8 Resource Websites For Newsletter Design Inspiration

Email is a leading communication channel with nearly 4 billion email accounts worldwide. Over 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis which makes email campaigns a top competitor for user engagement in the advertising sector. Even though 35% of email recipients open email based solely on the subject line, the newsletter design and copy are the only thing that can prevent users from bouncing back and unsubscribing.

Choosing the best email marketing services is one way to ensure your email campaign will get the attention it deserves. What makes your email truly stand out from the rest is its design. There are billions of emails sent each day but hunting down the good ones is a difficult task. Luckily, the 8 websites below have made it easy for designers and marketing experts to browse the finest newsletter designs and use them for their inspiration.

#1: Email-Gallery

Email Gallery

Email Gallery is one of the many cool projects of the California-based designer Min Kim along with Endless Icons and Endless Photos. The site offers thousands of email designs as an inspiration for its visitors. The newsletter snapshots are separated in over 35 categories. They can also be filtered by color and by column count.

#2: HTML Email Gallery

Html Email Gallery

Originally created back in 2007, the site was one of the first in its kind that offered users a curated gallery of HTML email designs. Ten years later, HTML Email Gallery has evolved into an easily searchable that provides filtering by company name, accent colors, email type, season, product, and more. The site owner urges creatives to submit their newsletter designs to the site and contribute to developing the gallery, so if you already have some email designs of your own, don’t hesitate to drop him a line.

#3: Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is an online gallery of handpicked newsletter designs that got a huge response from the Product Hunt audience more than three years ago. Today, the website still stands as one of the people’s go-to place for email design inspiration. The founder, Mathew Smith, works on organizing the gallery with other self-proclaimed email geeks. The result is a huge collection of over 450 app newsletter designs, 150 welcome emails, 200 promotional email examples, and thousands of other amazing projects separated into 84 categories. The team also accepts submits and has a great sense of humor. Check out their About Me page to see for yourself and have a good laugh.

#4: Mailer Lite


Mailer Lite is a company with an inspiring story and an email gallery of personal projects that will make you fall in love with newsletter design all over again. Their newsletter collection features only designs made by their team but it’s definitely worth checking out. Their designs are well-balanced with a great choice of imagery and typography. They come in 19 categories, among which you can find some excellent examples of animated design.

#5: Beautiful Email Newsletters


They describe themselves as the number one HTML email gallery in the world and their massive collection of top-notch newsletters backs their statement up. The team welcomes new submissions hosts some great competitions that can motivate you to step up your game and design some great projects to brag with. Ben, the main curator behind Beautiful Email Newsletters, also shares a handpicked selection of email marketing resources that will help you learn the nuts and bolts of managing a newsletter campaign.

#6: Mailchimp


With over 12 million users, sending awesome emails each day, Mailchimp is one of the world’s most popular email marketing tools. Their inspiration gallery displays a collection of the finest newsletter designs created with Mailchimp’s handy design tool. The website has a rather clean category section with 14 main categories which makes it way easier to browse than other email galleries.

#7: Email Monks

Email Monks

Email Monks is a design agency with an exceptional collection of newsletter designs. Their gallery is a showcase of more than 35 thousand email templates and landing pages that have been created to date by the team. Their newsletter gallery features designs for some of the world’s top brand, like Starbucks, Mango, Food52, Brit+Co, and more. Although you won’t be able to filter designs by style or type, you’ll find yourself endlessly scrolling through their mesmerizing collection, enchanted by the lovely designs.

#8: Campaign Monitor


Тhis email design showcase displays the top 100 out of the 4 million newsletters that are sent each year through Campaign Monitor. The gallery is not constantly curated but it’s a great starting point for your newsletter design inspiration. It features some really good examples of photography, type, and copy tied up together to create truly engaging email designs that deliver top results.

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10 Free Photography Resource Websites For Personal & Client Projects

This week I’ve prepared a list of  websites that provide free photos registered under the Creative Commons license. There are a lot of big websites which serve as go-to resources for online publishers and designers, but there are also other sites which are not so well known yet are treasure troves of great-looking photos.

Royalty-Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use

It’s true. You can use the photos from these websites for commercial purposes and repurpose them in any way without crediting the author. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

Realistic Shots

Finding good photos with a free license for personal and commercial use is hard. But let’s face it, the chances of finding great free images that actually look realistic are close to none. Or are they?

