10 Traits of Brands Built to Make You Smile

What sets great companies apart? What brings clarity to a brand?

Of course knowing who you are, knowing why you exist and consistently delivering on those promises all help BUT there is one aspect often neglected by businesses and entrepreneurs alike..

And it is this…

Business Goals


Brands often forget this yet it is critical for both you and your consumer.


Because we are judged by what we do AND by what we won’t do….

Think about the brands you most admire….they stand for something and against something. They don’t take the easy option, they take the option that reflects their brand values.

  1. They don’t buy it cheaper to make more money; they buy what will add the right value.
  2. They don’t chase sales to make more money; they chase value that customers will love and want to buy more of…
  3. They don’t hide behind excuses; they make it happen.
  4. They don’t have to write and present their values at management meetings; they live them everyday.
  5. They don’t take cost out, they build value in.
  6. They don’t worry about the external competition; they compete against what they have already done.
  7. They don’t spend money on convincing people to buy; they invest their money in their products, service and experiences that convince people to buy.
  8. They don’t hire people; they choose the right talent.
  9. They don’t stand back; they pick a fight against a wrong.
  10. They don’t champion their brand; they champion a cause.

When you build a brand, you don’t just create a logo….you create a way of doing business, a way of business doing something unexpected for the world.

When you know what you stand for AND what you stand against…then…and only then….can people choose to stand with you.



The Engaging Brand