The Insightsfirst app offers business insights and analysis on the most thought-provoking issues faced by senior executives in today’s modern world. 
From competitor and market intelligence to anticipating disruption and accessing the impact of cutting edge technology on your business. In addition, it harnesses the power of AI to deliver customized news alerts so that you never miss on business-critical information updates.

This project required the development of 5 key pieces of marketing collateral: a tech-focused website, a brochure, an ebook, an in-depth white paper and animated video. 
The website leaned towards a tech-orientated feel than its parent site. This was achieved with the use of gradients, organic shapes, parallax background patterns and outer glows. This helped align Insightsfirst with the tech approach it was seeking to embody.
Design of the brochure, ebook and white paper also follow a tech-first theme, with a lot of care and attention spent on the inclusion of isometric graphic designs to help push the narrative of their content.
The final asset, the animated infographic video, was created for use on social media. It portrayed all the key assets of the Competitive Intelligence module, and let the narrative take the journey from pain points through to benefits.
The flexible brand design system which we developed for Insightsfirst allowed us to successfully launch 15 digital platforms to market in collaboration with different agencies across 3 continents. These apps now boast over 10,000 users globally and bring in a revenue of over $23M USD annually.
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