Realistic Shots

Henry Reyes, head of Commit 2 Desing and the guy behind Realistic Shots, has put up a collection of some of the most authentically looking pics on the Web. Now, you don’t have to agree on dull, brushed out images with layered with unnatural filters. Just head to Reyes’ website and browse through the abundance of free imagery with crisp, genuine look.

Grab some free photos here.

Photo Pin

Have you ever dreamed of being able to search through all the Creative Commons images without having to browse multiple websites to find what you want?


We have some good news for you! Photo Pin makes all of this possible and more. It allows users to easily select photos and share them in their blogs. Photo Pin is a website for all creatives and designers who wish to find images with an open license and quickly use them anywhere. The site allows users to choose from multiple image sizes and provides author credits, neatly distributed in HTML.

Grab some free photos here.

Foodies Feed

Finding mouth-watering images of meals, desserts, salads and grilled food is now a lot easier with the help of Foodies Feed.

Foodies Feed

If you have a hard time discovering food imagery with a free license, Foodies Feed is the right place. Subscribe to the site’s newsletter to get your weekly dose of food photos and browse through over 900 pics of veggies, baking goods, meat, fish and lots more.

Grab some free photos here.

IM Free

Check out one of the web’s top curated collections of free imagery.

IM Free

The photos published in IM Free are aimed at web developers who are searching for quality images for commercial use. This website is a one-stop shop for users who wish to find images licensed under the Creative Commons which can be used for all kinds of web projects.

Grab some free photos here.

The Stocks

Another gem in the free stock photography sphere.

The Stocks

What The Stocks does is collecting some of the web’s best free images and putting them in all in one place. The photo gallery is divided into over twenty sections, each representing the specific website from which the photos have been taken.

Grab some free photos here.

Pond 5 ( Public Domain )

While most of the photos in Pond 5 have a paid license, there is a Public Domain section on the site that features some great images which can be used absolutely anywhere on print and web projects for free.


This premier library of royalty free imagery features a gorgeous collection of vintage photography taken straight from your grandparents’ attic. On the serious side, the images have high definition.

Grab some free photos here.


Searching for realistic travel photography that has a crisp and natural style?


CreativeVix is a really small library that features photos from various locations. The free photo gallery is quite modest in size but features some great images that are worth the visit.

Grab some free photos here.

Libre Shot

Libre Shot is appealing thanks to its set of natural-looking photos that features everyday objects and landscapes.

Libre Shot

Martin Vorel, the guy that created Libre Shot, encourages everybody to use his photography in their projects without worrying about copyright restrictions. He aims to make Libre Shot an even better place for free photography, so don’t hesitate to drop him a line if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Grab some free photos here.


This website features the wonderful photography of Ryan McGuire and is one of the many amazing projects of Belle Designs.


Gratisography features a set free, high-resolution pictures that can be used for personal and commercial use. The owner adds new photos each week, so stay tuned for new additions.

Grab some free photos here.


This lovely free photo site is created by Markus Spiske, a professional photographer from Germany.


Also known as the authentic photo provider, RaumRot will amaze you with a beautiful collection of imagery that aims at realism and uncoined appearance. The site offers 24 image categories and counting and features all kinds of photos

Grab some free photos here.

Kaboom Pics

If you’re a designer or creative who’s in need od some high definition, free photography, you need to check out this huge library.


Kaboom Pics updates its gallery daily and adds a new set of images to satisfy even the pickiest designer. Browse through over 170 pages of royalty-free stock photography registered under the Creative Commons license and use them for you personal or commercial projects.

Grab some free photos here.

Also check out 28 Personal Portfolio Websites using Portraits and Background Photos

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The 10 Premium Design Resource Sites You Need To Know About

There’s nothing that can make a designer happier than a good deal on graphic design resources. Despite the wide spectrum of excellent freebies out there, there’s a certain joy of purchasing your little own crisp texture or spending your last pocket money on a fresh icon set. Creating a quality design is all about being stylish and preserving a unique layout while following the client’s guidelines. Keeping up with the latest design trends is hardly achievable when relying on a small range of free resources. There is a large amount of beautiful graphics collections around the web which are offered for both personal and commercial use in return of a humble mention. Yet, uniqueness is not among the prime qualities of free design resources. This is why more and more creatives have started relying on premium graphic resources for their design projects.

