10 Resources Every Designer Should Stock Up On

Designers are forever on the lookout for great resources, and justifiably so as these make their work so much easier and better.

If you’re looking to build your resource box with power-packed tools that are actually of some use, here’s a list of 10 you can download and use regularly.

Great Resources for Designers

7 Good reasons to grab these free icons

On an average, every website has at least three icons on each page. And the number can easily go to 20 and up. Icons make up for an important part of every site, they could double up as the CTA button, an explanatory representation of bite-sized textual content, or simply to add mojo to your site, at all times you would have icons featuring on your page.

So, designers must stock up on as many and as varied sets of icons they can. One such assorted set is the one you get in this freebie, from spectacles to keys to books to bull’s eye, the icons are a mix and match of the ones that you’d find regular use for and ones that are extremely peculiar.

Get this set of icons as an instant download and use them for both personal and commercial usage.

Icons Set
Source: Dealfuel

10 Unique Material Design Patterns

A good way to inch up the aesthetics of your website without spending too much time or money is by adding material design patterns. Often, the background of websites are a dull solid color, and even though we completely agree with the fact that choosing certain design patterns could hinder the website experience, we also stand by the notion that choosing certain patterns can add to it.

The type of material design patterns you get in this freebie has been carefully sampled and tested to ensure that it goes well as a background. The tilled patterns can be used as it is or combined with other elements, you have the creative freedom to make them work as you like.

There are a total of 10 elements and are available in .PNG and .AI formats.

Material Design Patterns
Source: Dealfuel

CSS3 Semi-Circular Menu

The banal horizontal and vertical menu options that you find on almost 99% of the websites are passé now, at least in terms of good designing. While the menu option is a complete must on any website, you also need to keep in mind that there are tons of websites fighting for your user’s attention, and sometime even a small nondescript inclusion like playing around with the menu option can help.

The circular menu option that you get in the freebie is perfect for a music-based website, but not limited to that. It can be used for social selling and even for main menu options (if you don’t have a lot of sections). With slight animation and an overlay to explain what each button is about, the circular menu would be a good addition to any website. And it is compatible with all major browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Semi-Circular Menu
Source: Dealfuel

App Menu Design

Do you wear multiple hats and design apps on the side too? This freebie would be godsend as it cuts down on work time by half and hasten up the process. While this doesn’t enhance your design as such but it automates the basic steps that you would otherwise have to create from scratch.

Get all your app menu items pre-designed. These include Settings, Add to Cart, Add to Contacts, Calendar, and more. The UI kit is specific for Android apps and can be downloaded in a few clicks.

App Menu  Design
Source: Dealfuel

CODIJY PRO – Amazingly Simple Photo Colorization App

Images are imperative for every website, and good color scheme is imperative for a good image. While you have the option of working on the color aspect of an image from scratch, do it manually, you’d end up wasting a lot of time. With this freebie, you can easily enhance the color scheme of an image in a few clicks.

In fact, not just enhance but you can create a colorized version of a black and white image too. Have time on hands and want to see what those eternal black and white images from the yesteryears look like? Just download the app – for both Mac and PC – and set it to motion. The stand-alone app requires little manual input and basically does most of the work for you.

Anyone who works with Photoshop or understands the importance of balance color scheme for images, should get this app.
Photo Colorization App
Source: Photowhoa

Bernier – A Set of Vintage Typefaces

Anything vintage immediately grabs the eye and it has an old-school appealing charm to it, which is why vintage fashion keeps coming back. If you want your website too to have a touch of vintage, a typeface is a good place to start.

You don’t even need to go all out and use it as a font (with the help of the right editing app), including these for banners and headers work remarkably well too. For websites that have a high-end luxury theme, this typeface complements the theme particularly well. You also have the choice to choose from three styles – regular, shade, and distressed.

Available in two formats, .JPG and .TTF, you can get Bernier as an instant download.
Bernier Font
Source: Dealfuel

10 Login Screen UI Designs for Android Lollipop

When you design an app, there are certain basic elements to take care of. And one such element is the login screen, the most-overlooked and ignored element to speak of. Designers don’t give this the consideration it deserves but a login screen is the point of contact between you and your users and paying attention to it and optimizing will only be helpful for the popularity and purpose of the app.

But fret not if you don’t have the time to work on this separately. This freebie of 10 login screen UIs will do the work for you just fine.

Choose from different options and pick the one that suits your app design and objective the best, the color combinations and design would give your app a facelift. The PSD structure is easily editable and requires basic Photoshop knowledge to get started with.

Login Screen UI Designs
Source: Dealfuel

Responsive Mega Menu in CSS3 for Free

Mega Menus are kind of an important inclusion on websites now considering that a lot of e-commerce and websites displaying multiple options are springing up. A mega menu consolidates the sections in a collapsible format that makes displaying all major categories easier on the home page without portraying a disorganized front.

The freebie has multiple pre-defined color schemes so you can choose one that best matches with your website layout and colors. Factoring in extensive documentation, the mega menu is easy to customize and is compatible with all major browsers.

Responsive Mega Menu
Source: Dealfuel

105 Editable Call To Action Buttons for FREE

The objective of your website is getting the CTA button clicked on, but must this really be a boring option? Just a sorry little thing begging for a click? Not anymore! Turn your CTA buttons into little reader-drawing heroes by choosing one from the list of this freebie. And with 105 completely editable options, you’d definitely be spoilt for choice.

