Throughout my career I have been passionate about how people interact with design and brand identities. It is this passion that led me to be the brand & creative lead in a multinational company that employed over 4,000 people across 86 countries. Yet despite my individual achievements, I realise my greatest potential when working as part of a team.
I have learnt that having a platform through which I can question and develop ideas can harness greater creativity - although bringing creative inspiration to life doesn’t come without its obstacles. Time management and working to tight deadlines are important in any industry, but the foundations and biggest challenges of design lie in communication. In my two decades of experience I have relished these challenges and used them to fuel my ambition and to maintain my own high standards.
Having recently formed my own company which I operate a few hours per week, I am now in a position where I would like to compliment that by find a graphic design role where I can operate on a part-time basis (although I am flexible when it comes to hours).
My preferred role would be in-house in small to medium sized UK-based company, working to help them achieve their marketing and sales objectives. My experience lies in corporate, luxury and tech sectors, and my expertise is founded in branding, campaign advertising and marketing assets.
Whilst my passions lie in all things to do with visual communication, to escape (and still fuel my creative juices) I love to spend my time hiking, cycling and playing golf in Yorkshire, or travelling around countries in Africa. Most likely a result of my Ghanaian / Yorkshire roots!
You can download an extended PDF version of my portfolio here.
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