Premium Design Resource List

Those, who have embarked in the endless journey of finding quality graphic resources can agree with us that spotting a quality resource for premium designs can be a rather difficult task. This is why we scooped the internet to present you the web’s best guide to premium graphic design resources.


Source: ZippyPixels


This lovely website offers a wide spectrum of graphic design resources which go from pixel-perfect freebies to top-class premium graphics. In ZippyPixels, you can find everything from print, to mockups, Web, and mobile design.



Source: PixelBuddah


PixelBuddah is one of designers’ most loved graphic resource hub for its wide array of free resources and an excellent selection of premium graphic resources. The site offers everything from crisp icon sets to beautiful UI templates and even web design tool-kits.



Source: MediaLoot


Ridiculously cheap and yet marvelously well-designed, the graphic products offered at MediaLoot should not be missed by anyone who considers himself a design resource know-it-all. As an addition to its shop, the site offers lots of free design resources from mock-ups to textures, which can be used in personal projects, however, a purchase is mandatory if the graphic is intended to be used as a part of a commercial graphic project.



Source: GraphicsRiver


Needless to mention, graphics river is the one-stop-shop for all things raster and vector graphics. This Envato-owned graphic marketplace has made it to the top of many resource list and has been recognized numerous amounts of times as a leader in the design resource industry.


LetterHeadSource: LetterHead


If you want to make an impact with a bold font, this vintage-inspired letterhead resource blog can offer you everything you need. LetterheadFonts has a wide selection of sophisticated font styles. Each typeface is promised to give your design a touch of whimsical beauty.



Source: IconFinder


Despite the wide variety of free icons offered over websites such as Flaticon, IconFinder brings a great alternative to the icons market. Choose among some of the best icon sets, offered on the web, and filter your findings by type, license, and style.



Source: AlienValley


If you want to get an awesome graphics bundle for half the original price of the items, AlienValley is the place to go. The team offers a vast amount of graphics resources to suit every designer’s needs. Everything, from fonts to logo sets and watercolor elements, can be found on over AlienValley.



Source: GoMedia Arsenal

Arsenal GoMedia

Offering one of the broadest collections of graphic design resources, Arsenal GoMedia can amaze you with a set of design materials you’d hardly find anywhere over the web. Get excellent textures, rendered images, text styles and many more and pay a visit to GoMedia today.



Source: WebDesignDepot


Get ready for another set of premium quality design resources. WebDesignDepot is among the prime competitors for the top 10 premium design resource websites and it’s there for a reason. The site offers a great amount of special deals and tasty discounts which are truly hard to resist.



Source: GraphicsBurger


Preceded by Feepik, it’s safe to say that GraphicsBurger is probably the world’s most popular design freebie website. It offers an enormous amount of design resources to suit every need and style choice and its Deals section features the best of the best in web and print design.


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Web Design At Its Best: Top HTML Template Resource Websites

Are you ready for another website themes roundup? This week we’re going to dive heads up into the world of web design, featuring a premium selection of HTML templates for your next web project.

One of the main benefits of going for a simple HTML template rather than buying a complete WordPress theme, for example, is the end product price. While purchasing a good WordPress theme may go up to $ 60 and even $ 100, HTML templates usually go around $ 10 to $ 30 at most. Templates can be distributed either page by page or in a complete bundle depending on the needs of the buyer. There are many places online where you can find and buy yourself a website and even app template, yet quality comes on a different price. Purchasing one at Fiverr, for example, might not end up the way you wish as depending on the developer’s skills, templates might lack functionality and have a heavy code, which will hinder your site’s performance in search engines. This is why we’ve put up a list of HTML templates and template sellers to help you on your journey to creating a beautiful and functional website.

The Top 6 Places to Buy HTML Website Templates

The website of Creative Market


Creative Market

The first on our list is the Creative Market. Sure it’s a mainstream pick,but there’s a reason why this digital marketplace has gained such a popularity thought the web community. Truth is, you can find everything design-related in the creative market and prices vary from high-end premium designs to simple one-page websites that you can get for $ 10 and even less.

The Etsy Marketplace


While Etsy’s mostly known for its handmade online boutiques and vintage shops, recently, it gained popularity among web designers, as well. Since more and more creative people have started understanding the nuts and bolts of building an HTML and CSS website, the Etsy digital marketplace has been flooded with high quality themes and all sorts of digital files, waiting to be discovered.