The CTA buttons that are available in superior .PSD format are fully scalable and compatible with every website. The freebie would be a valuable addition to your resource box.

CTA Buttons
Source: Dealfuel

An Amazingly Stylish Free PSD template

Running short on time and budget? Use PSD templates, these are such a great way to bolster your work without compromising on quality.

The template you get in this freebie is specifically for a university or an online training website. Titled Education, the template is a one-page design, and has a slider with thumbnail and an accordion gallery, and much more.

The multiple commercial licenses make the template legally available for both commercial and personal usage.

PSD Template
Source: Dealfuel


Hopefully you will love some of these resources and will think them worth adding to your toolbox/library.

Please share your opinions with us, and if you use any of these, leave a link in the comments section below – we’d love to see what you do with them!

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Increase Knowledge of React.js With These Helpful Resources

React.js is an open source project of Facebook. According to analytics service Libscore, numerous websites and applications are built on the top of it; such big names as Netflix, Imgur and Feedly have already appreciated its potential.

This powerful JavaScript library is a great instrument for scaffolding modern and reliable websites and applications. Nevertheless, like any third-party solution, it requires some skills to be put in practice, to say nothing about achieving the greatest outcome.

For those of you who seek relevant material to make your first steps in this area, we have compiled a list of helpful tools, resources, and articles, which let you learn some basics, grasp the idea quickly and painlessly, and even build something worthy. This small starter kit will certainly give you a boost.

Learn React.js Easily and Quickly


jsfiddle is a playground where you can master your skills and conduct various experiments. It is broken into four areas including a live preview mode. Create code snippets and share them with your friends.



TouchStone.js is a framework that is driven by React.js. It is powerful and feature-rich. It equips you with all the necessary instruments for crafting hybrid mobile interfaces with beautiful design, clear structure, and robust base.


Elemental UI

Elemental UI is a modular set of core components that are applicable for ReactJS-powered projects both web and mobile ones. It speeds up the prototyping and improves the workflow. It can be used in pair with KeystoneJS.

Elemental UI

Material UI

Material UI is another set of instruments for developing concepts that should meet the Material Design specifications. You can use the default theme to customize components or restyle them by the ‘style’ prop.

Material UI

React Toolbox

It is here where Material Design meets React.js. Much like the previous example, the library comprises integral elements that owe their beauty to brand new Google Design language. It comes with CSS modules, Webpack, and ES6.

React Toolbox

React TopUI

React TopUI is a small collection of common items that are inherent to the majority of standard interfaces. There are different versions of buttons (from icon button to button bar), list, navigation, various inputs, notifications, switches, and ranges.



This is an official website that includes everything you may need to get started with this powerful JavaScript library. It provides users with extensive documentation, online support, and packages with valuable stuff.


React Rocks

React Rocks is a small online gallery that specializes in stuff dedicated to React. It consists of tutorials and various resources that may come in handy for developers. Everything is arranged as a grid, so that you can quickly browse the repository and find the required solution.

React Rocks

Learning React.js: Getting Started and Concepts

This is a comprehensive guide that leads you through the key moments of the technique starting with page setup and ending with specs. It shows how to use the library effectively and build a primitive concept.

Learning React

The React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial

This is another tutorial in our list that is created with novices in mind. It has two parts. The first one walks you through the basics of the solution, covering all the vital points such as virtual DOM; and the second one shows the way of building an application, involving Immutable.js as an extra help.

The ReactJS Way

Build a React.js Application With User Authentication

Robin Orheden describes a routine of building a simple application from scratch where users will be able to sign up, log in and do other stuff. You are going to use Stormpath React SDK that adds all these features and enhances the project with authentication.

Build a React.js Application

React.js Program

React.js Program is a series of online training courses that are suitable for newbies. It clarifies all the fundamentals including JavaScript, React, React Router, Webpack, and NPM. There are twelve lessons in total.

React.js Program

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

Tomas Holas familiarizes readers with the React.js ecosystem, making you feel absolutely comfortable within it. The post is centered around its structure, architecture and constituents. Each section is supplied with a small accompanying code snippet that illustrates the matter clearer.

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

Build with React

Build with React is a website that is populated with regularly updated tutorials and periodical articles dedicated to React.js. It is an excellent source of relevant stuff that is organized in a proper manner.

Build with React

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React.js

The article demonstrates the basic steps to creating a primitive mobile application with the assistance of React.js. It is intended to improve your skills and explain such valuable instruments as Webpack, Babel, Gulp, and Browserify that are quite often used in collaboration with the library.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React

React Fundamentals

This is a range of online video tutorials that concisely disclose all the vital details. There are 18 lessons. Each one lasts only several minutes, so that the course does not take much your precious time. It prepares the ground for a more advanced educational material.

React Fundamentals

React.js – A guide for Rails developers

The article was composed for those of you who are obsessed with Rails yet want to broaden its possibilities with React.js. Together these two techniques have managed to produce an outstanding result, and Fernando Villalobos is eager to show you where should you start and what should you do.

React.js AGuide for Rails Developers

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To ReactJS

As befits all the novice guides, this one also concentrates on the essential stuff about the framework. Since the author specializes in React and Angular, the post features both these solutions that wonderfully collaborate together.

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to React.js

The ReactJS Bible

The ReactJS Bible is an excellent tool to get acquainted with Facebook’s top open source project and learn something new. It formulates all the central principles via a three-hour video. You will find out how to build a widget, add a reusable component, prototype a client-side app and do other interesting things.

