513 – 7 Management Reward Principles

engaging brand podcast“Build yourself. Build your team. And, together, you will be…Built to Lead”  David Long

What if everything you think you know about being a world class manager is wrong! Well, David Long believes that many aspects are and offers us a way to refine the management puzzle, allowing us to focus on our talents to guarantee success!

Anna Farmery talks to David Long about Built to Lead: 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager.

We discuss

  • What are David’s 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S behind the success at MyEmployee.
  • How the REWARD principles relate to how you manage your career.
  • How you lead to build a company culture that creates the right success factors.
  • How to use a mastermind group to create a brain trust.
  • Do circumstances define your attitude?
  • How the mindset is more important than money in becoming an entrepreneur.
  • How great managers appreciate people which leads to recognition.
  • How great managers create great managers to release themselves from working in the business.

David offers listeners a FREE kindle copy of Built to Lead: 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager – if you buy the hard copy, email David at the receipt number and you will receive a FREE kindle copy.

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Do You Reward Your Social Shares ‘Holder’

dividendsIn an age of digital marketing who invests in the business? Something to muse on….because yes, there are financial investments but in the social age there are also content investments.

The issue is that although finance backers are rewarded with interest payments…..unless you invest in great content marketing then are your brand shareholders receiving a benefit for ‘sharing’ your brand story.

People who give money of course should be rewarded. People who give attention to your brand with a social share rather than a financial share also need to be rewarded.

The whole world of social media is too often dominated with people who want to tell their message, who want to bribe the ‘sharer’….but is that truly creating business value?

Who is a shareholder in the digital age?

There are the statutory shareholders AND the social shareholders. Both need to be recompenses for their investment. The latter invests time and reputation when they create a link or share your content. The good news is that a social shareholder doesn’t demand money….they demand something much more human….

They demand recognition and respect.

Two words which humans should not even have to think about giving….aren’t recognition and respect just a core element of being a good human?

Then why do brands struggle to see the benefit of recognition?

The simple answer is I don’t know!

The more complex answer is that reward and recognition are not seen as a return on the social shareholder investment.

Here I argue that they should be….

And just as you would ignore demands for dividends and interest payments to your financial backers……you should never go back on the central, simple request from social shareholders – to recognise their role in building your social brand.

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