Work in Progress Seminar, Yiyun Kang – Artist in Residence


As a V&A Samsung Korean Digital Resident, I had a WiP seminar yesterday in the Sackler Studio 1.

Normally, WiP seminar is an internal event, but this time we also invited the external guests as well. It was great to have this seminar at the early stage of my residency so that I can reflect the guests’ comments back into my developing process.

In the presentation, I’ve introduced my previous projects by means of projection mapping in relation to my current PhD research because they lay a ground for my residency. Then, I have elucidated my plan for the residency that consists of two different parts; practice plan aiming at the Cast Court (room 46A) and the research plan about developing new methods of documentation for experience-based digital art.

I heartily thank the internal guests from the diverse departments including the Research, Sculpture, Learning, Word & Image, and Digital Programmes who showed their interest on my project and shared their insightful thoughts with me. Since they are from the different departments that are closely related to my residency projects, all of their feedbacks were thought-provoking to me.

Also, it was wonderful time to meet and hear the opinions from the external guests including gallerists, independent curator, artists, and the RCA research students. I suppose that inviting the external guests not only helps me to develop my own practice but also increases their interest in the V&A residency programme.

Hope you enjoyed the seminar as much I did, and again, sincerely thanks for coming!

Yiyun Kang