The React.JS Bible

5 Practical Examples For Learning The React Framework

If you have nailed all the beginners’ tutorials and are ready to move forward, then you should take a look at this informative piece of writing. It offers five practice examples that skillfully unlock the potential of the framework.

Practical Examples for Learning React


From the official repository and comprehensive guides to some high-end instruments, our list hits all the essentials that are necessary to broaden your knowledge and upgrade skills in React.js.

Do you know any other useful tutorials, solutions, and tools that assist in creating outstanding websites and applications on the basis of React.js?

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Ultimate List of HTML5 Resources for Web Designers and Developers

Ever since its official recommendation stage in 2014, HTML5 has taken the Internet by storm.

Recently, even Google has been pushing HTML5 implementations in its channels; they announced that they were planning to ditch Flash display ads, and encouraged users to shift their display ads to an HTML5-friendly platform.

Back in the old days, web design and applications were made either through JavaScript or Flash; HTML5 has consolidated their functions thus making it easier for designers and developers alike to create new functions for websites.

HTML5 isn’t a new concept anymore, but with its limitless potential to bring user experience to the next level, you should join the bandwagon and start learning more about HTML5.

Here’s a list of resources ranging from tutorials, beginner’s guides, and cheat sheets to start your journey through the world of HTML5.

The Ultimate List of HTML5 Resources

Basic Guides and Tutorials

html5 guides

  1. If you need quick tips on what you must know about HTML5, then Jeffrey Way’s 28 HTML5 Tips You Must Know is another good reference. These tips include features and techniques on semantics, doctype, attributes, support, and more.
  2. Here’s a slick HTML5 Beginner’s Guide by Robert Mening. It’s a long guide on the basics of HTML5. From Markups, Sections, Music and Videos, Blogs, and Typography ¾ this guide has you covered. Bonus: He also has a Cheat Sheet available for download; very handy once you get to know the ropes of HTML5!
  3. For visual learners who prefer to watch and learn about HTML5, Brad Neuberg posted this video online to educate web developers through his Introduction to HTML 5 video.
  4. We all know that some people do not love to code, and HTML 5 may be another headache. Smashing Magazine has featured this lovely guide on Learning to Love HTML5.
  5. Most of the time, building content within the website starts with a header. HTML5 Doctor has updated this header element guide last 2015; it’s a great guide on styling the header and adding ARIA to the header element.
  6. You can create website elements and even forms with HTML5! It’s very simple; Michael Barrett has shared this tutorial on creating a contact form using HTML5; from HTML5 to POST Validation, this tutorial has you covered.
  7. This is a new compendium by Oozled on HTML5. So far all they have are basic guides and canvas guide; they gather guides through user submission and review these submissions before posting it under the main resource page.
  8. CodeCondo listed 11 resources where you can learn HTML5, either for free or paid. They cited credible websites that offer information or courses for beginners on HTML5.

Building HTML5 Sites

  1. If you want to start building a vibrant professional HTML5-CSS3 web design, you can start practicing with the tutorial above; this is a good way to learn and practice HTML5. The tutorial has sections of code explanations, making it very newbie friendly.
  2. If you’re interested in building an elegant HTML5 theme, you can start practicing with this tutorial. This tutorial includes an overview of HTML5 and CSS3 for newbies, as well as a concrete guide on how to build an elegant site from ground up.
  3. Speaking of building a website from ground up, this tutorial is recommended if you want to build an HTML5 site from scratch. The tutorial includes elements like a Featured Box, Body Layouts, and Extras Block.
  4. For a more difficult tutorial, learn how to build an app website.
  5. Have you been to Airbnb’s website? They’re using video background as part of their web design. It’s been popular lately thanks to HTML5! Here’s a good tutorial on creating a full-screen video background with HTML5 and CSS.
  6. HTML5 Doctor has come up with a glossary of elements if you want to go in-depth with each element. Each element has a short description to accompany the element, link specification, and an example.
  7. If you’re looking for a scratch design for a single page layout, this tutorial from Design Woop is perfect as a start or a guide.
  8. This should go under cheat sheets, but Character Entities are important in building your site too. Use this as a guide for HTML, CSS (content) and Javascript. It’s complete with Special Characters, Latin, Latin Extended, Spacing, Greek, Punctuation, Letterlike, Arrows, Mathematical, Technical, and more.

HTML5 Canvas Guides, Tutorials

According to w3schools, The HTML <canvas> element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting (usually JavaScript). The <canvas> element is only a container for graphics. You must use a script to actually draw the graphics.

Canvas has several methods for drawing paths, boxes, circles, text, and adding images.

  1. This is the ultimate site for tutorials on HTML 5 Canvas. From effects like Bursting Particles, Gradient Texts, Paint Application, and even text wrapping, this site has everything you need to understand HTML 5 Canvas.
  2. If you’d like to understand HTML5 Canvas on a beginner’s level, then check out Team Treehouse’s How to Draw with HTML5 Canvas Guide. After reading the article, proceed to the comments section and check out some of the examples some of the users have contributed to show off how they did well with HTML5 Canvas.
  3. Another beginner’s guide to HTML5 Canvas is brought to us through Dev.Opera. They have online demos of a Newton polynomial, Canvascape – “3D Walker”, Paint.Web – painting demo, open-source, Star-field flight, and an Interactive blob.
  4. Tutorials Point had come up with good examples on drawing shapes and graphics in this tutorial. The tutorial also includes animation examples.
  5. Enjoy image manipulation and apply a black and white effect to an image with HTML5 Canvas. It’s a simple, straightforward guide on how to use Canvas to achieve this effect.
  6. Another trusty guide is from the Mozilla Developer Network. Aside from the other basics, they cover basic to advanced animations, pixel manipulation, hit regions and accessibility, and canvas optimization.
  7. HTML5 Canvas enables you to get slideshows powered with jQuery.
  8. Now, you can build rich internet applications! Tutorialzine has updated the tutorial with auto-advancing slideshow function. If you’re lost and confused, you can refer to the comments section; some of the common questions regarding the tutorial were already answered in the community.

