nDreams are a virtual reality games publisher and developer based in Farnborough, UK, who been at the forefront of innovative gaming since 2006.
VR is the heart of everything they do. Across all headsets, their games are designed from the ground up around their five key tenets, delivering boundary-pushing immersion and presence like nothing you have experienced before.
In my initial remit, I joined the nDreams team on a month-long contract to design their corporate overview deck from the ground up. This was so successful that it lead to me designing decks for their 3rd party publishing arm and their VR industry overview.
Once the decks were completed, the team extended my contract for another month so that I could help them with designs and animations to promote their roster of upcoming games releases.
Corporate Overview Deck | 3rd Party Publishing Deck | VR Industry Deck | Social Media Animations | Animated Game Trailer | Studio Branding Graphics

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