Known as the most popular place for all-things-design, ThemeForest has made it to the top of an endless array of web design blogs way before we listed it here. And there is a simple answer to this phenomenon. The Envato marketplace is hands down the widest and most elaborate web design database you can even find over the web. ThemeForest is just a small part of Envato’s various digital shops which offer everything from 3D modelling and animation to photography, video editing and plugins.

Mojo Themes marketplace


Mojo Themes

When it comes to crisp, pixel-perfect website themes and templates, Mojo Themes is place to go. The website offers a wide array of website template categories to chose from, which include, but are not limited to: business, photography, blog, magazine, portfolio, e-commerce, restaurant and many more. Bring your website to life with one of their lovely HTML themes and enjoy quality product for no more than $ 25.

Template Monster website

Template Monster

Being a leaders in the digital marketplace sphere for over 13 years, Template Monster is not just a regular templates marketplace. The team offers a huge selection of first-class website templates and a wide selection of additional services to help web design newbies setup their websites without breaking a sweat.

The Luvly Marketplace


Allow me to present you one “luvly” digital marketplace which is just gaining speed in the rivalry for becoming a leader in the graphic resource sector. Luvly, just how its name suggest, is a new, friendly marketplace which offers graphic design resources as well as web html templates and many more. Ever since its launch, it has welcomed many newcomer designers and shop owners to its online selling platform, steadily becoming a well-known destination for purchasing design resources.


Why Website HTML Templates Will Continue To Be a Top Choice For Web Design

Web design HTML templates have been around long before content management systems, such as WordPress Joomla and Drupal started offering the options for creating customized CMS-specific themes. HTML templates can be found in all types and layouts, from one-page business websites and portfolios to complex multi-purpose websites. HTML templates are not optimized for a specific content management platform, making it harder to apply the layout to a website without understanding the basing HTML and CSS principles of web development. Yet, these templates have a strong set of advantages, making them a considerable choice in situations when there’s expert help available or when the user is highly competent in what he’s purchasing and aiming at producing with the use of the template.

HTML templates will continue to be a prime resource for savvy web developers who’re searching for a convenient and cost-effective solution to swiftly build a website with great layout without putting much effort in design.


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Great Web Resource Deals Worth Checking Out In September

This month we have been keeping an eye on the deals on offer at Mighty Deals once again, and we are bringing you another collection of their best of the month that we think you could find very useful and of course, these deals offer some wonderful savings on premium resources. This month we have discovered some amazing themes and templates, mockups, icons, stock images, backgrounds and much more.

Themes and Templates

Lifetime Access to All WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes

This deal offers a lifetime subscription to TeslaThemes who currently have a collection of 43 premium WordPress themes – a number that is constantly growing.

Pay $ 65, saving $ 134 on the original value of $ 199

Lifetime Access to TeslaThemes

10 Premium Responsive Bootstrap Templates

These multi-purpose templates are ready to use and contain valid HTML code. All 10 website templates are built on a bootstrap framework as well as a responsive design. Each template gives you a wide variety of pages, including business templates, parallax templates, scroller templates and more.

Pay $ 10, saving $ 29 on the original value of $ 39

10 Premium Responsive Bootstrap Templates


1400+ Creative Silhouette & Decorative Shapes Bundle

This bundle contains more than 300 silhouette shapes and more than 1,000 decorative shapes covering a few themes. All shapes are supplied in .psd, .ai and .eps formats.

Pay $ 21, saving $ 165 on the original value of $ 186

Creative Silhouette & Decorative Shapes Bundle

Mega Bundle of 185 Ultra-Premium Advertising Mockups

In this huge bundle you will have a wide variety of mockup types to show off your work, including newspaper ads, billboard ad mockups, road side ad mockups, magazine ads, T-shirt mockups and more. All in .psd format.

Pay $ 27, saving $ 32 on the original value of $ 59

185 Ultra-Premium Advertising Mockups

190+ Hi-Resolution Logo Templates

193 different logo templates will help you create the perfect logo for yourself or your clients. The pack includes 113 vector templates and 80 bitmap logo templates.