Cheat Sheets

To complete the list, here’s a list of Cheat Sheets that you can download as you begin to learn HTML5.

  1. With the rise of mobile optimization, this cool, interactive cheat sheet by Max Firtman is the best mobile HTML5 cheat sheet you need. This compatibility cheat sheet includes platforms like Safari iOS, Android Browser, Samsung Internet, Google Chrome, Amazon Silk, BlackBerry Browser, Nokia Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Mobile, Opera mini, and Firefox.
  2. Another cheat sheet on browser support is graciously provided for us by InMotion Hosting. Quickly refresh your memory if you forget what’s supported and what’s not. They even added it up and showed how much HTML5 is supported per browser, and obviously, Google Chrome wins.
  3. This is another cheat sheet by InMotion Hosting; you’ll surely appreciate this HTML5 Tags Cheat Sheet. They listed tags and compiled them under several categories: New tags added in HTML5, Existing tags in HTML 4 and 5, and Old tags that are no longer supported in HTML5.
  4. If you’re really looking for a one-stop shop HTML5 super mega cheat sheet, SpyreStudios had featured it here!
  5. The following cheat sheet serves as a guide for implementing HTML5 in a secure fashion. It includes guides on Communication APIs, Storage APIs, Geolocation, Web Workers, Sandboxed frames, Offline Applications, Progressive Enhancements and Graceful Degradation Risks, and HTTP Headers to enhance security.


As an added bonus, here’s a great list of 30 Must See HTML5 tutorials! It’s a useful roundup for developers who would like to play with HTML5 and its capabilities.

Do you have any HTML5 resources that wasn’t mentioned in the post? Share it with us in the comments!


This post was written by Vince Sevilla, a professional graphic designer and musician. Struggling to find the best host? He also contributes unbiased web hosting reviews using measurable data, such as uptime and page load speed and web development resources at Hosting Facts.

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Modern Online Marketing Education: 18 Courses and Resources


There are many paths to becoming a great marketer.

Even more so, there are tons of different roles that marketers excel in.

There’s a great degree of flexibility.

Take your education as an example. Did you go to school to get a marketing or business degree?

There’s a good chance you didn’t, but you still enjoy marketing, and it plays a part in your business or job.

And while you can pick up a ton of skills on the go, you might be missing a few fundamentals.

The best solution for this is to take courses online.

I’m not talking about sketchy courses offered by schools you’ve never heard of. I’m talking about courses from schools such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and more.

Most of these courses are available free.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of 18 courses and resources that you can find online.

Pick the ones that interest you, and do them in your spare time.

Note that this list doesn’t exactly mirror a complete marketing degree, but it does contain most of its components. 

Core Courses

The courses in this section should be taken by every marketer. If you haven’t taken any of these or similar courses in the past, I recommend adding them to your list of courses to take.

1. Introduction to Marketing (University of British Columbia): Everyone needs to start somewhere, and this is the best place for marketers.

This is a very introductory course that will give you a general overview of marketing. It’s not very difficult, but it will make the gaps in your marketing knowledge obvious.

If you have a tough time clearly defining concepts such as market research and brand strategy, you should start here.

2. Networks, Crowds and Markets (Cornell): This course, on the other hand, is fairly advanced.

It’s a great course if you’re an analytics junkie like me. The main concepts covered in the course are:

  • applying game theory to various parts of marketing
  • understanding how marketing connects to various aspects of life (social, economic, technological)
  • exploring how ideas spread

It mainly focuses on these concepts in the context of the Internet, which is ideal for most modern marketers.

3. Digital Branding and Engagement (Curtin University): This course is essentially digital branding 101.

You’ll look at the basics of getting positive attention for your brand through paid, owned, and earned media.


This course focuses on how a brand can use these different types of media to increase brand presence and user engagement.

Essentially, it provides a high-level look at ways of incorporating many of the tactics you read about on Quick Sprout and other marketing blogs into your marketing.

4. Principles of Macroeconomics (MIT): Economics is a fundamental subject that all marketers should have at least a basic understanding of.

This course is an introductory course to macroeconomics.

Macroeconomics is a study of economics on a national basis. It’s good to understand how your industry as a whole responds to changes in:

  • output
  • employment and unemployment
  • interest rates
  • inflation
  • and more.

Since MIT is a US school, most of the examples are within the context of the US economy, but the lessons can be applied to any country.

5. Principles of Microeconomics (MIT): This is the other side of economics, which is more interesting to most marketers.

Microeconomics looks at economics on a much smaller scale: individuals, companies, and groups.


This is another introductory course, where you’ll learn fundamental concepts such as supply and demand, types of competition, and welfare economics.

While a lot of this will seem simple, it will be useful in all your marketing roles to some degree.

