How To Win More Sales By Sacrificing More

passionWhat are you willing to sacrifice for business success? Think hard about it because at the heart of this question is what makes your business special.

You see many businesses only use the term ‘sacrifice’ when they are discussing the cost of the service or the cost of the product. You hear  – What can we sacrifice to hit that price point? What sacrifices can we make to reduce our costs?

That is the wrong way to think about business; profit is created through understanding what you will NOT sacrifice.

Sacrifice is important. Sacrifice is at the heart of defining your brand. The sacrifices which you WILL make, the sacrifices that you will NOT make, demonstrate who you are and why people will want to buy from you.

Why you need to understand the sacrifice you are NOT willing to make

Simply to define your brand. And there is more…. by understanding what you won’t sacrifice, you make

  1. Decision making so much easier.
  2. It easier for consumers to see what you stand for
  3. It easier to choose the right team, the right customer and the right offer.

 You see it is the sacrifices that you WILL not make which is what consumers buy from you.

It is that principle that creates the premium over your competitors if…

You stand by that principle at all times  AND you communicate it clearly AND to the people who value that principle.

So what will you NOT sacrifice?

Be honest. We can easily fool ourselves. Protecting our values is really, really hard. So when you answer that question….don’t choose something that you ought to believe or ought to do….

Choose something that is so dear to you that even when times are hard, when sales are low, when the world is against you…you will NEVER make the sacrifice.

Got what it is?….Understand it?…Do all the people around you understand it? Fabulous you now have the making of a brand to share with the world.

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