Pay $ 29, saving $ 145 on the original value of $ 174

Logo Templates

500+ Retro/Vintage Design Elements

This bundle includes

  • 20 Ornamental headers and frames
  • 8 Complex logos/signs/badges
  • 30 Vintage ornamental frames
  • 24 Simple retro logo templates
  • 50 Handwritten Art Deco elements
  • 16 Vector Grunge textures
  • 10 Art Deco badges and frames
  • 180 Folded paper vintage effects
  • 48 Wreath shapes
  • 24 Sunburst shapes
  • 30 Ornamental frames
  • 10 Vintage badge templates
  • 16 Retro/Vintage badge templates
  • 80 Grunge Photoshop styles

Pay $ 27, saving $ 153 on the original value of $ 180

Retro/Vintage Design Elements

75 Professional Blurred Backgrounds

This breathtaking collection of 75 blurred backgrounds features a trendy palette, awash in a wide array of beautiful colors. Perfect for any size project online or even in print.

Pay $ 12, saving $ 36 on the original value of $ 48

Professional Blurred Backgrounds

195 Breathtaking Watercolor & Vintage Floral Elements

These elements are divided into 6 sets:

  • Woodlands Watercolor Megapack (png format)
  • Watercolor Wedding Collection Vol 1 (png format)
  • Watercolor Wedding Collection Vol 2 (png format)
  • Hand Drawn Badges & Insignias (ai, eps and png formats)
  • Seamless Rose & Shabby Chic Patterns (ai, eps and jpg formats)
  • Vintage Black & White Florals (ai, eps and png formats)

Pay $ 27, saving $ 40 on the original value of $ 67

Watercolor & Vintage Floral Elements

10 Professional Cartoon Characters in 400+ Poses

Looking for a new mascot? Or maybe you want a few characters to interact throughout your website or project. With this massive collection of cartoon character illustrations, you’ll get 10 different characters to play around with including: Elegant Businessman, Businesswoman, Ninja, Superhero, Smart Girl, Nutty Professor, and more.

Pay $ 24, saving $ 96 on the original value of $ 120

Professional Cartoon Characters

500+ Professional Wireframing Elements

29 different app screen categories including: system screens, login, sign up, chat, calendar, tweets, product details, setting, dashboard and more. All elements are scalable vectors in ai format.

Pay $ 19, saving $ 20 on the original value of $ 39

Professional Wireframing Elements


Monoflat Icons: 297 High Quality Color Icons

Red, blue and gray are the dominant colors in this huge set of icons that are supplied in ai, eps, png and svg formats.

Pay $ 17, saving $ 32 on the original value of $ 49

Monoflat Icons

2000+ High Quality Vector Icons

These icons are in 2 sets – outline and filled. They are divided into 53 different categories – obviously covering many topics and themes. They are supplied in ai, eps, svg, sketch, psd and png formats.

Pay $ 29, saving $ 50 on the original value of $ 79

High Quality Vector Icons

Stock Images

350+ Super Hi-Res Urban, Nature and Landscape Photos

All of these images are supplied at a massive resolution of 5616 x 3744px at 300dpi, and include beaches, mountains, landscapes, sunsets, vintage cars, flowers and many more.

Pay $ 18, saving $ 38 on the original value of $ 56

Urban, Nature and Landscape Photos

200 Premium Stock Images with Room for Text

This Copy Space Image collection includes 200 premium stock images that all have perfect room to lay your text right in. These hi-res images cover loads of motivational themes through a wide variety of subject matters.

Pay $ 18, saving $ 81 on the original value of $ 99

Premium Stock Images with Room for Text


This month has been heavy on graphics – they have proven to be the best deals of the month in general, but that is not always the case, so if it’s not graphics you’re looking for, be sure to look out for our next edition that may include more of the resources that you do need.

Onextrapixel – Web Design and Development Online Magazine

21 Free For Commercial Use Resource Websites You’ll Really Love

Diving deep into the realms of design requires true passion, inspiration and a strong skill base. Yet, there is another factor which plays a leading role in the battle between time efficiency and quality work. The designers’ resource base has become one of the main determinants for their success. Premade designs aid for a swift job completion without depriving the end product of its main qualities. So, what type of free content can designers take advantage of while surfing through the web?

Graphic & Web Design Resources – Free vs. Premium

Freebies can be generally divided in three categories: design elements, mockups & templates and textures & photography.

All of them form a wide selection of resource website which provide either free or paid templates for designers to download and use in their work. Each file comes with a copyright registration and gives users different rights of use. Locating the copyright notice is usually a struggle and you may often choose to pay large fees to download checked premium templates and guarantee yourself no legal issues. After all, dealing with content theft can be a real bummer. But, isn’t there an easier way to get free design resources without worrying about copyrights?