6. Introduction to Financial Accounting (University of Pennsylvania): One of the most important things to know, as I keep telling you, is what your return from your marketing work is.

Whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else as a marketer, it’s crucial for you to have this ability. Being able to present hard numbers behind your performance to your boss is a great way to stand out.

This is a very short course—only 4 weeks.

It’s not going to make you a financial wizard, but it will teach you how to interpret three main aspects of financial accounting:

  1. income statements
  2. balance sheets
  3. cash flow statements

By the end of the course, you will have a higher level of financial literacy and a better understanding of your business’s financial needs.


As I pointed out previously, there are tons of roles marketers might find themselves in.

Depending on your job or your interests, some of these courses will appeal to you.

I included them into this section because you could be a very good marketer without taking any of them. However, they may be worth taking as they are logical extensions and specializations of marketing.

7. Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? (MIT): A high proportion of marketers are interested in starting their own businesses. Not all, but many.

You can be a fantastic marketer without being an entrepreneur, but you can also apply your marketing knowledge and skills to become a successful entrepreneur. Either path is fine, but don’t be afraid to try both.

Entrepreneurship is a tough thing to teach in a course, but I like the approach of this MIT course.

Instead of standard lectures, each class consists of a detailed case study of actual entrepreneurs across different industries.

During these classes, you will learn the skills you need in order to understand your customers better, which is a fundamental ability for an entrepreneur.

8. Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer? (MIT): You will have the same instructors as in the course above as this course will pick up where the previous left off.

Instead of focusing on figuring out who your customer is and why they buy products, this course focuses on figuring out what value you can provide to your customer.

If you’re experienced in content marketing, you’ll see a lot of parallels. Just as good content must provide value to readers, products must provide value to customers.

9. Startup Success: How to Launch a Technology Company in 6 Steps (MIT): There are many types of entrepreneurs, but most commonly, people want to found their own startups.

The source of the desire is obvious: it’s a chance to have full control of a business where you can apply all your marketing and business knowledge.

But you need more than marketing knowledge to launch a startup.

This course will help you fill in the gaps in your startup knowledge (kind of the reverse purpose of this whole list).

This is another introductory course, but it will answer all the basic questions you might have. Once you finish the course, you’ll know how to:

  • generate startup ideas
  • develop prototypes and improve them
  • recruit a team to help you
  • raise funds (if needed)
  • grow your business (where marketers excel)

Note that this course focuses on technology startups, but most lessons will apply to other types of startups as well.

10. Digital marketing specialization (University of Illinois – Paid courses): This isn’t actually a single course; it’s a series of five.

I included this for anyone who already has a good foundation in marketing but needs to update or extend their skillset.

These courses are all connected to each other and are focused solely on digital marketing. That includes things such as:

  • digital marketing analytics
  • SEO
  • social media marketing

A note: you’ll have to pay to take these courses. However, they only cost about $ 100 each, which is incredibly cheap compared to an actual university course.

11. Social media marketing specialization (NorthWestern University – Paid courses): This is also a series of five courses.

The main difference is that this is even more specialized, focusing solely on social media marketing.

The first few courses are really basic, so if you have any experience with social media marketing, you can probably skip them without falling behind.

This course is great if you work (or plan to) in a niche dominated by social media marketing.

If social media is going to play a big role in your success, you want to learn as much as you can about marketing effectively on it.

12. Introduction to Project Management (University of Adelaide): If you have aspirations to run your own business or be promoted to a managerial position, this is a useful business course to take.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: an introduction to all the basic project management skills you’ll need.

It’s more of an abstract course because projects can be very different from each other, but the basic fundamentals will still be useful if you’re managing a project and a team.

13. Quick Sprout University for Internet Marketing: This is the first of a few items on this list that is not from an actual university.

I created this a few years ago, and it is now available free.


It covers all the major areas in Internet marketing:

  • SEO
    • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing

…and a few more niche topics.

The whole course consists of many short videos that address a particular skill, tactic, or strategy you should know.

Even better, you can choose your skill level by using the menu on the left. Most topics are covered from the beginner level to advanced.

In my opinion, this rivals any course on this list in terms of completeness and value. Think of it as an “introduction to Internet marketing.”

It’s a good complement to the earlier mentioned digital marketing course as it is more specific and teaches you things you can apply right away.


This final group of courses will teach you skills that are, although not crucial, useful to you as a marketer.

If you want to have advanced or unique skills that other marketers can’t match, take these courses.

14. Introduction to Computer Science (Harvard): In a post on the most important skills for a content marketer, I mentioned that being able to code is a big plus.

Honestly, this single course will make a huge difference.

It’s not as hard as it seems to learn how to program on a basic level. This will allow you to automate repetitive marketing tasks, analyze large data sets, and do things like scrape websites.

I understand that the concept of programming can seem overwhelming, but this course is of reasonable difficulty and will take you step by step over all the hurdles you need to overcome.

If you have any interest in programming, you’ll enjoy it.

15. Data Analysis for Your Business (TU Delft): Data should be the core of marketing in most situations.

You need to understand how to sort and analyze data so that you can use it to make decisions that grow your business.

This course in particular focuses mainly on using advanced techniques in Excel (spreadsheets).

If you’re already fairly advanced with Excel, you can skip this course. However, if you’re looking to learn a few new tricks, it may still be worth your time.

16. Data Science and Analytics in Context (Columbia University): This is another option for learning data analysis.

It focuses on more advanced concepts such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and approaching data with a statistical mindset (important).

