how to implement parallax scrolling with skroller.js.

The posts teaches you how to create a Christmas card online using parallax scrolling effects like the site made here. You can download the markup and structure files to create your customized Christmas card and edit them with your personal images.

The guide detailed every step you need to take to achieve this effect. But the tutorial does not tap into the full potential of the skroller.js plugin.

Simple Parallax Scrolling Effect

by Call Me Nick

Simple Parallax Scrolling Effect   Call Me Nick

A nice basic overview of parallax design by web and mobile app design Nick Salloum. It features a free downloadable file containing the markup and structure of the HTML and CSS codes for a parallax website. By loading the code to yoru website, you must achieve the same design as seen here. The post also features a quick introduction of this design effect.

Parallax Tutorial using CSS and jQuery

by Andy Shora

Parallax Tutorial using CSS and jQuery

A pretty simple and straightforward guide on how to execute parallax scrolling effect on your website using jQuery. It discusses what you will achieve in doing this and its problem on mobile devices. If you want a parallax design tutorial that will tell you what you need to do and how to get it done, this is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Parallax Scrolling: Best Practices, Examples and Tutorials

by Vandelay Design

Parallax Scrolling  the ultimate guide

Instead of feeding readers with a downloadable zipped file of the markup and structure of a parallax design, this post by Jake Rocheleau breaks down the best practices involved in the creating of this design effect. He shows this by way of great and bad examples of parallax websites so readers can identify with the importance of rolling out a parallax design.

He then moves on to specific examples of parallax scrolling (background parallax sliding, horizontal, etc.) to give a better understanding on how parallax design can be used to great effect. The post ends by featuring the different resources and plugins to help designers create a parallax scrolling website. A must-read post for beginners and intermediate designers.

How To Create A Parallax Scrolling Website

How to create a parallax scrolling website using Skrollr.js   Tutorial

Read this Tutorial

Written by Petr Tichy, this tutorial is a detailed  version his previous article about creating a parallax scrolling website using Skroller.js plugin.

The article reveals the commands to fading out elements, adding animation to background color, moving background images horizontally, and more. The result can be seen in this demo page also made by Tichy.

If you find the commands in this tutorial difficult to pull off on your  website, Tichy made another tutorial geared towards designers like you.

Pure CSS Parallax Websites by Keith Clark

Pure CSS Parallax Websites by Keith Clark

Read this Tutorial

Parallax is dependent with JavaScript. Which brings us to the problem: JavaScripts commands that trigger the parallax scrolling can get clunky on some devices.

To put this issue to rest, the article shows how designers can create more optimized frame rates and smoother scrolling using CSS. The tutorial also demonstrates layer speed control and depth correction using this markup language.

Some browsers (Firefox, IE) and mobile devices still have problems in showing the CSS-powered parallax website on the screen. But the tutorial shows the potential of CSS creating more dynamic content for your web design, something that you should keep in mind.

Creating a Parallax Website

by Montague Monroe

Why read a post when you can watch how the entire process of creating a parallax website is done?

In this 48-minute video, you will see how parallax design can be created starting from scratch from your MacBook. Tools used in this tutorial include Stellar.js, Waypoints.js, Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery Easing. You can download the code here – all you need to do is watch and take the video by heart.

Sound is not the best, but the valuable information supplied in this video should make up for it.

Parallax Scroll Effect Tutorial JavaScript Animation Programming

by Adam Khoury

This 9-minute video can be too simplistic for seasoned designers, but provides the best overview of parallax design for non-designers. The explanation and examples used to emphasize the points are clear and understandable. Focus on the video since the displayed code can be copied here.

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