Across the web, you can find a handful of design treasuries which go beyond the convenience of the Creative Commons Search. We at SpyreStudios know how time-consuming it is to hunt for quality resources. That’s why we did our best to ease your quest and boiled our assortment down to the 21 most useful resource sites out there. They skip the nuisance of chasing down file owners and sending out request e-mails for specific use and derivation. Allow me to present you…

The 21 Best Graphics Freebie Websites You Can Find on The Web

This design freebies resource collection is comprised by the top twenty-one websites offering design elements which are free for commercial use. It is a compressed version of a three-year research and delivers some of the most valuable resource websites.



This collection is cut down to the highest quality design resources online. It offers a wide selection of mockups, UI kits, icons, text effects, backgrounds and many more. The GraphicsBurger website is a reliable resource for any designer who wants to enjoy pixel-perfect design content from a free, checked source.




The freebie section of FlyerHeroes is conveniently hidden in the website menu, yet, it can be easily found via the web search engines. It provides a large variety of flyer templates. The PSDs present a complex mix of images, flyers and typography, which gently interlace to create the perfect design for event posters, web banners and all sorts of print work.

Free Goodies For Designers

Free Goodies For Designers

This little gem is a Blogspot-based resource box for all things web and graphics design. It presents original content with quirky style featuring creative icon sets, lovely seamless backgrounds, gorgeous custom fonts and what not, pushing it up to the list of some of the most unique resource sites in its category.


Designer Candies


The one and only stop for original freebies and 3D rendered images which you’ll simply fall in love with. If you want to add crisp, raw realism to your designs while maintaining a sleek, color-rich look, you better head to Adam’s amazing resource hub right away.


This user interface treasure box offers all a web designer needs to get his prototype up and running. From landing page and app pre-made designs to HTML and Java templates, Okilla is in the bookmarks of every creative UI designer.


Despite its unusual name, this website is a brilliant example of top-notch content hidden in the debris of an otherwise premium collection. Just type free in the search box and enjoy a tour through some of the most beautiful design elements and photos that can be found online.


GoMedia’s Arsenal has put years of work in a sleek goodies pack which can surprise you with many useful files.


The lovely team of MediaLoot offers a huge resource base of free goodies along with its premium products, which you’d be crazy to overrun.


Another design resource hub offers time-limited deals with some of their best-selling goodies. Check them frequently to not miss a thing.


The freebies section of DealsFuel offers a large database of deals on otherwise premium files and a larger base than Inky Deals which is worth checking out.

Old Desing Shop

This website is a vintage image treasury curated by Julie, a lover of traditions, scrapbooks and design. Her publications showcase beautiful examples of public domain images coming straight from her vintage library.


Talking about vintage, it’s hard not to mention Retro Vectors. If you’re on a hunt for a 60’s style image, victorian ornaments or even old-style landscapes, you can check out the site’s resources which are all conveniently converted into vector files for easy resizing and use.


A scrapbook turned into a design resource platform which will answer your wildest hopes for unconventional image elements with a vintage look.


Remember when you spent hours hunting down free templates and fonts on your favorite design websites? Fribbble solves that in a beautiful way. Imagine Dribbble for freebies and you’ll get a hint of what this website is all about.


Just like Fribbble, this website’s content revolves around free files found on Dribbble. It features an automated system for fetching freebies on Dribbble tagged with psddd. It has a massive following and can be a nice alternative to searching through the portfolio giant for the next Helvetica or a new and crispy icon set.


Describing themselves as a heaven for all creative people, AlienValley’s team offers a beautiful collection of free design resources from all category types.


The ultimate design toolbox for the hipster designer in you. You can find watercolor templates, hand-drawn logos and a lot more inside.


It presents some of the coolest print mockups around along with a pretty collection of additional freebies at your disposal.


Labeled as the designer’s best friend, this nifty collection of print mockups and design templates will help you present your work in an elegant way.


This is the template and mockup resource hub you’ve been waiting for. Head on to the freebies section and start building your next UI project with the site’s amazing selection.

Lost & Taken

The largest database of free textures you can find on the web. Despite recently undergoing an update, the site offers a massive amount of sharp textures, free for every designer to enjoy.

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