Crucial Step In Securing Happy Customers

Be present for your customerWhat makes you happy as a customer? What lesson can you take to secure happy customers for your business?

Think about the last time you shared a great customer service experience with your friends – What was it that made it feel so good? So fabulous that you just had to share it with everyone?

You see companies spend so much time on getting the right process, teaching the right marketing, sales and service techniques…they forget the main ingredient of enjoying happy customers…and it is FREE!

Great customer service experience only happens if YOU are PRESENT.

Indeed the biggest present that we can give anyone, is to be present when we are with them. Being present is simple yet so difficult for many of us to do consistently.

Think about the concept of ‘being present’. Think about truly listening, not hearing the words, but listening to understand what they are saying and what they are not saying? Think about removing any defences to be open to hear the feedback. Think about wanting to turn this customer around rather than get on to the next task. Think about making them smile not wishing they would just decide!

Being present is at the heart of connection. Being present is hard yet so valuable. Being present adds human value to the interaction – it helps differentiate you from the other competitors as it offers the things that are most precious in customer service – time and respect.

How often are we ever truly present? Not often and it is getting worse in a 24/7 world of communication with information overload.

Yet when something is hard to deliver we should smile and know within that difficulty lies value…and in value lies profit.

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