It’s less practical than the course right before it, but if you’re interested in working with large quantities of data, it’s a great place to start.

17. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Course & Certification: This also isn’t a university course, but it’s extremely well-established nonetheless.

HubSpot is famous for its contribution to inbound marketing, and this course covers a lot of digital marketing topics in detail (although still focusing on the basics).


I recommend this mainly to marketers who don’t have much experience with digital or content marketing. It’s a great introduction to inbound marketing.

18. PPC University: Finally, this is another free resource and probably the best set of courses you’ll find on paid advertising (for a reasonable price at least).


It covers just about everything you need to know to get a good start in paid advertising, which all marketers should have at least a basic understanding of.


We’re living in an amazing age when courses from the top universities in the world are at your fingertips.

Even if you weren’t fortunate enough to get a formal education in marketing, you can still learn everything you need to know about the subject.

Take as many of the courses on this list as you’d like if you feel they will teach you knowledge and skills that fill in your gaps as a marketer.

If you’ve taken any other marketing courses online that I haven’t included, let me know what your experience was with them in the comments below.

Quick Sprout

3 Resources to Help Your Content-Driven Website Flourish

how digital marketing grows your business

Although it’s only January, I refer to this time of the year as “pre-pre-spring” (in the Northern Hemisphere). Call me optimistic.

The gingerbread, cinnamon, and pine aromas of the holidays have certainly faded, but the sweet smell of flowers blooming and warm breezes haven’t quite arrived yet.

Still, it feels like the seasons are shifting and we’re moving toward a new beginning.

And we don’t have to impatiently wait for this change to occur — a powerful, content-driven website works for your business any time of the year. You can start building or expanding yours today.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to discover your strengths and supercharge your business
  • How to become an unstoppable digital content creator
  • How to gain an unfair business advantage

As you work your way through the material below, the following lessons will help you set business goals for your content.

Discover Your Strengths and Supercharge Your Business

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been building your business for a while, you may feel confused about what you should focus on next. What’s the best step to take so you make the right type of progress?

In Discover Your Strengths and Supercharge Your Business, Sonia Simone shows you a way to narrow down all of the ideas running through your mind.

She outlines a simple plan that helps you slow down, take a deep breath, and produce the content that matters to you and your audience.

The Unstoppable Rise of the Digital Content Creator


In 2016 it’s possible to have a stellar online presence without having any computer coding skills or hiring someone to code for you. How did that happen?

Demian Farnworth wanted to give you a little history lesson and pay homage to those who have paved the way for contemporary digital content creators.

The Unstoppable Rise of the Digital Content Creator explains why content marketers are living in the ideal time and who we have to thank for our current technological advantages.

5 Ways a Minimum Viable Audience Gives You an Unfair Business Advantage


In 5 Ways a Minimum Viable Audience Gives You an Unfair Business Advantage, Brian Clark examines the specific benefits of starting with an audience rather than going straight to the development of a product or service.

It’s the Rainmaker Digital way and a process you can use for your own business that will help your minimum viable product (MVP) succeed.

Brian says:

Serving that audience with valuable free content revealed loads of useful insight into the problems and desires not currently met in the broader market.

Enough, in fact, for us to make our MVPs more “viable” from the start than we would have been able to otherwise. This led to better initial sales momentum, higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately more profit.

Unleash your potential

While you’re inventing ways to unleash your potential this year, we invite you to join us for our upcoming free webinar.

On Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Chris Garrett and Jerod Morris will walk you through 13 “hidden” features of the Rainmaker Platform that can make a big difference in your sales and marketing … once you know they’re there.

They’ll explain how to use these features, why they were included in the first place, and what situations call for their use.

Click here to register for this event:
Unleash These 13 “Hidden” Features of the Rainmaker Platform

We’re honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 18, 2016, so we’ll see you back here on Tuesday with a fresh article.

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Sponsor: Christmas Came Early (Take 20% Off Top Design Resources at Creative Market)

Before you get caught up in holiday sweets and ugly sweater parties, be sure to look at Creative Market’s new 20% off deal — covering everything from stellar brush fonts to detailed textures to stunning graphic kits. Start the new year with fresh new additions to your design toolbox and watch your work improve in 2016. This is a unique opportunity to grab assets created by talented shop owners to optimize your design workflow — and they’re all 20% off!

To redeem your offer, head over to their discount page. Go quickly though, this offer expires on December 25.

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Sponsor: Christmas Came Early (Take 20% Off Top Design Resources at Creative Market) is a post from CSS-Tricks


Free Video Resources and Online Video Editing Tools For The Multi-Skilled Design

Video editing is a complex process of creating an appealing and engaging video content which perfectly interlaces visual and audible elements into a magical symphony of motion and style.

Video editing is a design niche which involves a wide range of actions, all related to specific sectors of web, motion, and audio design. The process of creating a video combines graphic design, typography, photography, motion graphic, 3d design and audio editing. This makes video design one of the most challenging design niches out there. The creation of a compelling video doesn’t end with shooting it. Unlike other types of digital content, videos combine both graphic and audio elements which need to be perfectly synchronised.

This article will introduce you the best online tools and resources you can use to create a striking video.

Free Stock Video Resources

Videos can be a powerful tool for boosting the exposure of marketing campaigns, for showcasing product and services or for engaging a targeted audience on the web, TV and even on outdoor advertisements.


