Warning: Eliminate this Sentence to Make A Profit

We would do X but…..

buttThe most overused sentence in business. The sentence that brings shivers down my spine. Now clearly there are difficulties in implementing any ideas, clearly we need to look at the risks……however, don’t we also need to see the opportunities and find ways around the issues to stand out from our competitors?

Successful entrepreneurs replace that word ‘but’ with ‘and’…..they work their ‘butt’ off to find a way.

If gaining new customers was easy then anyone could be in business. Business is hard work. Business is about finding a way despite the obstacles.

Successful businesses see the value of obstacles and love the really, really hard ones – why? Because it is that serious level of difficulty that means allows you to make a profit.

If it is easy to fix then everyone will and it becomes a commodity bought on price.

If it is hard to fix then only those who use AND instead of BUT will deliver the value to their customers….only they will land that profit margin to make a profit in the future.

I say it. You say it. We all say it. It is our inner resistance to change that speaks….and by accepting the challenge we can fight back that resistance and make a difference in the world.

When delivering workshops many people say they want to make a difference – great! Then argue that they can’t because….they would BUT…..

Recognise yourself saying those 3 letters. Then sit back and think…

Is that my inner resistance speaking?

If I could find a way what would the opportunity be?

Only then can you see the value…only then can you work your butt off to get rid of that but!

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Discover How Your Insecurities Can Lead To Profit

No success like failureDo you wish that you backed yourself a little more? Do you wish that you stopped worrying about what may go wrong and risk a little more? Do you wish that you had the self confidence that every other entrepreneur seems to have?

Here’s the truth. Great entrepreneurs have the same insecurity issues. The difference is that they don’t let the insecurity control them, they know they are there….but do it anyway.

Insecurity is at the heart of business.

When you are creating marketing reasons to create brand awareness – you are feeding the consumer’s insecurities.

When you are converting awareness into a sale – you are addressing insecurities by giving them a call to action they just can’t turn down.

When you want to get the best out of people – you are address their insecurities by providing the leadership that grows their self confidence.

If you feel insecure, celebrate. You have the human traits that makes an entrepreneur! (Tweet this)

Because in recognising your own insecurities, you can build on that emotional intelligence to recognise insecurity in others. And it is in those insecurities that profit lurks, waiting for you to dare to find it.

Profit lurks in helping others deal with those insecurities. Giving them confidence, skills, knowledge….

Profit will never come to you; profit waits for you to recognise where it is lurking. (Tweet this)

And yes, sometimes you will make a mess of it. Sometimes you will get it wrong. Sometimes profit will laugh at you from it’s little hiding hole…but keep looking, keep trying and learn to love the concept of insecurity then you will eventually find those profit pockets.

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The post Discover How Your Insecurities Can Lead To Profit appeared first on The Engaging Brand.

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