Improvements to security settings on public computers in the National Art Library

Here at the National Art Library, we appreciate hearing from visitors about our services. Your feedback, combined with our need to ensure we comply with Cyber Essentials and the Data Protection Act 2018, has led to an update in the settings on our public computers. The computers remain accessible to everyone and free of charge in our reading rooms.

We are happy to announce the following changes –

  • All data will be wiped after each session, activated by closing the internet browser after use.
  • You will still be able to use the PCs to access the library catalogue, to consult subscription content, to browse the internet and can save files to USB sticks as needed (USB sticks are available for purchase in the library for £5), but this will be done slightly differently.

To enable these new settings, you will see that the computers look and behave differently to what you may be used to. If you are in the Library and need any assistance, Library staff will be on hand to help you.  Otherwise, please contact us online with any enquiries.

Please be aware that we do not hold a public licence for Microsoft Office software and this is not offered as an application on the computers.  However, you can use online versions such as Word online or Google docs for word processing.

Help sheets are available to help you use our new computer settings –

  • Keyboard shortcuts for accessibility
  • Web-based Office applications
  • Downloading, emailing and saving PDFs to personal devices.


New Improved Illustrator SVG Export Settings

If you use Illustrator for SVG wrangling, you’ll love last night’s release. All of the new features make for an easier workflow. Some of them include:

  • Better default code that’s easier to hand-edit
  • Better ID’s (gone are the days of #foo_1_), with new options for unique IDs or layer names
  • Ability to export individually selected elements at a time
  • Higher quality output of SVG shapes, gradients, patterns, symbols, and masked objects
  • Ability to change the decimal place precision
  • Ability to view the export code output before finalizing
  • Easier export of multiple artboards, with a new default viewBox containing all elements

These features are available on “export”, not on “save as”, and it’s recommended that you retain your original .ai file for future iterations.

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