Video Pexels

Video Pexels

The free stock photo giant Pexels, which recently got a huge popularity among web and graphic designers for its amazing set of handpicked free photography, has launched an even more amazing video resource website. The videos range from breathtaking time-lapse videos to mockups, people, tech and many more. And what’s best, all of these videos are completely free for both personal and commercial use, which means you can freely use them to create promotional content without worrying you’ll receive a hefty bill for use of licensed content.



Videezy site

Part of the Eezy online resource network, Videezy is a fantastic hub of free HD stock footage. The videos, showcased on the website includes some of the most high-quality digital footage you can find over the web, featuring HD video files with up to 4K video resolution.



Videvo site

This website features a broad collection of free stock footage and motion graphics. Being one of the top choices for free video resources, Videvo is a wonderful solution for creative individuals who’d like to use high-definition digital footage without paying a cent. The video resources at Videvo are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0, which means you need to give full attribution to the author whenever you use the file in any way.


Motion Elements


If you want to get your hands on high-quality digital footage without having to spend a fortune on it, Motion Elements is the right place for you. The site has a weekly free video collection which can suit the needs of every designer who seeks great videos with a free license. Subscribe to the newsletter and get another 30 elements weekly, free of charge.




Searching for a free video footage for your personal projects? xStockVideo provides a great solution for those of you who want to implement a stunning video in a non-commercial project and is happy to give full attribution to the original author, following the video’s specific license.


Graphic Element Resources for Video Design

The creation of a high-quality video, which includes motion graphics, digital footage, and sound effects, often requires a wide set of specialized software, targeted mostly at companies and video design professionals. Yet, there are lots of quality video editing and graphic design tools online which provide both ease of use, accessibility and affordability to suit the needs of the amateur video designer.




Popular among the marketing and editorial business world as the site that democratizes graphic design, Canva can be an awesome tool for creating slides for videos. Simply choose a convenient template, such as the 16:9 Presentation style, and embark in designing. Create multiple slides and add different elements to each one to later combine them into a great video.


Microsoft Movie Maker

Microsoft Movie Maker


The designer’s best friend when it comes to video editing. Microsoft Movie Maker is a free amateur software which offers many awesome video editing options. It’s available for Windows users and is by far the most famous way to create videos by combining images, videos, audio and text.


MovieMaker Online


This is a great alternative to Movie Maker which works just as good and offers some great editing options and a quick online use.

Microsoft Expressions Encoder 4

Microsoft Expressions Encoder 4


Want to add ad stamps, text and various graphic elements to an already created video? The Expressions Encoder 4 is Microsoft’s latest free tool for enhansing your videos with a great range of different editing options.

The post Free Video Resources and Online Video Editing Tools For The Multi-Skilled Design appeared first on SpyreStudios.


New Web Design and Development Resources: #13 November Edition

Hey there friends! Go ahead and scroll through this month’s round-up that we’ve prepared for you loaded with amazing resources like a huge engraving brushes pack, cool cartoon characters generator, branding and advertising mockups, useful website and print proposal templates, stacks of jQuery libraries and plugins for text handling and visual effects, roof overlaying stacks of icons you won’t believe, a powerful bunch of web design and development tools and resources, and amazing fonts worth a dribble over. So no need to wait any longer, don’t forget to take it all home.

New for Designers and Developers

Cute Cartoon Characters Generator

Quite a complete set of 600 different vector elements in Illustrator that allow you to combine-and-create as many characters as you can imagine in a cute cartoon style.

Cute Cartoon Characters Generator

20 Modern Flat Vector Icons Set

A set of 20 modern flat style icons regarding miscellaneous topics that are available in Ai, PSD, EPS, SVG and PNG formats.

20 Modern Flat Vector Icons Set

Over 5800 Sport-related Filled Icons for iPhone

A stunning set of over 5800 icons in filled style regarding all kind of sports released in PSD vector format and crafted following all iOS guidelines.

Sport-related Filled Icons for iPhone

20 Free Christmas Icons Pack

A nice pack of 20 icons for Christmas crafted in a nice flat style and available in Ai, EPS, PNG and SVG formats.

20 Free Christmas Icons Pack

Massive Collection of Flat Icon Sets

An amazing collection of 20 flat icons sets, each of them regarding a different topic and containing several thousand icons.

Massive Collection of Flat Icon Sets

Branding Identity Mockup PSD

A cool branding mockup set that comes in a fully layered PSD file featuring smart-object layers for you to easily add your designs. You can also customize this mockup’s colors, textures, and hide or move around objects.

Branding Identity Mockup PSD

Free Perspective Website Mockup

A nice perspective screen mockup for website template featuring that comes in PSD format allowing you to include your design through smart objects.

Free Perspective Website Mockup

A Set of 110 Engraving Brushes for Illustrator

An amazing pack of 110 different brushes for Adobe Illustrator that feature a stunningly real-looking engraving style allowing you to compose breath-taking illustrations.

Engraving Brushes for Illustrator

Smooth Low-Poly Style Proposal Template

A nice proposal template that features a smooth low poly style mixing pastel and sour colors and that comes available in Ai, PSD and InDesign formats.

Smooth Low-Poly Style Proposal Template

CircleType.js: Curve Text Typing jQuery Plugin

CircleType is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to generate texts following several types of arcs and circles totally customizable to your taste.


Morphext: Animate.css-powered jQuery Text Rotator

Morphext is a jQuery text rotator dependent on Animate.css library and that allows you to apply cool effects to your text such as flipping, fading, bouncing, and attention seeking.


