10 Creative Events You Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

Looking for some cool design events to attend in 2016?

This list will highlight some of the most popular design hotspots in the USA, Europe and throughout the world. Hurry up and mark your calendar for 2016 with these exceptional design events and festivals where lectures, presentations, and exciting design talks will help you expand your connections and gain a better perspective of where the design industry is headed in the year of the monkey.


D&AD Festival & Professional Awards

When:  20 to 22 April 2016

Where: London

D and AD is a non-profit advertising association which embraces and celebrates design. It is an internationally recognized organization which nurtures creation and is known as the ultimate accolade of creativeness.

Founded in 1962, D&AD has built an inspiring community of inventive thinkers who aim to deliver the finest in advertising and design. Throughout the years, this community has created a place where members can be inspired by a high-end training program. All profits of the D&AD awards go straight to developing creativity programs, helping more design-inclined individuals grow their skills and knowledge. The D&AD professional awards event is a must for every designer who wants to become part of a vibrant community of creators where inventiveness is nurtured to ensure the rapid development of the next generation of creatives.

The D&AD New Blood Award brings designers under 24 the opportunity to grow in the design and advertisement industry by receiving recognition and creating connections with some of the most influential experts in the niche.


When: 8th, 9th, and 10th of April 2016

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Is a three-day is established in 2009 and ever since its first appearance in the design industry, it has become the number one design event in Europe. It is held in Dublin, Ireland and features some of the most inspiring and influential experts in the world of design.

It welcomes creatives in all niches of the design sector, from graphic design and illustration to filming, animation and fashion. It is a proud host of many presentations, interviews, lectures and discussions as well as lively networking gatherings during the small hours.

OFFSET is suitable for anyone who’s interested in expanding his connections and joining a community of inspiring creatives. The event is open to everyone, has no limited access rooms and gives creatives the opportunity to privately ask questions and chat with influencers and lecturers.

99U Conference

When:  5th to 6th May 2016

Where: New York, USA

Are you a future-minded creative who wants to make a lasting change and transform ideas into reality? If your answer is yes, then you’ll probably love 99U.

99U is a two-day event which takes place in New York and brings together inventive thinkers and designers, helping them shape the new era of design. It aims to create a symbiosis between idea generation and creation. Behance’s inspiring design event features famous influencers in the design world and hosts some great lectures and action-oriented design talks that help designers shape their ideas. 99U is known for for giving attendees the opportunity to visit some of New York’s most inventive workspaces where design studios and large companies present their place for building ideas and generating inspiration.

Behance’s popular conference also hosts exceptional afterparty events and cocktails where creatives get to meet in person and celebrate together.

Design Indaba

When: 17 to 19 February 2016

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Another fantastic design conference which takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. Every year, Design Indaba gathers creative individuals from all around the world.

Design Indaba 2016 will feature a 10-day tour of 5 astonishing cities. The event will take a closer look at graphic art, architecture, product design and many more. The Design Indaba festival will be hosted in Cape Town and will be broadcasted to various cities via Simulcast. The festival will feature events such as the Emerging Creatives Class of 2016 and will hold many lectures by some of the world’s top influencers in the design industry.

TYPO Berlin

When: 12 to 14 May 2016

Where: Berlin, Germany

TYPO Berlin is yet another impressive design event that should not be missed by anyone interested in typography and graphic design.

This amazing event is held in Berlin, Germany every Summer and is known as Europe’s hottest typography event. TYPO Berlin explores character formation and brings some of the world’s top pioneering designers, marketers, and journalists to one place where design and typography are entangled in a vivid symbiosis. The event welcomes more than 2,000 creatives each year, becoming a popular gathering for typography expert and designers who want to be part of an inspiring community.


When & Where:

 26 to 28 May 2016 ( Sydney )

11 to 14 August ( Auckland )

Attend one of the most inspiring design events in Australia and join a community of graphic & typography designers, motion graphic experts, graffiti experts, etc. This event will entertain you and inspire you with a series of conference talks, exhibitions and  many more.

London Design Festival

When: 17 to 25 September 2016

Where: London, UK

Get inspired with London’s hottest design event this year. The design festival will present some of the best in the London art scene nd will invite you to one of Europe’s most famous art hotspots where galleries, exhibitions, museums and studios will be part of your unforgettable experience in the Great Britain.

Reasons to be Creative

When: 19 February 2016

Where: Brighton, London, UK

Another London design event that celebrates creativity. Reasons to be Creative will feature a stellar selection of international design speakers. If you love London and you adore design, you should definitely visit this amazing design event.

OFFF Barcelona

When: 26,27 and 28 May 2016

Where: Brighton, London, UK

Made for the curious, OFFF Barcelona will surprise you with an inspiring mashup of design hotspots and events running from 26 to 28 May 2016. Visit Europe’s art mecca and enjoy a lively Summer trip infused with creativity by some of the world’s best creatives in all design branches.

Kyoorius New Blood Awards

When: 2016

Where: India

The Kyoorius New Blood Awards are held with the support of D&AD and help creatives in India stand out from the crowd. Visit India’s top design awards where influencers from India and all around Asia will gather to celebrate creativity and share ideas on creating a change in the design industry.

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