Quietflow.js: jQuery Visual Effects Library

Quietflow is a library for jQuery that allows you placing dynamic or static visual effects in your websites backgrounds. Some of the visual effects have star fields, triangles, flashing streams, and more.


Material Design Swipe to Refresh

A material design pull-to-refresh effect plugin for jQuery and Zepto that uses CSS3 that can be easily instantiated and hidden with a one-line code.

Material Design Swipe to Refresh

Viewer.js: Full-featured jQuery Viewing Plugin

Viewer is a jQuery plugin for showcasing images allowing you to handle with effects like flip horizontally or vertically, rotate left or right, zoom, reset, and more.


Project Management for Creative Agencies

Paymo is an intuitive project management tool that allows you to take control of your projects and keep your team in synchronized by optimizing time, replicate success, and improve accountancy.

Project Management for Creative Agencies

Bootstrap Studio: Web Design Tool

A powerful web design tool for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework which features an intuitive user interfaces, real-time previewing, rich library components, smart reusable components, and an advanced CSS editor.

Bootstrap Studio

Inject: Web-apps Compliant Dependency Management

Inject implements a modern way to manage dependencies in a Library Agnostic way featuring in-browser CommonJS Compliance, Cross domain retrieval of files, and localStorage.


Codeception: BDD-style PHP Testing

Codeception is a PHP testing framework that requires minimal installation steps and no dependencies other than PHP allowing you to do a test of acceptance, APIs, units, AspectMocks, and more.


Behat: Behavior-driven Development Framework

Behat is an open source behavior-driven development framework for PHP 5.3/5.4 which idea is to describe features of your application and how it should work, for implementing this in software.


Online React Cheat Sheet

React Cheat Sheet provides you with the key functions and cheats for the well-known user interface framework React, allowing you to boost your coding towards a higher level.

Online React Cheat Sheet

InkPaper: An Elegant Static Blog Generator

InkPaper is an elegant desktop software that allows you to easily generate static blogs with a fresh and clean style available in both English and Simplified Chinese.


BackstopJS: Responsiveness Testing Tool

BackstopJS is a testing tool that helps you checking for responsiveness errors in your stylesheets by screenshotting your website or web app in several sizes and providing you with an error report.


Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

A cheat sheet of Photoshop CS6 shortcuts for OSX devices keyboards including commands for switching tools, selecting, and viewing options.

Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts Cheatsheet

TypeSource: Google Web Font Inspiration in HTML & CSS

TypeSource is a Google Web Fonts feed site that features Google’s fonts for inspiration purposes, allowing you to edit the featured text and view the styling source code of each of the posts.


Origami CSS & JS Dialog Effect

An origami-like pop-up effect that gets activated as it is clicked on, deploying a customized message and shrinking back as you click it again.

Origami CSS & JS Dialog Effect

CSS Holidays Calendar

A grid laid out calendar crafted in CSS for showcasing the holidays throughout the year in the U.S. which months are expanded as click on each of them.

CSS Holidays Calendar

Navigation Bar Items Animation

A set of CSS animations for navigation bar items as you hover over them such as sliding screens, bars, fading parentheses, and more.

Navigation Bar Items Animation

Newspaper Style Design

A very useful and attractive CSS snippet that allows window resizing to have a very smooth and progressive responsiveness as it delays a bit the adjustment of the text and eventually it stabilizes.

Newspaper Style Design

Realistic Text Reading Effect

A realistic effect text reading effect that blurs the text you’re not focused on (edge-most positioned texts) as you scroll.

Realistic Text Reading Effect

Rotating Leaf Particle Animated Background

A breath-taking background effect featured by rotating leafs being blown by the wind as particles and which parameters you can adjust.

Rotating Leaf Particle Animated Background

Ikra Slab: Squared-ends Typeface

Ikra Slab is a typeface that features squared ends supporting Latin, Cyrillic, and Bashkir alphabets in both lowercase and uppercase, as well as numeral and glyph characters.

Ikra Slab Typeface

40 Curated Logo Fonts List

A curated list of 40 stunning fonts perfectly suitable for logo design and branding purposes, you’re able to download them all in one go, like them or suggest others.

40 Curated Logo Fonts List

Morracle: Free Hand Painted Font

Morracle is a hand-painted font that features a very freeish style featuring lots of curly ends and paint sprinkles around it being available in uppercase, lowercase, numeral, and glyph characters.

Morracle Font

Samfolio: Personal One Page Web PSD Template

Samfolio is a personal one-page template in PSD format featured by smooth contrasts between its containers with flat, pattern, and image backgrounds.


Afrodyta: Clean PSD Website Template

Afrodyta is a clean website template in PSD format that features nice combinations of font and thumbnail sizes creating quite a creative layout.


Foliac: 4-scheme HTML Template

Foliac is a nice HTML template for websites featuring a nice flat style and 4 different schemes crafted mainly for portfolio showcasing.


Better Icon Design in 6 Easy Steps

A cool article that comes with 6 tips or steps for a clean-cut and easy way to create icons for the web for any case, vertical or horizontal orientation, or square and round layouts.

Better Icon Design in 6 Easy Steps


Another great list of free resources this month, hopefully you can use them. Thanks as always to the designers and developers who bring us the results of their time, effort and skill for free.

Don’t forget, if you come across anything or have designed or developed anything that you think could make it into our next list, please share the link with us.

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